March 29, 2014

Henkel Innovation Challenge: Semi Final 2014

Have you ever wondered what kind of technologies that we might need and we might have in 2050? If you were given a task to produce an idea or concept for products that could help mankind in the future, what kind of thing you would like to create?

 On the 27th February 2014, the semi final of 'Henkel Innovation Challenge' was held with the objective of finding the best concept idea for three of Henkel's business sector; Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care or Adhesive technologies. Students from universities in Southeast Asia were given the opportunity to join, and then the finalist competed for the Semi Final round in order to choose the representative team for Southeast Asia. The winning team will be the representative for the Final Round which is going to be held in Germany on 31 March - 2 April 2014.
The finalist for the Semi Final round came from University of Malaya Malaysia (2 Teams), Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia (1 Team), University of the Philippines Diliman Philippines (2 Teams), Nanyang Technological University Singapore (2 Teams), Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University Thailand (1 Teams), and Foreign Trade University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam (2 Teams).

A little bit on Henkel:

"Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas:
Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. Founded in 1876, Henkel holds globally leading market positions both in the consumer and industrial businesses with well-known brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite. Henkel employs about 47,000 people and reported sales of 16.51 billion euro and adjusted operating profit of 2.335 billion euro in fiscal 2012. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX."

The slogan for this 7th Henkel Innovation Challenge is "Create. Learn. Grow".

Acting as media team (blogger), I was able to join the interview session for the participant and also with the winners. All of the contestants were eager to explain each of their concept idea to us and I find each of the ideas to be very interesting.

Every team does a great job and I was so impressed! But there were only three winners on that day, and only one team to be the representative to Germany.

*Team Malaysia that won*

And in the end, the Malaysia Team from University Malaya (Innocraz) which presented their Schwarzkopf Cap-Able was chosen as the winner! The team members, Tee Hang Chung and Yap Lee Lip, were very confident and presented their idea in a very realistic, fun and convincing way. Their concept idea, is to create a product like a shower cap that will being worn on head covering all hairs and its interior is full of bioengineered cellulose-villi. The product will come with a shampoo cartridge attached to the shower cap which supplies organic shampoo into Cap-Able. This product is created to eliminate water usage for shampooing and also help users to do another thing while using the cap. The cap will also come with a massaging features, and it would take approximately about 1 minutes for each use, and this will include washing and drying.
The runner up team from Vietnam (Sagitt) presented LOCTITE Noise Power (LNP) which is a moveable soundproofing Coating for Renewable Energy LNPThis concept idea is about a coating made from special material using nanotechnology that can block noise from escaping from inside or entering from outside, and also to convert the trapped noise into a source of energy.

And finally the Incredibles team from Singapore who came up with LOCTITE Coating Spray came in third that day. The concept idea is to create a product that is able to capture dust from surrounding and transform them into oxygen using nanotechnology. The spray on coating is applied on electronics gadgets like laptops or hand phones which will use the light and heat emitted from the devices to activate the conversion of organic dust particles into oxygen

It was a very intriguing yet interesting day for me, and I was very impressed with the students ability to came up with such great ideas in such a short time. Most of the contestants stated that their biggest problem was the time constraints and yet they managed to do it so well on that day.

 *Indonesia's Team*

I met a few more awesome teams but unfortunately due to time constraints I only manage to snap the picture of our neighboring team from Indonesia.

*Malaysia's Team 2*

And as an extra, here is a picture of the other team that represented Malaysia that day. But due to my BAD skill, I guess the second guy head got cropped out. Opps! Sorry.

Well, I hope our Malaysia team will come back holding the victory and make Southeast Asia proud! And I would like to extend my thankfulness to Henkel Malaysia for inviting me to such an informative event, and also for the awesome products in the goodie bag!

That's all for this post.
  Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 24, 2014

Feeling Lost

cr: tumblr

I might sound like I'm lying, but I can't stop crying right now. Just a few minutes ago, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak just announced that it is concluded that Malaysia Airlines MH370 ended in Southern Indian Ocean.

These past three weeks has been so hard. Although I'm not a direct relative nor a friend to any of the missing passengers and cabin crews, I can't count how many times I shed tears watching the news and updates about the flight.

I feel the pain as a Malaysian.
I feel the pain as a human being.
And I feel the pain as a fellow Muslim.

