January 26, 2014

When My Dad Decided To Spice Up Our Saturday.

Hey guys,

This is not a very fun post actually. But I just feel the need to rant here. Yesterday, my dad shocked us when he called my mom saying that he got into an accident. I was seriously worried and was a little panic because he wasn't driving the car but the motorcycle instead.

I mean, my dad and motorcycle accident...
Things had happened before and I really hope it won't be as bad as that one.

In the end, the car driver *the one who stupidly break and turn without giving signal* sent my dad to the hospital (with my mom accompanying him). They went to picked up my mom at our home first because my mom work in General Hospital and my dad insisted to go there. Mom told us she ended up doing the stitching job because the medical assistance who was doing it doesn't really do a great job. *my mom is a senior nurse*

And in the end dad came home with a crescent moon shape stitches (LOL we ended up laughing a little about that since the panic has passed)

But seriously, I wanna just stop dad from driving his motorcycle ever again. But I know he wouldn't budge.
I just hope that motorcycle is beyond repairable (the front is badly damaged). And speaking of the damage, the driver who hit my dad just handed him RM100 for compensation. I know, seriously?! WTH could be done with just that much amount of money? Huh, I wished I was with dad when he gave that money. I'll definitely give him a piece of my mind.

I know that accident can happen everywhere, but giving just that much amount to the person you hit due to your own fault? Totally not cool man. But whatever, at least he took dad and mom to the hospital and waited until the end. Since dad want us to be forgiving, I guess there is nothing I could do anymore. It's just my frustration talking here.

 So now, my dad is recovering at home. Thankfully there were no broken bones. Just wounds.
And he actually went shopping with my mom this morning *rolled eyes*

So let me end this post with a reminder intended for myself and all of you.
PLEASE, When you drive your car, in every intersection especially, when you want to turn, please turn on your signal and do a quick glance on the side mirror.

Well, that's all then. I'll be back with a more cheerful post next time.

January 24, 2014

How to be Idle

Hey guys,

Isn't that post title sounds fun? It's actually inspired from a book that my brother have with the same title written by Tom Hodgkinson. When I first saw it, I was like; "OMG, I never thought there is actually a book on ways to be idle!"

You could say I'm very experienced in the art of being idle myself, lol.And the book itself was so much fun to read. It makes me feel less guilty for being a bit on the unproductive side during my holiday since I have already finished my examination .That means now is the time for me to sit back and enjoy my break!

And my days so far was mostly filled with me idling around doing nothing *don't hate me* ;)

Back to the book; the introduction on the back cover is fun to read it actually peak my interest to start reading.

It goes like this;

" Society today extols the virtues of efficiency and frown upon laziness, but as Oscar Wilde once said: doing nothing is hard work. As modern life grows ever than demanding, the loafers of this world may feel the odds stacking against them. But help is at hand! From Tom Hiddleston, editor of The Idler, comes the antidote to the work-obsessed culture that puts so many obstacles between ourselves and our dreams. Learn how to reclaim your right to sleep in, skive off, have a hangover, and take time time out; and how to let the day slip past you in the best possible way. The message is clear: in so doing, you'll be taking control of your life..."

Now that is quite deep right?  I might write my own review once I finished the book.

By the way, I somehow can relate with how the author lay out his initial thought in the excerpt above. I mean, we now are so obsessed with having a career that is considered 'good' in the society standard. People tend to choose the easiest path I think and sometimes I can be like that too.What happened to the good ol' dream chasing journey?

Hmm maybe I shall have a wider perspective on it once I finished the book. And oh well, since we're talking about being idle, I'm gonna share with you my favorite activities that I love to do while being idle.

1. Read a Book.

I have this weird habit where once I picked up a book to read, it'll be so hard for me to stop it. Even when I finally finished one book, my hand would be itching for more! I've once started to read the Vampire Academy series, and guess what? I ended up finishing the whole series in less than a week! And that was six books with a few extra releases between the volumes! Yeah, I am a little obsessive in some ways. I just can't drop it once I'm hooked. And I think reading a book is just the perfect way to be idle, hours can passed by and I won't even notice.

