April 24, 2014

Get To Know Your Skin: Asian Skin Type

Hey lovelies,

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We usually knows that skin type can be divided into normal, dry, oily, combination (normal and oily) and combination (oily and dry)

When we're choosing skincare products we're usually concentrating only on the factor above, but do you know that difference in ethnicity also affect our skin type and condition? Based on that reason, I've done a little bit of reading from multiple sources to get to know more about Asian skin structure and condition. So, let's look at what I've compiled for your reading.

You first need to know, genetically our skin are different from people on the Western region. This difference makes us have different skin concern compared to them. It is very important to have knowledge in this so that we can avoid purchasing unsuitable products for our skin.I decided to make it in points so that you can understand easier on Asian skin;

        * Melanin is natural skin pigment that protect from UV damage
        * Cause skin to appear darker(yellower) than Caucasian.
        * More photo-protective pigment melanin
* Higher melanin contain does contribute to some of Asian skin problem (eg: pigmentation)


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        * Skin contains higher concentration of collagen than Western skin type therefore slower rate
        * Thicker dermal layer
        * Sudden appearance of tiny freckles usually signals starts of ageing process (usually mid 30s)

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        * Caused by thinner stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin)
        * Extremely sensitive to environmental factors
        * PH balance easily disrupted

* Less prone to diseases caused by sun exposure
* Less prone to get sunburn, but easily got tan

        * Asian skin produce more PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
* TIPS: Use sunscreen, and use product with gentle brightening properties in your 20s

        * Scars and brown patches from physical injury/chemical/surgical light doesn't heal easily
        * Need greater care during acne breakout
        * TIPS: Use emulsion oil or vitamin E to heal scars

        * Highest Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)
        * TEWL is amount of water vapor lost through skin under non-sweating condition
        * This increase level of permeability
        * Need to take care more on skin hydration
        * TIPS: Use moisturizer high in water binding ingredients (eg: hyaluronic acid)

        * Has more sebaceous gland: oilier than Caucasian skin type
        * Also due to climate and weather condition
        * Cause skin get clogged easily
        * TIPS: Exfoliate once or twice a week
        * TIPS: Avoid harsh products that strip away your natural skin lipids

Based on the information above, you should know what to avoid when purchasing your skincare products next time right? I might make a part 2 of this post soon to talk about the best skincare products and regime for Asian skin soon. As much as we need to have great products, we also need to have a good skincare regime. Too much or too little would not be that good for our skin either

For example, Han Ga In a famous South Korean actress who have very beautiful skin despite her age. She's in her 30s and already married now but I feel like she looked even younger than me -__-". When she was filming her drama 'Moon Embracing The Sun' there were times where she didn't get to wash her face even when its been almost 36 hours already, and her skin started to deteriorate, and she mentioned that she don't mind harsh filming schedule but she hoped she at least got to wash her face. So, another tips for today is too make sure you don't makeup too long, and wash it properly!Well, there will be more in part two, but I hope you learned new information from this post.

Till then, toodles~! ♥ミ

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April 22, 2014

[Event]Matis Paris Beauty Expert: Brand Launching at Secret Garden, KL

Hello lovelies,

Last week, I was invited to the Matis Paris Professional Skincare brand launching in Malaysia along with some other bloggers from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. The event which was held in Secret Garden (next to Passion Road) was to introduce the Matis Paris products line. This is the first time for Matis Paris to enter Malaysia's beauty salon market which explain why most of us haven't really heard about them, but the brand itself has an extensive history around the world for 75 years.

*Launching Area*

Founded by Eugene Mavromati, a chemist who specialized in cosmetics formulation, this brand started their journey in 1936 through the creating of Matis own formulation laboratory. Now, this prestigious beauty salon brand are available in 70 countries!

*Ryan host of the day*

The event was hosted by Ryan and we were introduced to some of the backbone of Matis Malaysia, and also to the special guest Miss Alexia who came directly from France to explain about the products in Matis brand line.
*Miss Alexia; she got really nice skin!*

Matis Paris strongly hold on their philosophy which is to be a scientific and technical brand which could help their clients in solving and responding correctly to their skin problems. Therefore, each line from Matis are called Réponse which means Response.

In order to formulate the best products, Matis created some fundamentals for brand to follow in every creation of new products.

Fundamentals of Matis:

- Specific and Patented formulas
- High Definition active ingredients
- Creative R&D laboratory
- Performance of their product
- Result of the skin/texture/fragrance/pleasure/comfort

The brand contains 12 different Réponse line which are created to respond differently to various skin problems.