I pray and hope that there will be a glimmer of hope for us. 
For everyone.

But Allah knows better;
He took away something from us to make us remember, that something and someone could be gone in just a blink of eyes.

My heart reaches to all the family members that lost their precious people tonight. Parent who lost their child, child who lost their parent, to those who lost their spouse, and to a friend who lost their friend.

 This is a tragedy. 
Something that I might not forget even when my hair turn gray.
My condolences for this heartbreaking and devastating news.
And Al-Fatihah is the only gift from me to my fellow Muslim victims.

 Even the air feels heavy tonight. 
And I'm sure this land cries with us too.

March 20, 2014

Taking Orders: Maybelline and L'Oreal Sale on MySale

Hey guys, I'm taking order for MySale again :)

This time it's Maybelline and L'Oreal sale!
Mostly price range at RM10, RM15 and RM20

My favourites are the Maybelline Colour Tattoo (RM10) which cannot get in Malaysia
 L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow(RM15)
and many more.

To order:

Browse on MySale or view in my FB album

Any inquiries, please PM me on Facebook or email at
Order and payment close 20th March, 10PM

March 17, 2014

[Sponsored] HCG Diary: Surviving HCG Diet Plan and My Progress on Week 1 and 2.

I did a post before telling you guys about my diet plan which is sponsored by Mediviron UOA Clinic.
So here I am to update about my progress, and also to drop some tips for you guys who is interested in trying this treatment too. If you're curious about this HCG Diet, you can read on more on my first post HERE.

Following the diet guidelines in HCG diet is very important in order to ensure optimum result.
Depending on the person, you could lose about 7kg if you're doing the diet for about a month, or probably even more!

But truthfully, following such strict diet could be a pain sometimes. 
You need to be very determined and be very discipline.

So, I'm compiling my 'know how' after two weeks of following this diet.

1. Mental Preparation

You should never look down on this. It is probably the biggest factor your have to consider before starting this diet. Shooting the HCG hormone on your stomach (by yourself!) is not easy in the first place, more over having to resist the temptation of people around you, it is very easy to falter and raise the white flag. And because you also need to prepare the correct meal everyday, it could be very exhausting and time consuming. Thus, you have to set your mind to be strong till the end! And make sure people close with you know about your diet plan, because their support will make it easier for you.

2. The Eating Habit

Although this diet is less tiring than other type of diet (since you could eat and feel full), the fact that you have to be precise in calculating the weight of the ingredients could be very annoying sometimes. But hey, no pain no gain right? So here is some of my tips on how to make it easy on you.

- Prepare and weigh raw ingredients two or three days earlier, and pack them in a zip lock bag 

- Since the ingredient is limited, try to be creative with your cooking. Using correct herbs and spices could determine whether the food taste good or bad. Who says people on diet eat tasteless food all the time?

- Since oil is strictly forbidden in Phase 2, you can try another method of cooking like baking, grilling, steaming, roasting, boiling etc.

- Use variety type of protein in a week. Since some protein like beef, chicken breast, white fish (except tuna, sardine and salmon), prawns, lobster etc can be use, make sure you eat variety of food. For example like eating chicken for today's lunch, prawn for dinner, and beef for the next day lunch. The more variety, the better. Don't just eat chicken and beef for the whole week just because they tasted better!

- Drink a lot of water. You can also drink coffee or tea but remember that sugar is forbidden! Try using sugar substitute (stevia). Well, I just drink plain green tea so its fine for me.

- There are only a few type of fruit that can be allowed per meal. That means, you could eat fruits twice a day! Rather than eating it at once after lunch, I cut my fruits into pieces and make them as snack during meal intervals!

3. Charting Table

It will be the best if you make a charting table ( a huge one at that) and paste it on your bedroom wall so that you can record and track your achievement day by day. It would be even better to have a column for meal of the day so that you can see it too. Keeping a record of your meal could help in a lot of aspect like if you're not losing much on a particular day, you could check what you took on the day and make sure if its the correct meal.

All of these tips above are based on my two weeks experience and also from my doctor's recommendation.

So here I'll show the compilation of my weight loss for the past 2 weeks of Phase 2.

Week 1

Week 2

The first week, my loss was quite inconsistent. On the third day of injection which is also the first day of phase 2, I actually gained a total of 0.9kg from my original weight due to the loading phase, 2 days earlier. Loading phase is a phase where you have to eat more fatty and oily food. This is called Gorge Meals.This is the first preparation stage (phase 1) before you start your diet meal (phase 2) in order to lose weight.

