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I've Decided!

cr: eurytale

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

i don't feel very well yesterday
too much crying and stressing out maybe?
keep getting an on and off fever

so i've decided
in order to make myself happier
i would be a little more honest to myself
and to my family and friends

actually, i can't sleep tonight
well, i do have problem getting myself to sleep every night
but this time, it's a different case
i just can't stop myself from worrying

actually, my dad had been sick these past weeks
and he's going to have a check up tomorrow
i'm worried sick now
i hope nothing's bad will come out after the check up

i don't particularly said this in front of my everyday
since i'm the kind of person who couldn't say her feeling out loud
but the fact that their existence are important to me
it's undeniable

i want my mum and dad to be happy and healthy
i want them to grow old together
watch me and my brothers get married
i want them to have many grandchildren
and the most important is i want to send them to Mekah
 i want to pay back everything they've done for me

so they have to live a very long life
so i can give these things to them

urghh..isn't it funny?
we children never seems to show appreciation to our parents
but at times like this
it would make us think and reflect

i love you mama, i love you ayah
please be healthy
i have so many things i want to give you
so please leave a long and healthy life


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