The six above are the lines that were displayed on that day.

Response Corrective :
To correct expression line and signs of aging

    Response Purete :
 For all combination or oily skin that wants to recover balance and purity.

    Response Jeunesse :  
Preventive anti-ageing line, helps preserve and prolong the skin’s youth potential.

 Response Delicate :  
A specific line of moisturising and nourishing skincare products for all sensitive or reactive skin.

 Response Vitalite :  
A line dedicated to tired skin lacking radiance and in need of regeneration.

Response Premium :
Matis Skincare from Caviar

*From left: Director of Matis Malaysia Katherine Yu,
Marketing Director Sam Yu, and Penny.*

We also were given testimonial from Matis Malaysia brand ambassador, Penny who has tried and personally experience the effectiveness of the brand herself. She explained that after using, it gives out tremendous result and improves her skin condition excellently.

*Lunch Area*

We were being served buffet lunch after the introduction ceremony. There were varieties of menu available like nasi lemak, aglio olio pasta, fried chicken, variety of salad with dressing etc, but since I'm still undergoing my HCG Diet (read more here) I can only drool looking at most of the food. The indoor dining area is feels very private, and cozy. No wonder so many garden weddings has already took place here.

I also got the chance to meet so many people that day. I was a bit 'starstruck-ed' by some of them since I've been reading their blog since as long as I can remember; like Innanie Ariffin and Jenn Gorgeous. I had a great time chatting with others like Miriam, Janice and Charmaine. Everyone was so nice and friendly.

We also received some trial products and also full size(!) products from the goodie bag, which I hope I'll remember to review soon.

Still busy with internship, but I'll try to do is as soon as I can ^^

*Ending post with picture of own self ;P*

Matis Paris will be available in participating beauty salon soon, so keep your eye on Matis Malaysia FB Page. To know more about this awesome brand, you can check it out there too:

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

April 15, 2014

Stand Firm Stay Firm Online Photography Contest by Shizens

 Hello, guys! So here is a quick update from me.
 (More like a re-blog actually)
Been busy this week, and I'm also working on a surprise ;D

By the way, this is totally reblogged from Tammy Miu
 a.k.a. the Mamasan of the Butterfly Project/
It's to share with you on this photography contest by Shizens.
If you're interested, continue on reading and goodluck!

*Reblog from Tammy*

STAND FIRM STAY FIRM Photography Contest

Since ancient times, women inner strength can only be seen through their roles of giving birth to new life, taking care and protecting their family. But as time passed, women began demonstrating their capabilities in undertaking more responsibilities, raising a family as well as being part of the workforce and contributing to social welfare. As evolution enhanced the confidence level of every woman allowing them to showcase their inner strength, they still recognized the importance of physical beauty and strived to maintain their outer beauty through various means. - Shizens Malaysia.

photo must be submitted along with a photo caption OR title
contest starts from 2 until 30th April, 2014

As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens will be launching a “STAND FIRM STAY FIRM” photo contest from 2 to 30 April, 2014. Contest is classified into 2 categories, Photography Enthusiasts and Mobile Photography. Participants can submit their best shoots that is strong emotions, human and feminine at www.standfirmstayfirm.com or #standfirmstayfirm at Instagram to win prizes worth more than RM18,000
allowed to submit more than one entry

all photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter, i.e.

to relate to contest Theme:  Strong emotions, Human, Feminine

photo-collaging, i.e. putting together several images, text, stickers

& add-ons to make a single image, will not be accepted

I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn't need to hide behind her husband's back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don't play victim, you don't make yourself look pitiful, you don't point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

Are you a strong woman too?
As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens will be launching a “Stand Firm Stay Firm” photography campaign from April 2 until April 30, 2014. Show us your strength and stand a chance to win loads of attractive prizes! Find out more here: http://bit.ly/1rtxVPb

Prizes for both categories:

Entry Form – Photography Enthusiasts

Open to all photography hobbyist who loves bringing picture to life! However, there are certain requirements needed for the photos selected for the finals will be printed in large.
  • Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar)
  • Minimum image size is: 5MB
  • Studio photography with lightings are allowed
Click here to submit your photo.

Entry Form – Mobile Photography

Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers! Mobile photography has made huge strides in this modern era and we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers over the years.
Must be taken by a smartphone or any other mobile devices.
To take part via Instagram, hashtag #standfirmstayfirm on your photo
You may also submit your photos via this website.

attractive contest prizes up for grabs
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April 08, 2014

March 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

Hello Guys!