But I lose 1.1kg on the day after, which means the weight I've put on due to loading phase has been gone.

The middle of first week kept being inconsistent and you can see that I don't lose much, but almost on the end of the first week, my weight suddenly dropped 0.7 kg in just a day. Dr Jasmine told me it was probably because my body finally starting to react to the hormone injection.

And as for the second week, you could see the drop for each day was consistence. This mean my body has finally gotten used to the hormone.

Therefore, so far I've lost 3.2 kg in just 2 weeks.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about this weight loss treatment, you could either check it out on their website, or Facebook page, or you could directly go and visit Mediviron UOA Clinic for consultation. I'll put down all the related information at the end of this post.

And for those who is having hard time to find the clinic or don't know how to go there, I'll probably make another special post on that soon.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Facebook Page: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic Website: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic:
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II,
Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603-2163 5699
Fax:+603-2163 5698
Mobile:+6017-2163 569

Update: [Part 3]
So again, wish me luck on continuing this journey. 
And till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 11, 2014

Growing Up with My Blog

Okay, I wasn't planning to write anything tonight. 
But I was reading back my previous posts from the past years since I started blogging, and I found that the posts I made each year does reflect my age at the time I wrote them.
And also reflect how I felt about those years.

I know how blog is like your public diary, but after all these years of blogging, with ups and down, hiatus everywhere, and different type of posts, I really could say that this is something I'll always want to do in my life.

The first year of my blogging, all the posts sounded and looked so childish, it makes me wanna jump and hide somewhere.

 My first post title was written like this:

" ..PrOuDly PReSeNt.. "

OMG! What was that?!
Mix of capital and small letters?
It's actually one of my pet peeves now.

It's not until February 2010 that I actually stopped writing like that. 
I guess I matured a little already.

I was quite active blogging in 2010 and 2011 (based on my all time records), with the highest number of posts in 2011. And during that time, my KPOP update was so often because Super Junior made a comeback for their 5th album which was Mr Simple. 

Coincidentally, I was on a break during that time, so I guess that was one of the reason why I have more than 100 posts in August 2011 itself. 

I'm still quite excited about anything Super Junior nowadays, but with hectic life, even my fan girl side need to be suppressed sometimes.

2012 and 2013 was a little rough, I was so stressed about my studies in university (I couldn't catch up well with my major), so I didn't update enough. Just once in awhile to release my stress. That's why during that time period (especially around 2012 till early 2013) 'emo' posts tend to be published. 

Well, I started to 'get on my feet' on second half of 2013. It wasn't as stressful as before.
And I've slowly picked up my blogging pace again.

Now in 2014, almost five years having this blog, I really want to make it become alive again.
Not only with many posts, but also with a good quality of writing.

Wish me luck!

Well, that's all for this sudden rant. 
Till next post~ toodles! ♥ミ

March 10, 2014

Happy International Women Day!

 cr: muchstrongerthanyouthink

OMG, I thought I've published this but I didn't. So I decided to just post it today. Its a shame to not post it after all. Hihi. So I guess, Happy Belated International Women Day?


It's 8th March today and that means it's the International Women Day! I posted on my Instagram this morning wishing every women to always be passionate, empowered and most importantly to be happy.
It's not like I have an extreme feminism or anything, but I really feel women deserve to have a happy life. 

And the most important reason to that is, because most of women, are also mothers.
And mothers deserve every recognition that could be given in this world.

But in order to live a happy life you also have to be stress free. Therefore I thought it'll be good to drop a few tips on how to live a stress free life that I saw on a website article (it's more of a short summary):

1. Have enough sleep
2. Take care of your health
3. Maintain your relationship (With friends and family)
4. Focus on your work/studies
5. Have a good love relationship
6. Let your feelings/thoughts out
7. Just relax
8. Learn to love (or just ignore them)
9. Exercise
10. Accept yourself
11. Don't take things personally.
12. Don't wait until the last opportunity

Well, if you want to read more, click here to go to the website.

Have a good day
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 08, 2014

[CLOSED] Opening MySale Order for Faulein Makeup!

Hey Guys,

Quick update here. I'm opening MySale Order for Fraulein Makeup until tomorrow, 9th March 2014 at 9PM. Please send me a PM on my Facebook for more details.