2. Watch a Movie, Alone

It's probably my favorite thing to do other than drowning myself in a fictional imaginary book character. This time, it's a moving fictional character--or sometimes, there are also stories of non fictional characters. Just like books, watching movies including dramas and also animes *you know me* can sometimes teach us things we don't usually encounter in real life.

 And I like doing it while I'm alone because at that time I feel like I could just forget the real world and experience a new one. I can focus on it too. It's fun to find all those little details the directors and the film makers trying to make us notice. And again, it is a great way to be idle.

I recommend you to watch inspiring movies like the ones from the Ghibli production like Whispers of the Heart, The Grave of Fireflies and many more! They might be an animation, but the moral in each stories could be overwhelming sometimes. And if you ran out of ideas, browse the Imdb website. They can be very helpful in recommendations. Love animes? Check out Myanimelist which also have a similar function.

 3. Mind Clearing Time

This one I usually do one or two times in a week. Usually when I already relaxed and ready to sleep. I'll light up my scented candle (Especially Bath and Body works one) and play an instrumental song, then just close my eyes. That is so relaxing! But usually I will set up a 'safety' alarm first, in case that I fell asleep and forgot to blow the candle. And make sure to burn it away from easily flammable substances like your room curtain or where there are papers nearby!

Well, I guess those three are the one that I do most.So what are your favorite things to do while idling?!

Mind to share with me? Just leave me a comment!

Till next post, toodles!

January 23, 2014

Tag Time~ Personal Thoughts! ♥

Hey guys! 
I saw this tag on Sabrina Tajudin's latest blogpost and I thought that it would be fun to do it too. 
Furthermore, I really have nothing interesting to do tonight so why not right?
(By the way, Sabrina said she might drop by if i post my link on her blog. So Hi Sabrina! *if you're reading*)

This tag is mainly about myself, so I hope I won't bore you to death *just kidding*

1.What is your dream vacation?

Now, my friends would most likely guess going to South Korea as my dream vacation. But nope! Going to Korea is more of my inner 'fangirl' instinct. Long before I started my fangirling, I've been dreaming about visiting Paris, France. (That explain my blog design right?!)
I'm such a hopeless romantic (Yes, turning 23 in a week doesn't make me any less naive than i am when i was 17. haha) and my favorite subject in school is History. Paris would be the perfect place to be for me. It's full of classiness and history, every corner of it have its own unique stories. And the museums and historical places! Musee du Louvre, Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe etc, oh god it would be such an amazing experience for me! And French is probably the sexiest language ever! *although the only words I know so far are je taime, bonjour, salut, merci beaucoup, oui, non, tres bien and pardon! lol*

And if I get to be pampered and have unlimited budget, it would be super awesome! But for me, getting there itself is such a huge dream come true. So I don't dare to ask more. Well wish me luck then, maybe in 5 or 6 years after working my ass off it won't be empty words anymore.

2. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead?

If I were asked this question four or five years ago, my answer would definitely be 'a planner'. I used to be like that, but nowadays I'm starting to get a little more on the spontaneous/adventurous type. Well, the 'planner' side of me is still the dominant one. I can't live without a planner, or at least a phone planner apps. But I tend to get crazy and abrupt at times, and most of the time I like that side of me. Being spontaneous does have its own good side.

3. Tell us one thing you want to do but don’t dare do it.

Okay, for this my answer is actually the same as Sabrina's. I've been wanting to donate blood for the longest time but I don't know why I never actually step forward and just do it. I'm not even scared of blood or needles. I used to, but I'm not anymore. My problem is that I have this tiny voice in my mind that always feel like my blood is 'not healthy enough' to be given to anyone. Gosh, I know its pathetic. I started thinking like that when I was in high school. After that, every time I wanted to do it, there will always be reasons that make me unable to. Like it's 'the time of the month', or that I took medication the day before. I really need to get rid of this jinx forever or I'll always be scared of donating blood. Hahaha!

