April 30, 2012

Announcement: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

well, about this contest, i have decided to cancel it due to a few reasons
but the most important one is that, even though many people said they will submit the fanfic
so far i only receive 3 participation

thus, i'm going to cancel the contest once and for all.

so for this 3 people who had submitted their fanfic
i'm sorry and as a token of my appreciation
i will make one blog banner/ facebook cover photo for them
please pm my facebook on the details for the banner/cover

i'm sorry again :)

April 29, 2012

sunny hill: pray [how can i not notice this song??]

hey peeps ^^

as you guys know, sunny hill always makes music videos that are a little different
but my favourite one is this


i cannot believe that i've been missing this!!
this came out last year!!
btw, it has depth in the story
and it's so sad!!
i thought they were going to help her change, you know plastic surgery or something like that
but the twist! it's so painful!
totally love the song 

and btw, i found an english cover of this song
totally awesome, blows my mind, love it!

April 28, 2012

the avengers and some other little things~

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

semalam pergi tengok the avengers 3D dekat times square
kalau nak summary kan tak lebih dari 15 patah perkataan
"the avenger is awesome, brilliant, hilarious, funny, and worth waiting for!"
hhaaa. kan tak lebih 15 patah tu,,hewhewhew

i went with my fellow elfs friends, qila and ieka
sambil dok sedih-sedih menunggu berita ss4 yang akhirnya takkan muncul

by the way, cerita tu memang best gilalah
berbaloi bayar rm20, berbaloi tunggu!
sebab diorang dah gabung semua heroes dalam satu movie
jadi rambang mata, semua suka, semua handsome, haha...tamak..
well, nak kata muda2 heroes dia takk lahh jugak
robert downey jr. tu best example tapi charisma plus sarcasm dia, aigoooo tak tahan!!
and the best look goes to captain amarica, chris evans (my fav after iron man)
haha, of course iron man no one even as fiction character, dah lah kaya, smart gila pulak tu..lol
and the best dark hero goes to hawkeye..smart gila uihhh si jeremy renner!!
apesal panggil dia dark hero? ntahh le, sebab dia nampak very the mysterious kott
mintak maaf lah thor, awak dah kena reject sekarang..muahahah

ohhh not only that, finally i managed to get rid the last rm50 book voucher tu..hhahha
beli books~ unlike a virgin, one day and baby be mine
i especially tak sabar nak baca one day tu because dia high rated gak lah, top 10 books kat border
the one yang i dapat tu pun last copy..nasib baik betul
and then we went to the etude house, to get a lip tint and lip plumper
well, i also pergi my star usha kpop stuffs..and get this tiny paprikyu(paprika+kyu) keychain
and an earphone (tu pun sebab my headphone patah sebab i ganas sangat)
habiss duit edennn

tapi yang tak bestnya semalam, sebab jalan nak kena tutup due to perhimpunan bersih harini
kena balik awal, kitorang baru ingat nak gi karaoke kejapp
so keluar from kl, went to eat late dinner
balik rumah terus pengsann, sebab penat sangat..kuikuikui

sebab the avenger tu best, rasa macam nak pergi tengok 2nd round lahh :P

p/s: next movie on the list "dark shadow" ^^

p/p/s: i'm addicted to jyp and gain new duet "someone else"..dah lah lagu pasal orang curang..kuikuikui

April 26, 2012

totally..not google translate

너 때문에...내 마음이 너무 아파


*learning korean totally worth it when i can troll like this, well, not trolling exactly :P*

April 25, 2012

Super Junior Opera Japanese Version [Short MV]

kyaaa!! finally, i have something to get obsessed over
jyaaaa~~~aishiteruyo!! (bajet cakap jepun sebab ni japanese version lol)

April 23, 2012


i might be someone who easily gets consumed by her emotions
even though i'm not that good, not that perfect
no matter how i look at it
this is not the solution for the problem
this is the worst decision ever

i might sounds harsh, my words might sting
but i learned it from all of you
that feeling of insecurities, slowly engulfed me and i became who i am today

and now, after all those unpleasant memories
blaming me for being this kind of person
you had no idea, how hard i tried to not be just like you

is it so wrong to love?
i'm not a child anymore
the one who are being consumed by emotions more than me
it's you guys

i'm done , it's over
i have no regrets
i've tried to stop you from making this decision
maybe at some point, i did it the wrong way
but don't blame me
don't blame us

i never said i hate you
it's just, my way of loving is different
just like yours
we love each other
using our own way
but we never realized
our way, it sometimes hurts

i don't know if it will ever be the same again
we never had it normal like others from the beginning
i just hope
no matter how broken we are now
i wish, time would heal it
and we'll become happy again
truly happy
not just for others to look

and in order for it to happen
i will have to change too
i just wonder, will we ever be able to change?
what i know is, this is not something easily forgotten
the wounds might heal, but the scar will remains
just like before..