Some highlights:

There are some others item that can be viewed directly on MySale website or in my photo album on Facebook

That's all, toodles!

March 07, 2014

Fangirl Rant: The OTP , My OTP?!

This is again, a fan girl rant! Today, I just wanted to discuss about the term which is very familiar to all the fandom(s) that exist right now. 


So first, let me explain the meaning behind this short term. OTP actually is a short form of 'One True Pair' which is widely use to describe someone's favourite couple. Whether someone is in kpop fandom, or between books fan and anime/manga's otaku, there is always one pair that always be their favourite. Or in a more trendy saying, the pair that they ship.

To be honest, it is almost impossible to have only one OTP to ship. And sometimes, OTP doesn't just limited to a male-female pairing, and of course it doesn't limited to romance relationship. OTP can be between anyone because although the romantic boy-girl OTP maybe the center focus, but some bromance or even cute sisterly relationship can result in OTP too! (Oh by the way, I have no idea the what is the word for 'bromance' between girls so I Googled, and it doesn't exist. LOL Funny right?!)

For me, I have tons of favourite OTP, but let me divide it into 3 categories of major fandom I'm in.

KPOP Fandom

cr: itstvfxq

Well, this one is easy. I like tons of OTP pairing, but the one I'm most passionate about is YongSeo OTP. Some might expect me to have a SJ related OTP but nope! My favourite one is certainly Yonghwa(CNBlue)-Seohyun(SNSD) OTP. Well this started when watched their We Got Married episodes of them. Although it was just a variety show, I just love their interaction. And the fact that Yonghwa did wrote a song that was inspired through Seohyun does say something right? And no one mess with this OTP, at least not in front of me. I’m super obsessed with them. Haha, I sounded too much like a fan girl just now, didn’t I? If they are actually dating in real life, I might be one of the Gogumas (this what Yongseo shippers call ourselves) that would be celebrating in absolute happiness~~!

Harry Potter Fandom

I have too much OTP in book fandom. Like seriously, I can’t choose. There are tons of books that I love! Harry Potter, The Hunger Game, Divergent Series, Vampire Academy, etc~ too much cute characters! But since HP is my all time, and also have the longest time I’ve been in, it’s time to honour my Potterhead soul! My favourite OTP in the series in definitely Ronmione (Ron-Hermione) OTP although I had a hard time choosing, Harry-Sirius godson-godfather relationship is just loveable! By the way, I really like how Ron-Hermione characters and their relationship developed. Even from the first (book/movie) you can see how their relationship blooms. And how Ron (and Harry) was mean to her and made her cried (and almost got killed by a troll). Anyway, despite the fact that JK said that their relationship wasn’t supposed to end that way, and JK planned to kill Ron off at first, and the fact that their marriage might not be happy and they’ll might need marriage counselling, I don’t care. It’s already perfect on how she ended it. She wrote such a beautiful relationship development between the two of them, and JK should never doubt her decision for that. 

Anime/Manga Fandom

I watch a lot of animes and read lots of manga (despite my age haha). And it’s unavoidable that cute couples are everywhere, especially when it comes to romance-shoujo genre. But my personal favourite is still Erza Scarlet-Jellal Fernandes pair from Fairy Tail series. Omggg, from the look of it, I might be into bad guy style! Jellal was so horrible when the series’ first introduced him. He made Erza suffer so much. But when he actually turn good (well at least so far through the series that I’ve read/watched), and the fact that Erza loves him back (even after all the suffering), and how much Jellal regretted his actions (although he was being controlled by other evil force) and the fact that both of them know they can’t be together because what happened in the past, but still want to protect each other. I’m so into shipping them! Well, I knew I am a hopeless romantic. But who cares? Erza-Jellal FTW!

 Well, this is actually very random. I just suddenly thought of my OTP when I watched a video on Youtube. Yayy, for my randomness!

I guess that's all for this port. Gotta run now.
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 06, 2014

My Internship

Hey guysss!

Here is just a super quick update on my life. I just started my internship last Monday, so I might not be able to update as much. Well, I did made some other  posts and scheduled it for auto posting but I still wanna to tell you guys.

Well that's all I guess. I'm actually in the office and just took some time for this short update. I have tons of posts on my draft but I don't know if I'll be able to complete it soon. But, I'll try!