4. What’s your biggest phobia?

I have this tendency to over think that someone else might hate me. And I'm really scared if there will be a person that hate me. I never thought that it'll be a type of phobia. But I've read it once somewhere that getting really scared that someone might hate you is linked to a form of phobia. But mine is not that extreme or serious, but it does feel strong at times. And hey, don't misunderstand it. I'm not a completely 'sociophobic' person but I have a feeling if I don't really control it, it might turn out that way. Lol. Social phobia is a strong fear of being judged by others and being embarrassed. I used to be like that a little, so I tend to shy away for a period of time, sometimes. But I could also be extremely loud and cheerful at times too. Omg does that means I'm bipolar? Hahahaha, no worries. I'm fine nowadays since I have writing as my escape!

5. If you were stranded on a desert island-what three things would you want with you? (Not including your laptop or family)

1. A multi tools 
Is that name correct? You know, the thingy that looks like a pocket knife but have a lot of uses like bottle opener, can opener, blade etc
2. A very strong rope
Well, there is a reason why the boy scouts learn rope tying skills so much right?
3. A steel fire starter
I watched somewhere once, a steel *hmm what do they call it*....i think its a steel flint. Now continue, I watched somewhere (I thinks it's Law of Jungle) that having a steel flint will help you start a fire easily, due to the friction of the metals. Cool huh?!

6. Name three things in your life that you are thankful for.

Of course that I'm a Muslim, my loved ones and having a complete abilities to do things on my own (complete 5 senses and body parts, and normal mental capabilities)

7. What was your nickname in High School?

They called me Anis. I don't have any particular nickname in high school. But during my matriculation days, some of the girls called me KB which literally means 'Ketua Block'. So funny right?

8. If you could meet the President of the United States, what would you say to him?

The same question any Muslim in this world would ask. Could you stop all those killings?

9. If you could be any literary character, who would you be?

Now, this is a VERY HARD question. I'm such a huge fan of novels and animes that its really hard for me to choose just one character among all of my favorites! So to be fair, lets make it into a book character, and an anime character (although its still hard to choose). 
As for book character, I would love to be Hermione Granger! She is smart, loyal, kind, and so pretty. Although she does have weakness (like when she cast a cheat spell to help Ron in Quidditch selection) but she is probably the only character that I look up to until today. Like seriously guys, do you think Harry and Ron could made it without her? Well, they does have their own roles, but it's obvious that Hermione is a very important factor! Haha sorry for the babbling, my inner Potterhead has spoken.

Now, as for anime character (this is the hardest part), I'm actually torn between Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sophie from Howls Moving Castle. But ultimately I'll choose Sakura. Even though Sophie's other half (Howl) is like super-hot-anime-guy-that-could-do-magic-and-own-a-flying-castle-controlled-by-a-cute-fire-demon-named-Calcifer, Sakura is just a very precious character to me personally and she reminds me of my childhood days so much. I'm was a huge fan of Cardcaptor Sakura since elementary school, and still am now (again, says the soon turned 23 y.o girl). And hey, Syaoran Lee (Sakura's partner) is not bad at all right? Imagine him in his grownup version (refer Tsubasa Chronicle), certainly not bad at all. LOL

10. What is your favorite quote?

I have a lot of favorite quotes, but the one that I like the most nowadays is from a Ghibli movie, called Whisper of the Heart.

I don't really remember the exact quotation, but it goes somehow like this;
"It's never easy to be different from everyone else"

This quote gives me a lot of courage these days. It's not fancy, or full of classy words. But it goes straight into my heart. 

Well, that's all I guess.
This post has turned too long. Haha, I have a tendency to rant away when I'm too into something.
Bye-bye, and please leave me the link to yours if you decided to do it too ^^

New year, new header?

 Hey guys!
This is just a quick post on a little change on my blog!
Guess what, my header picture has been replaced!

Well, I purposely designed my header so that I can change the picture in the frame anytime I want to.

Old picture in Header

New Picture in Header

So tadaa~! New selca pic for new year :)
That's all, for now. Toodles!

January 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

Hey Guys~ ^^

It's time for my favorite playlists post! It's January 2014, and I find myself to be a bit drawn towards old songs! My phone kept playing songs which most of them was from my childhood time. Haha. Most of them are the OSTs for many dramas and animes that I used to watch when I was smaller.

And since it's semester break now, I took the liberty to watch some of the shows that left a big impression on me when I watched them for the first time. And guess what? It doesn't disappoint me at all.

Aha! I knew that my inner movie/drama/anime maniac won't let myself down.

