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Goodbye Grandpa

It's a gloomy week for me. 
I just lost my maternal grandfather last Sunday, and to be honest the truth hasn't exactly fully sink in. 
I don't feel like writing so much either. Just to inform everyone about this.
 This sudden lost made me think of a few things seriously. I might go on a hiatus for awhile.
 I don't know for how long, not very sure. 
It might be just a week, it might be longer.
I need to sort out a few things about my life.
 My convocation is about one month away.
 I'm half excited, at the same time partly don't want to care about it. 
I'm too numb to care. 
I lost two people that I hold dear to me this year, it's been hard.
Al-Fatihah to my grandpa.
 I'll miss you Atuk :'(


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    1. Thank you Joan :) I'm okay now. just a bit regretful since the last time i saw him was last Hari Raya


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