Maybe on weekends?
And ohh, my HCG diet is still on the way. I have the second appointment with my doctor this Saturday. I'll try to update as fast as I can about that, okay?

Well, that's all for now.
Till then~ toodles! ♥ミ

March 05, 2014

[Sponsored] Losing Weight with Mediviron UOA Clinic!

I received an email from one of Mediviron UOA Clinic inquiring whether I'm interested to be a part of Mediviron UOA Clinic's blogger team to review their treatments a few weeks ago. And of course I said yes!

So after setting up my first appointment, I went for my first visit last Thursday (27 Feb).

Here's a little bit about the clinic.
Mediviron UOA Clinic is an aesthetic clinic that provide a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments and laser treatments. Located near the KL Convention Centre, the clinic opens everyday except on Sunday and Public Holiday. First opened in 2001, from what I heard from the staff there, it has been about four years since the clinic started to offer service as an aesthetic clinic. And now, it's one of the top notch in that!

So onto my treatment details!

Before deciding into any treatment, patients will have to receive a consultation for the doctor. Every related information and questions can be asked during the session and your doctor in charge will explain it happily. The doctor who is in charge of me is  a very friendly and warm person! She explained everything related to the treatment I was about to receive. Oh yes, if you're interested about getting aesthetic consultation, it will be FREE on Monday to Thursday, and RM60 per person for aesthetic consultation on Friday and Saturday.

You might have to wait for a little if you come during peak hours, but no worries! The staffs are nice and the waiting are is also very comfortable. They have pamphlets on the programs the clinic are offering which you can take and read while waiting too.

I choose to receive the HCG Weight Loss treatment, and my treatment will take about a month and started from 1st March. 

From the Mediviron's UOA Clinic Website, it is said that HCG is a hormone that naturally produced in the body and it triggers the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for metabolism and causes abnormal body fat to release. HCG floods our body with stores of 2000 to 4000 calories per day of abnormal fat reserves. With the Advanced HCG diet you are not living off the calories you consume but stored fat calories, and the released calories provide the necessary energy your body needs while reducing hunger and keeping the body out of starvation mode. HCG dieters report that they feel better and have more energy because of these effects.

This program consists of a few phases and also include a weekly appointment with the doctors. There are medications provided in order to assist you in following a very strict diet. A booklet guide will be given and there are a set of Do's and Dont's for you to follow. You will also need to take a shot every morning, and the staffs will also guide you on how to apply the medications on your own at home.

To be honest, I already lost 7kg before doing this program with just eating twice a day, but I'm looking forward to the future since this program not only help you lose weight, but also help to set your metabolic rate again so that your weight won't fluctuate again after you stop dieting and start to eat normally again

There will be occasional updates from me through out this one month long program, and I'll reveal my current weight now and how much I've lost when the program ends. So stay tuned and if you want to see daily updates, heads on to my Instagram so you could see the diet and food I'll be having for the rest of the month. 

And if you're interested in getting consultation or treatments, just drop by the Mediviron UOA Clinic and their friendly staffs will definitely do their best to assist you. Below are the related contact information of the clinic for your convenience.

 Mediviron UOA Clinic Facebook Page: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic Website: link

Mediviron UOA Clinic:
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603-2163 5699
Fax:+603-2163 5698
Mobile:+6017-2163 569
So wish me luck.

Updates: [ Part 2 | Part 3]
And till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 03, 2014

Unboxing: Rimmel Haul and First Impression!

I've heard so many good things about some Rimmel products and I finally get to purchase them for myself not long ago. I made the purchase when there was a sale on asos and some products were cheaper!
So here are what I got for myself ;)

1. Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent £2.50 (Before: £3.99)
First Impression: 
- Packaging wise, very simple plastic package, no mirror or applicator. 
- The powder has a subtle smell, but I like it.

Discount price after Conversion:

Approximately RM13.70
2. Rimmel London Kate Matte Lipstick in 110 £3.50 (Before:  £5.49)
First Impression: 
- Packaging wise, I like the red tube colour. But the tube is light, and felt a little like a plastic toy.
- Strawberry scented!

Discount price after Conversion:

Approximately RM 19.00
3. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stellar £4.50 (Before: £6.49)
First Impression: 
- Packaging wise, looks more expensive compared to the two above. I like the design.
- Fruity scented, almost similar to Kate Matte.