Now lets us see the so called old songs!
By the way, I took my sweet time to include the video of each of the songs so you guys could listen to it faster :) 

And oh, there are several recent songs, but its still not as recent. Like I said in my previous playlists blogposts, I'm the type to stick to older songs like a glue. LOL! 
(And one more, this list doesn't have any sort of order. Because I can't choose which I like better than the other.)

1. Sunny Day Holiday - Narita's Divorce OST

Lemme explain here. I first watched this drama when I was still in elementary school. It was ran by TV3 if I correctly remember. And the tune of this song never really left me as I grow up. I don't know why its only now that I googled the songs. Finally, hah! Oh by the way, since the song is so old, its hard to find a better video than this. Enjoy!

2. Always Be With You - Kodomo No Omocha

  Okay, I first watched this anime a few years back. It wasn't considered as my childhood anime memory although its old enough to be called one. This is probably one of the anime which is so funny but seems real in so many ways. The main characters are mainly children (thus, the title kodomo which means kids) but it shows that even as kids these children have to face many difficulties that some adults have. There were family problems, dilemma, self discovery, heartbreak, and even maturity shown by these kids. It is the kind of show that will leave a big impression on you. And this song which was one of the ost, is so good! Idk why I love it so much, but re-watching the anime those bring back the memories! And to add a bit more, reading the manga is so worth my time that I decided to go and purchase a copy of the dvd for this series when I have some extra money.

3. Egao No Genki - Hime-chan No Ribbon

 This is one of the songs that I would definitely play when I'm feeling down. It's so upbeat, and it would cheer me up a lot. I really like the anime where this is the opening song. Hime-chan No Ribbon reminds me a lot of Cardcaptor Sakura. This anime is super old! It was first aired in 1992. Yeah, I was one year old at that time. Funny how I can like it even now. Hahaha. But really, a good show does transcend time. That what makes it so good right? The best phrase in this song for me is, "Genki Na Kimi Ga Suki" which translate roughly to "I like the cheerful you". It makes me to want to be cheerful all of the time, regardless of circumstances--because oh god, being adult is sure making you less cheerful in so many ways.

4. Shower of Tears - Baechigi ft Ailee

Alright, this song is definitely not that old. Maybe a year old? But sadly I just discovered it a few months back. It's good! Ailee's vocal definitely doesn't let me down. Though its less upbeat and a bit on the mellow side, I love it. My friends would call it 'Anis's type of song'. Hahaha, I can be very sentimental at times you know

5. Still You - Eunhyuk and Donghae

I should've include this song in the last Nov/Dec playlists but I don't know why I forgot to. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of Super Junior. And this duo, which we SJ fans dubbed as Eunhae released this song last December. It's an upbeat yet a bit on the ballad-jazzy-ish side. I love it so much. Why don't you try it. You might like it too ^^

6.  Dark Horse - Katy Perry ft Juicy J

I discovered this song a few weeks ago. So sad right?! But its so so so good! It makes me taps my foot on the floor every time I listen to it. The music is just; can I say sexy? Yeah, it sounds so sexy. Haha

7. Snow Flower - Kyuhyun Cover

Okay, you could say that it's hard for me to not include Kyuhyun in my playlist. I barely left him out in my Nov/Dec lists. But what can I do? He is my favorite singer (read: ultimate bias) in the whole wide world. I'm exaggerating? Oh no honey, you have no idea then. :) The original singer is Park Hyo Shin, his version is good too, but my bias-ness does cloud my judgement a little. I have both version in my phone, but I tend to play Kyuhyun's cover a tad bit too much. Hihihi

8. Arjuna Beta - Fynn Jamal

If you follow Fynn Jamal on her instagram, you'll see that a few days ago she posted a clip of her song in one of her instavideo. It was played on one of the local radio, hotfm a few days go. It's so good! I tried searching for the full one, but I can only find the raw version which Fynn Jamal posted on her youtube channel. The song was written for her son Bakti Arjuna Fitri, which she adopted. She wanted to show the world and her son that no matter what, her love for him is true. And it really touched my heart. The song is so deep and the melody is really classic.

Well, that's it for this month playlist favorites. See you guys again in my next post!
Have a good day. Toodles~!