It's time for 'March 2014 Favourite Playlist'!
I have quite a few songs in my head that I can't seem to stop myself from humming every chance I got. And some others are songs that actually make me like them the first time I listened to them.

And as usual this list is in no particular order ;D

1. Super Junior M- Swing

2. Super Junior M - After A Minute

3. Orange Caramel - Catallena

4. Royal Pirates- Drawing The Lines

5. CN BLUE - Can't Stop

6. So Ji Sub ft Younha - Picnic

7. High4, IU - Not Spring Love or Cherry Blossom

8. Lyn - My Destiny (My Love From The Star OST)

9. Hyorin - Good Bye (My Love From The Star OST)

10. Sung Si Kyung - Every Moment of You (My Love From The Star OST)

Okay, I know there are three OST from My Love From The Star Drama but seriously all of them were so good and I can't help but to add them in the list!

And ohh yess, my top favourite now is Super Junior M- After A Minute
Its SO SO SO GOOD! I usually have problem singing along to Mandarin songs but I think I might be able to sing along to this one fluently not long after this, I mean I literally put this one song on loop and play it from 9 am to 12 pm today and longer on the previous days. I'm so obsessed! So give it a try ;D

And because I'm so busy since I started my internship early March, I didn't get to listen to many new songs.
But those above are the songs that I love to listen to quite often

So, do you have any current favourite that you can't seem to get out of your head nowadays?
Share them with me ;D

And so, till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

April 05, 2014

What Would I Wear: Blossoming Spring!

Hey guys!

Okay, I actually have a polyvore account and I almost forgot about how much I love creating a look there.
It's so fun and exciting for me!
You know, the feeling you got when you created a look of 'what would you wear' even when the reality is that your closet is just plain and boring.

So, I decided to create a 'What Would I Wear' series styles that I would love to try. 
For today, I'll just share what I created before.

It's a feminine look, featuring one of my favourite colour, Pink!

The Thinker Belle: My New Domain Name!

Hey Guys!
I have exciting news today~ :D

Guess what? 
I've changed my domain name to www.thethinkerbelle.com!

I finally changed my it after a very long (almost a year) consideration and readings on domain name change. Well, although I love the previous "anisfarhanaaliman.blogspot.com" and it holds a very special place in my heart but for the sake of improving my blog and giving readers an easier name to remember, I changed it to the new one.

To be honest, it took me months to figure out the perfect name. I mean, although my blog does revolves on beauty and makeups nowadays, I also did a lot of thoughts sharing session here. Not to forget occasional fan girl rants and some random updates. So I need to think of something that could represent it all.

I had a few names that I've been considering on but they never sound perfect to me. Until one day (early January I think ) I was watching one of my favourite Korean Sunday variety show "The Superman Returns" and there was one scene where one of the cast's kid (Cho Sarang) kept looking for a Tinkerbell shirt in a Disney store in Japan.

And that was when I finally figure out the perfect name.

It sounds like a play on 'Tinkerbell' word, I find "Thinker Belle" to be just a perfect name to represent my blog.

Because I strongly believe as a woman, not only we need to care on our appearance, the way we think could also bring greater impression on others. Because rather than being just a beauty, I think it'll be even more amazing to be one with brain (intelligence).

And the fact that I LOVE DISNEY ANIMATION just cannot be ignored! The 'Belle' from Thinker Belle is actually inspired from Belle in Beauty and the Beast. She gave me the greatest impression as a child because like her, I am so obsessed with books and novels that once I pick up my reading, it is near impossible to me to stop it half way. And I think her heart is just so beautiful for seeing someone's worth more than how the person look.

Anyhow, I'll be gradually changing the 'Everlasting' header name completely to 'Thinker Belle' but for now I'll stick with that for the mean time because I'm so busy with my internship.

So, what do you think about the name? 
Drop your thoughts below and don't forget to leave your blog link so I can drop by and say hi too 

And so, till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

April 03, 2014

[Sponsored] HCG Diary: My HCG Routine

Okay, I was supposed to be publishing this last week, but due to many reasons I didn't get the chance to even start writing. My internship was hectic last week, and I predict it'll be even busier this week. Even my weekend flew by so fast, I even wondered if I actually got to rest.

But, one got to do what one got to do right?
So, in this post I'm going to continue sharing my HCG experience with Mediviron UOA Clinic with everyone :)

I've already explain about this treatment one my first post for the 'HCG Diary' series, and there was also a second post on my first two weeks update. You can read it both HERE and HERE.