Discount price after Conversion:

Approximately RM  24.70

4. Rimmel London Hide The Blemish in Soft Honey £3.00 (Before: £4.49)

First Impression: 
- Packaging wise, the concealer is designed in a lipstick-like tube. I found it easy to apply on.
- Subtle scent. Almost butter like smell.

Discount price after Conversion:

Approximately RM 16.40 
 So, just based on my first impression I found myself liking the products. The products I purchased have good reviews already so I don't mind if the packaging is just average.

I'll do a full review with swatches and look using the products soon :)
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

March 02, 2014

The Butterfly Project: Day Out at Kenko Spa

Last Saturday(22/Feb), I finally got to attend my first Butterfly Malaysia event which was a Day Out at Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa in Pavilion. It was quite a hectic morning that day that I actually arrived later than the supposed time. When I arrived I hurriedly went to look for the fish spa, but it took me almost twenty minutes to find it. So it was already about 1.20 PM when I finally entered the spa.

 My session was the first one which start at 1.00PM, so I thought I wasn't able to join anymore. But Mamasan (Tammy) greeted me nicely and said that it was okay and I could just join in the crowd. 

Pheww~! I was so happy at that time.

All others are already happily soaking their feet in the water and giggling around,I was so excited to join in but I was told that I need to wash my feet first and sprayed it with enzyme due to hygiene purpose.
After spraying and cleaning my feet, I approached the empty spot available and started to soak my feet in. 

Oh my, you have no idea how ticklish and scary it was at first!

The fishes started to swim towards you and started biting your feet without any warning.  I was fine with the smaller fishes but when the bigger fishes started coming, I unknowingly started to giggle and shriek like a little girl.

Although the first half of feet soaking does make me feel scared, after awhile I finally understand why people says that fish spa is relaxing. Feeling the bites of the fishes while chatting around, it really felt good!

 *me taking a selfie*

I also got to met so many awesome and friendly people! It felt really nice meeting all the bloggers that I've known so long through their writing in person. We took pictures, talked and excitedly trying to get more fishes on each of our own legs.

It was so funny!

*with blogger syafiqahhashimxoxo*

*with syafiqah and anis athia*

The ambiance in the spa is also relaxing!

The session ended with everyone taking last pictures with everyone else and bidding goodbye. I went to join some others for lunch and we talked more after that.

So, I want to take this chance to say Thank You to The Butterfly Community for inviting me to this event, and especially to Mamasan Tammy, Miss Illy and Miss Ayna for being so warm and nice. I hope I'll get more chances to join you guys again! Not to forget Worthy Book for sponsoring and giving us the opportunity to try this
If you want to try this relaxing fish spa, you can head off to Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa on Level 5 Pavilion. For easier guide the Kenko Spa is situated near the cinema and Red Box Karaoke. The 30 minutes session will cost you RM38 but believe me it will be worth it!

Till next post~ toodles!♥ミ

March 01, 2014

My Haul at OnlyBeauty L'Oreal Mega Sale Puchong

Hey guys!

So, after missing out on many Only Beauty Mega Sale, I finally got the time to go to their sale at IOI Boulevard Puchong today. Well first, it's very easy to get there even if you don't have vehicle. Just take the U70 Rapid KL Bus to Puchong and just ring the bell when you see IOI Mall on the right side of the bus. The IOI Boulevard is situated right opposite the IOI Mall.

There are so many great discounts that I spent so long choosing stuffs to buy. And I ended up getting 13 item, including a free Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum Express since I signed up for the freebies earlier when Only Beauty announced it on their Facebook Page

They're three major products sold there which are L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York and Garnier.

I snapped a few pictures for you to take a sneak peak at.

L'Oreal/Maybelline Lipsticks, Lip Balms etc

L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro, RM27

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow, RM18 
Maybelline Color Tattoo, RM10

Assorted Mascara (Range RM18-RM20++)

Foundations, BBs and Powder

So I ended up buying all of these! Well except for one mascara which is free. My total is about RM127, so one average of all 12 products, each costs RM10.60! Such a bargain.

So, if you still haven't got the chance to drop by, please do so as the sale will continue tomorrow and Sunday (1 March-2 March 2014), 10am till 10pm in IOI Boulevard Puchong

That's all for this quick post tonight.
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