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Announcement: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps
well, about this contest, i have decided to cancel it due to a few reasons but the most important one is that, even though many people said they will submit the fanfic so far i only receive 3 participation
thus, i'm going to cancel the contest once and for all…

sunny hill: pray [how can i not notice this song??]

hey peeps ^^
as you guys know, sunny hill always makes music videos that are a little different but my favourite one is this
i cannot believe that i've been missing this!! this came out last year!! btw, it has depth in the story
and it's so sad!!
i thought they were going to help her change,…

the avengers and some other little things~

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps
cr: carlalooh
semalam pergi tengok the avengers 3D dekat times square kalau nak summary kan tak lebih dari 15 patah perkataan "the avenger is awesome, brilliant, hilarious, funny, and worth waiting for!" hhaaa. kan tak lebih 15 patah tu,,hewhewhew
i went…

totally..not google translate

cr: mizuzu3
너 때문에...내 마음이 너무 아파
*learning korean totally worth it when i can troll like this, well, not trolling exactly :P*

Super Junior Opera Japanese Version [Short MV]

kyaaa!! finally, i have something to get obsessed over jyaaaa~~~aishiteruyo!! (bajet cakap jepun sebab ni japanese version lol)


cr: itseverythingnice
i might be someone who easily gets consumed by her emotions even though i'm not that good, not that perfect no matter how i look at it this is not the solution for the problem this is the worst decision ever
i might sounds harsh, my words might sting but i learned it from all of…

and all hell's has broken loose

cr: lu-ella

we've arrived at the turning point of our life i don't think it will ever be the same anymore it'll get worse and we'll become further apart
at this point, i almost want to say that there is no such thing as selflessness i know it sounds stupid and irrational but not everyone …

tips to be happy :D

Sticky Post: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [How To Join]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
(this is a sticky post, scroll down for latest entry)
yesterday i did post an introduction entry about this contest so now is the time for contest guidelines
Contest Information
1) There are four categories and each participant can only send one fanfic for each …

When Incredibox Makes My Life Incredible :D

stress study? go to incredibox :P

cooking in style: chicken mandu/ dumpling

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^ chef anis in da house !!
our recipe today is chicken mandu/chicken dumpling!

Chicken Mandu/Dumpling

- minced chicken or you can use beef, prawn etc ( i used ramly brand) - soft tofu - cabbage - onion -garlic - black pepper  - salt - sesame oil - soy …

tak ada feel

cr: sheerluxury
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
dah lebih seminggu tak meng-update sebab vitamin M "malas" dah makin banyak nak cakap tak ada kisah nak dicerita, ada je
hmmm, tak apalah bila dah datang balik ilham tu mulalah berlambak-lambak post everyday and please do expect entry …

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