Back to the main point. In this post, I'm going to compile about my daily routine ever since I started my HCG diet almost a month ago. Some of you might be a little 'discouraged' and 'hesitant' thinking that undergoing this treatment would be tiring especially when you're working. But believe me, it wasn't as hard as it sounds. 

All you need is some discipline.

So let me start with the basic stuffs. 
I've mentioned some of them in my previous post, but I wanted to give a clearer explanation for you guys. :)

The Medications:

*the shot that i need to take*

For my case, I need to take shots of HCG and a pill every morning.
The prescription varies depending on the patient and case. :)

The Meal:

You won't starve while you're doing this diet. Because you got to eat both lunch and dinner everyday. Although the ingredients are limited, but with a little creativity, you could surely pull it off! Every meal would consist of mixes of protein, vegetables, and fruits. So it's well balanced enough!

Since this is a no sugar no oil diet, if you're craving some of sweetness or you're just the sweet tooth type who just couldn't be away from the sweet treat, you can use sugar substitute (Stevia) instead.

Well, the taste is not bad at all!
 And I plan to continue using this for my tea or coffee even when this diet ends.

I got my Stevia from Guardian, the brand is Equal. They came in sachets and also in tablets. I chose the tablet one which comes really handy to bring to work.

The Routine:

Now that I've done explaining on the essentials, let me show you my usual weekdays routine :)

6.15 am: Wake up, get ready for work

6.30 am: Weigh my current weight for the day, took the medications.

7.00 am:  Pack up my lunch for the day.

7.10 am: Head for work.

1.00 pm: Have my lunch

( I snack once in a while when I feel hungry with the fruits that I've cut up before leaving work so that I won't feel hungry during meal intervals. But the total amount for one day is fixed so you need to consult your doctor of how much you'll get to eat per day)

6.30 pm: Head back off. 

7.30pm: Prepare for the dinner AND tomorrow's lunch. 

10.30 pm: Rest and prepare to sleep (sometimes later than this)

See? It wasn't that hard.

The food preparation time is relatively short, since the method of cooking is very simple. Usually I marinate the food I'm cooking the next day earlier. My favourite style of cooking so far is baking and grilling because its quick and delicious.

For my drinks, I usually had tea with a slice of lemon with my sugar substitute. I also had green tea once in a while, and just plain water most of the time. Remember to drink plenty of water through out this diet! 2 Litres a day is just basic!

So ,are you interested in trying this HCG Diet treatment?

Mediviron UOA Clinic welcomes you for a consultation, and aesthetic consultation is FREE from Monday until Thursday ! And if you're too busy, no worries, you can get your consultation on Friday and Saturday with only RM60 of consultation fee. Furthermore, the consultation fee will be waived if you purchase a treatment or product.

If you're looking for another treatment, heads off the their website to take a look on the services provided.

For more info, check out their Facebook page or website. I also included their address for your convenience.

Mediviron UOA Clinic Facebook Page: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic Website: link
Mediviron UOA Clinic:
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II,
Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:+603-2163 5699
Fax:+603-2163 5698
Mobile:+6017-2163 569

That's all from me in this third update of my HCG Diary. I'll be back soon!
Till then ~ toodles! ♥ミ

Summing Up My March ~(Literally)

It's already the fourth month of 2014. Almost a third of the year already. Time flew by so fast.
There are a lot of reviews that are still pending because I'm so busy with my internship.

Everyday, I'll go home after work and just sleep.

Gosh, so not productive in some ways. But writing coding for the whole day everyday of the week made me mentally exhausted to the point of sleeping and just skip dinner.

And just with that, it's been a month since I started internship.

I'm so occupied nowadays that I can remember much what I did in March.
 Well except of those things above.

And 'other thoughts' are just mostly on Super Junior M new song 'Swing', my blog and new makeups sales that kept going on one brand after another *sigh*.

*fangirl alert* :
Speaking of Swing,  isn't it so good?!!
Omg, I never knew I'd love the Mandarin version more than the Korean version.
Or maybe the Kr version didn't get to me yet. Hahaha

Anyhow, I hope that things will get less hectic.
But, I kinda enjoying my internship (in some ways) so it doesn't really stress me negatively.

And ohh, I just figure out that I might be the obsessive type.
I kept getting dreams of me trying to figure out the 'programming error' these days!
Talk about dedication huh? LOL

Well that's all for the rant, I hope April would be better.
Till my next post~ toodles!♥ミ