January 12, 2014

Etude Vivid Pop Stick #2 #6 #8: Swaches and Review

 I've been wanting to do a review on this Etude House products for the longest time but I kept putting it off for some reasons. Finally,since my exam has finally over I got to take a little time to do a quick review on this cute and awesome product!

I started to get obsessed with matte lipstick not too long ago. And the one that started it is this awesome baby called Etude Vivid Pop Stick.


No 2. This Love (pink undertone)
No 6. Girls on Top (orange undertone)
No 8. Crazy in Love (my personal favorite!)

No 2. This Love

No 6. Girls on Top
*I mistakenly applied this one a bit sheer. Sorry! The real shade can be compared on the swatches above*

No 8. Crazy in Love

I have listed down my personal opinion on this product in term of pros and cons. In overall, for me its a very good product and worth my money for it.

The Pros:

- Super pigmented! I love how I can build up the colour on my lips from sheer to very bright using the same shade. 
- It also leave stains on the lips, which means even when after I eat or even wiping it out with tissue there is still some shade left! And I really like it for that.
- Stays on long
- Cute packaging! How can you not love this girly cute tube.

The Cons:

- A bit drying. It's one tiny downside of it. But I managed to solve it with just applying lip balm on just before I put it on.
- A little pricey. The price for one pop stick is about RM50++. So its a little unconvincing for me to buy at first. But after buying one, I ended up going and buy another two.

 Well, that's all for this review. Toodles!

January 10, 2014

Top Three Products I Would Love to Purchase at Mesmerize!

 cr:  voguerose

There are so many things I have on my beauty wishlist that I don't even know if I would ever have enough time to buy it all in one go. And going to shopping mall takes too much effort and money! And some products doesn't even sell in our country. Luckily, in this 'shopping in the clouds' era, all I have to do is to find a perfect place to browse and shop online! This way, I can take my time browsing and choosing! And I don't have to worry about transportation money etc.

Introducing Mesmerized Online with many awesome products available for you to buy!
Mesmerize started with a Facebook page and now finally launched their online website for their customer.
Their products ranging from ELF Cosmetics, MUA - Makeup Academy, NYX Cosmetics and many more!
And guess what?! They also take pre-orders for some products.

I've been 'ogling around' their new website and listed down the 'Top 3 Products I Would Definitely Want to Try' in the future.

1. Sam's Picks - Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

I've been 'eye-ing' this one for quite a long time but I kept on delaying my purchase considering my financial status as student. But this set is definitely in my 'to buy' list in 2014.

2. Physician's Formula - Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner

At RM54.75, I could get these awesome shades! It's such a bargain. There are two type of application, Dry and Wet. Dry is more subtle, while wet application gives out a more dramatic look.

3. MUA 144 Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette (Neutral).

I don't know if I have a thing for a nude eye shadows, but this palette is so awesome I literally can't take my eyes away from it. At RM110, you could get 144 shades? That is like less than RM1 for one shade!

 One more thing, I have a 5% discount code for my readers exclusively from MesmerizeOnline.
There is no minimum purchase, and you can use this code for unlimited time until 28th February 2014.
Just type in 'ALIMAN5' at the end of your purchase and voila! 

So what are you waiting for, heads off to mesmerizeonline.com now !

Airi's Blog: Etude House Minnie Mouse Special Collection Giveaways!

Hello people!

I'm just stopping by to inform you on this awesome (I repeat, AWESOME) giveaway from Airi's Blog!
I'm actually busy preparing for my final exam in 2 days but I can't stop myself from shouting out to you.

She is going to give away two different set of Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection since it's not for sale outside of South Korea.

This giveaway is going to end about a week from now, so how about trying out your luck with me?

And let the luckiest person win!


January 06, 2014

A Thank You Note to Hermo

A few weeks ago, I made this post asking Santa Hermo to grant my wish.
And guess what? It did came true!!

So here I am happy with my new Yadah lip tint, lip gloss and mascara ;)
So thank you for granting my wish 

I'll treat it as an early birthday present 
And special thanks to Butterfly Malaysia community too ^^
And if you want to get a great deal for beauty products, do visit www.hermo.my
Till then~ toodles!

