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Get To Know Your Skin: Asian Skin Type

Hey lovelies,

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We usually knows that skin type can be divided into normal, dry, oily, combination (normal and oily) and combination (oily and dry)
When we're choosing skincare products we're usually concentrating only on the factor above, but do you know thatdifference …

[Event]Matis Paris Beauty Expert: Brand Launching at Secret Garden, KL

Hello lovelies,
Last week, I was invited to the Matis Paris Professional Skincare brand launching in Malaysia along with some other bloggers from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. The event which was held in Secret Garden (next to Passion Road) was to introduce the Matis Paris products line. This is…

Stand Firm Stay Firm Online Photography Contest by Shizens

Hello, guys! So here is a quick update from me.
 (More like a re-blog actually)
Been busy this week, and I'm also working on a surprise ;D

By the way, this is totally reblogged from Tammy Miu
 a.k.a. the Mamasan of the Butterfly Project/
It's to share with you on this photography contest …

March 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

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Hello Guys!
It's time for 'March 2014 Favourite Playlist'! I have quite a few songs in my head that I can't seem to stop myself from humming every chance I got. And some others are songs that actually make me like them the first time I listened to t…

What Would I Wear: Blossoming Spring!

Hey guys!
Okay, I actually have a polyvore account and I almost forgot about how much I love creating a look there. It's so fun and exciting for me! You know, the feeling you got when you created a look of 'what would you wear' even when the reality is that your closet is just plain an…

The Thinker Belle: My New Domain Name!

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Hey Guys! I have exciting news today~ :D
Guess what?  I've changed my domain name to!
I finally changed my it after a very long (almost a year) consideration and readings on domain name change. Well, although I love the previous "anisfarhanaa…

[Sponsored] HCG Diary: My HCG Routine

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Okay, I was supposed to be publishing this last week, but due to many reasons I didn't get the chance to even start writing. My internship was hectic last week, and I predict it'll be even busier this week. Even my weekend flew by so fast, I even wondered if I actually g…

Summing Up My March ~(Literally)

It's already the fourth month of 2014. Almost a third of the year already. Time flew by so fast.
There are a lot of reviews that are still pending because I'm so busy with my internship.

Everyday, I'll go home after work and just sleep.

Gosh, so not productive in some ways. But writing…

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