April 22, 2012

and all hell's has broken loose

cr: lu-ella

we've arrived at the turning point of our life
i don't think it will ever be the same anymore
it'll get worse and we'll become further apart

at this point, i almost want to say that there is no such thing as selflessness
i know it sounds stupid and irrational
but not everyone is blessed with such happiness

i'm just glad, and thankful
that even in the midst of these brutal emotions
i still get to feel the warmth of love
even just for a moment

April 15, 2012

Sticky Post: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [How To Join]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
(this is a sticky post, scroll down for latest entry)

yesterday i did post an introduction entry about this contest
so now is the time for contest guidelines

Contest Information

1) There are four categories and each participant can only send one fanfic for each category.
(that means you can participate in every category but only one fanfic for each)
category A: One-Shot [Malay]
category B: Drama [Malay] (max 20 chapters)
category C: One-Shot [English]
category D: Drama [English] (max 20 chapters)
2) There will be one winner for each category
3) For each category, participant can send a teaser (poster/picture/videos) for extra marks and there will be one special prize for best teaser. 
4) The contest will start running starting today, 13th February 2012 till 25th April 2012. 
5) Fanfic genre must be maintained PG13 only
6) Once you're done with the fanfic, email the attachment of fanfic to "anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com" with subject "fanfic contest" for easier judging process
(attachment must be either in .doc , .txt , .odt or .pdf format)
  Contest Regulations

1) Participant must be a blogger [blogspot/wordpress/tumblr] and reside in malaysia
2) Competing fanfic MUST be of participant's own work
 (if i caught you cheating , will automatically disqualified)
3) Follow this blog and like this blog (if you use blogspot) OR  follow twitter and like my blogger (if you use wordpress) OR follow my tumblr and like my blogger (if you use tumblr)
4) Write an entry entitled "Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest" to join 
5) Put contest banner and link back to this entry
6) Tag 3 friends or more and make sure they know about it
7) Once you're done with the entry send the link of entry to here
(do not comment with link in this entry, you can only ask questions related to the contest in this entry)
Entry Guidelines
Apart from the regulations above, the informations that is needed in the entry are:
1) Fanfic Category 
2) Fanfic Tittle 
3) Fanfic Teaser (poster/pictures/videos) 
( display teaser picture or embed the video [use youtube only to upload video])
(if you decide to send a teaser for extra mark you will automatically competing in "Best Teaser" category)
4) Fanfic Information [Genre| Character|Link to Fanfic] 
5) Fanfic Status [ Done | Not Done]
(change status to done when you're already email the attachment)

Prizes and Judging
1) The prizes for each category will be updated at a later time. So wait!
2) Interested to be a sponsor? Just comment!
3) I will choose best 5 for one-shot categories and you guys will vote for the best fanfic
4) For drama fanfic, I will choose the winner myself
5) Don't forget, those who submitted a teaser will be given extra marks based on creativity and how relevant the teaser with the fanfic
6) For "Best Teaser" category, I will choose best 5 and you guys will get to vote your favourite

So, join this contest and spread the word! At the end of this contest, I will publish all participants fanfic submissions and you guys can read it too!!

P/S: If you're joining more than one category, repeat the steps under "Entry Guidelines"
P/P/S: You can use your already completed fanfic. As long as it's yours, it's eligible to enter this contest :D
P/P/P/S: This is the example on how you should make the entry.

footnote: there is a little change on the rules, you still need to email the attachment for me to judge, but please  put the link to your fanfic also under the fanfic information. sorry for too many changes, i do this to make it more organized. view the entry example to make it easier to understand :D

April 07, 2012

cooking in style: chicken mandu/ dumpling

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
chef anis in da house !!

our recipe today is chicken mandu/chicken dumpling!

Chicken Mandu/Dumpling


- minced chicken or you can use beef, prawn etc ( i used ramly brand)
- soft tofu
- cabbage
- onion
- black pepper 
- salt
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- dumpling pastry ( dumpling wrappers can be bought at supermarket


1) minced the soft tofu, cabbage, onion and garlic
2) mixed with minced chicken
3) put about 1 tbs of sesame oil and 2 tbs of soy sauce
4) sprinkle appropriate amount of salt and black pepper
5) scoop about 1 tbs of the mixed stuffs and wrap it in the mandu/dumpling wrapper


- you can boil the water in steamer while preparing the ingredients
- steam about 10 min 
- you can store the access steamed dumpling in freezer after cooling it down to be eaten later
- you can fry the dumpling or put in soup, but you should half-steam it
-try dipping it in soy sauce , or chilli sauce

so happy trying, cooking and eating
so that all from me!
stay tuned for more recipe :P

till then~ annyeong! byeong~byeong ^^

April 05, 2012

tak ada feel

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

dah lebih seminggu tak meng-update
sebab vitamin M "malas" dah makin banyak
nak cakap tak ada kisah nak dicerita, ada je

hmmm, tak apalah bila dah datang balik ilham tu
mulalah berlambak-lambak post everyday
and please do expect entry basi
i have a few you know

itu sahaja for now
saja nak cakap hi 
nak bagitau i ni masih hidup lagi..hahahah
(perasan ada orang concern..hihihi)

till then.. byeong!~