January 05, 2014

Cancer: Do You Really Know What That Means?


I first came to know how deadly that word can be when I was in elementary school. My beloved cousins lost their dad to brain cancer, and to me it was the first death I've ever encountered that involved somebody very close to me. At that time everything happened so fast. One day, we were just celebrating our birthday together in happiness (my late uncle, my cousin and I were born in January) and just not long after that, he was gone. It was our last birthday together. It was my last memory I have of my uncle.

But I was too small at that time. Sure, I knew what death means. I knew that once people die, you will never be able to see them again. But, only after awhile, I learned how the sudden lost could turned someone's life upside down. My cousins were still small, and my aunt (my mother's sister) was struggling to get their life back on track again. There were so much to cover, school fees, food money, electric bills, water bills, house rent etc. The struggles lasted for a few years, and although I'm just watching through the sidelines, I could see how hard it was for my aunt. And until now, I still think of her as the strongest woman I've ever known. I don't know how my aunt made it alone, but I could see how much family support really meant during the darkest time.

That time, I thought that it would be the end of it. And oh dear, I was wrong. A few years past by, and I finally started high school or 'Sekolah Menengah' as we call it in Malaysia. I entered Maktab Rendah Sains MARA, a boarding school in Perak. And not long after that, my grandfather (my father's dad) was diagnosed by the same illness that took my uncle's life. 

Brain Cancer.

It was a baffling moment for me. Because this time, there were actually hope for my grandfather since his cancer was diagnosed early. The doctor suggested on operation, but my late grandfather refused to do it. Some of old people at that time were still a bit skeptical on modern health practice. I still remember how chaotic it was. Some of my uncles/aunts were dead set to follow my grandpa's wish while my father and some of his other siblings and aunts were trying to convince everyone to accept the surgery. I was about fourteen years old at that time, so I was old enough to understand the conflicts. My mother who is a nurse was being convinced by her fellow colleague to make sure my late grandpa took the surgery, but as the daughter in law, she doesn't have much saying in it.

In the end, my grandpa didn't have the surgery and his condition started worsening as the days goes by. It was painful to see because I was very close to my paternal grandparent. We always went to my grandpa's house during the weekend since it's close to where we live. As his condition deteriorates, my grandfather started to have problem in speech, and he also became bedridden. My father used to commute for about forty minutes every lunch hour everyday so that he could change the dressing on my grandfather's wound on his back due to being bedridden. Since I was still in boarding school, I only got to see my grandparent once a month when I went back home.

The psychological impact on the family members became even more obvious at that time. Due to slight misunderstanding from my uncle side, my father even had a fight with him. Well, I won't say the cause since it was all in the past, but you could say that was one of the rare moment where I saw my father cried.

And about one year after that, my grandpa passed away.

I didn't even had the chance to attend his funeral. My parent only told me on the Friday, the day after the funeral. I can't even go home because I was about to have a test on the next Monday. If I were to tell you my biggest regret until now, it is for not being able to say goodbye to him properly. He was a strict but a loving man, and until today, I still can't forget the way he smiles and laugh.

I'm now 22 going to 23, and again I lost someone dear to me to cancer.
And its just a  few weeks ago.

This time, I lost my dear grandma to bone cancer. Although she wasn't my grandma by blood, but I've known her all my life. She was my nanny but I call her grandma, and she used to take me everywhere when I was young. All her children treats me like their own niece, and their own children treats me like their cousin. 
So, when I received the news of her death from my father, I was devastated. 

Unlike my uncle and grandfather whose struggles lasted relatively shorter, my grandma fought cancer for so long that I can't even remember when it started. But I'm pretty sure it's more than five years ago. She was first diagnosed with cervical cancer and had an operation to remove it. But sadly, the cancer cells started to spread to her bone. She lost so much weight over the time, but every time I went to visit her, she never fails to flash her smile to me. I wasn't there when she passed away, but she finally rest in peace after struggling for so long. But luckily, I'm at least able to send her away to her grave.

So again, someone I hold close to my heart was snatched away by cancer.

If you ask me what I feel about cancer now, I still would say that I don't know much about it. I know how ugly it is to both the patient and the people around them, but I haven't personally see the effect of treatments like chemotherapy or how it is done. My uncle treatment time was short, while my grandfather didn't even start his. Meanwhile, my grandma always went away for her treatment and operation. I only see her once in awhile, and although I could see how she lost her weight and doesn't have much strength to walk, I've never really see the dark side of it. I never see any of them writhing in pain because I'm always away for school.

I always experience it from the eye of the third person. 
And I hope that will be the end of it. 

After three loses, I really hope no one I know would get the same illness. Because even to me whose role is just as the third person, I still feel the grave sadness and fear. Therefore, I don't ever want anyone to feel the same pain anymore.

Cancer doesn't just take away one's life, it takes away time and money. It takes away laughter and only the strongest heart would be able to face it without crumbling in helplessness. Therefore, we should start to take this disease more seriously and starts to do something in order to reduce the risk of cancer on everyone we love, including ourselves.

Cancer comes in many type but according to the National Cancer Society Malaysia the Top Five Cancer that affecting both male and female in Malaysia are:

1. Breast Cancer
2. Colorectal (Bowel) Cancer
3. Lung Cancer
4. Cervical Cancer
5. Nasopharyngeal Cancer

You could read about Cancer in Malaysia here.

There are some ways to prevent cancer like:
(taken from preventcancer.org)

1. Eat Healthy

Improving your diet is a great way to a healthy life. The food pyramid wasn't just there for us to stare at, starts following the correct way of eating by reducing the amount of fat intake and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in our daily diet. If you drink alcohol, limit the alcohol consumption. Or just don't take it at all! Don't make yourself too familiar with processed meat and eat less red meat. You can read more by clicking this link.

2. Don't Smoke

 Nearly one-third of death due to cancer are attributed to smoking. Even 'third hand smoke' which is toxic residue left behind on clothes, hair, carpet is reported to present a serious health risk. The number of smokers in our country is relatively huge in number. Almost everyone knows that 'Smoking' is the No 1 killer in our country yet nothing has significantly changed. Being an asthmatic patient I am, I personally have a very strong dislike towards smokers, even if he is my dad (thankfully he finally stopped smoking already). I tend to have a difficulty in breathing when I accidentally inhale tobacco smoke. You can read more about it here, and if you have any intention to quit smoking, you could visit any 'Berhenti Merokok' clinics near you or call the operator to get the hotline number to stop smoking

3. Be Active

 Moderate exercise for at least three days a week could give you a significantly positive change in your health. Don't make excuses especially on weathers when it came to exercising. There are a lot of indoor activities that you can do as much as outdoor activity. Doing it together with others will also help in motivating yourself. Need more guide? Click here.

4. Get Screened

An early detection through screening along with knowing your family history is an important step in preventing cancer. There are also immunization that you can get for certain type of cancer. Help yourself by being updated to the cancer related news and also make sure to make a visit to a screening center as often as you should. Click here to find the link to help you determine your risk by completing a medical history chart. Click here to view January 2014 promotion for screening by the National Cancer Society Malaysia in conjunction with Cervical Cancer Awareness month

Who knows, these steps above might be the only distance between you and the deadly killer.

And if you're still among the lucky one, you should not forget to help the less fortunate one. You could help them facing their struggles and makes it even more bearable by reaching out to them. There are so many ways to help, not only through volunteering (click here to volunteer), but also in form of financial support.

This time, AXA Affin is collaborating with the National Cancer Society Malaysia in a campaign to help in financing cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. In order to help, our role is to blog about their 110CancerCare website and their effort to help these patients. For every blogger who blogs, one cancer patient would receive funding from AXA Affin for their chemotherapy daycare usage at the National Cancer Society Malaysia cancer treatment center.

Isn't that great?
With just a keyboard and a blog, you could help someone in need. 
And you could also help in spreading knowledge about cancer to the public.

Like what I wrote above, battling cancer is not just the patient's war. Family members and friends need to be their comrade, sharing the same pain. Because more or less, you will be affected in more than just one way. In order to help them get through it, the people close to them need to be not only physically prepared, but also psychologically.

And if you're interested to take part in the campaign, you can reach Sam Yoong at sam.yoong@lionandlion.com for more details and inquiry.