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Mistreatment of KL Sentral LRT Putra Service

As far as I know, I'm not usually a fussy customer.
 I could say that I'm quite patient even when the service at a restaurant is slow. I don't usually complains when food is served late. As a matter of fact, with just a simple sincere apologize, I'll be satisfied.

But today when I was on my way back home from the office, something happened that offend me so much, I can't help myself but to share it here. 

My workplace is located near KL Sentral thus I usually commute back from work taking the LRT Putra. Most of the time, I would be using my Touch N Go card to pay but today my card ran out of balance. So I decided to buy a token instead.

The charge from KL Sentral to the station near my home is RM2.10. After purchasing from the token vending machine, I walked towards the entrance with my colleague.

As I touched the token on the scanning machine, it accidentally slipped from my hand and fell onto the floor. Quickly I crouched down to grab it but when I stood back up the gate is already closed again. I tried to touch the token again but it says 'invalid token' since I already touched it once.

My friend told me to go to the counter and ask for the people on duty to help. Therefore, I went to the counter unassumingly because hey why should I right? 

When I arrived there, I explained my problem to the 'ticketing officer'. And down below are how the conversation went in overall;

Me: Excuse me, I accidentally dropped this token after touching it on the scanning machine. Now it says 'Invalid Token'. What should I do? *with smile on my face*

The 'ticket officer' who was 'entertaining' me was a male, probably in late 40s 
*well, he looks that old to me*
 He took the token from me, but what was to follow really made me feel taken aback so much.

Ticket 'Officer': Slipped? How much do you think the token weigh? *in cynical voice*

At first I thought he was joking around so I replied him with nothing but a smile.
 But oh I was wrong! He then continued;

Ticket 'Officer': How heavy it is? 5kg? Hmm, I guess it's so heavy that's why it slipped out of your hand *again in his cynical voice*

At that moment I realized that he wasn't joking. 
His tone was more like insulting. But considering his older age, I decided to let it go and again I smiled.

Ticket 'Officer': I guess this what people who keep playing around always ends up doing.

Well to be specific, his exact sentence was
 "Itulah asyik suka-suka je, cuba jangan nak main-main sangat. Tak payah nak suka-suka sangat, tak adalah benda macam ni jadi"
*please mind that his tone was becoming even more rude*

 I tried to explain how I didn't play around at all. The token just accidentally slipped off my hand. 
Seriously, I was on my way back home with a heavy laptop bag on my back and a handbag full of stuffs too. I don't have time to joke around LRT entrance gate.

But well, even with my explanation he kept being cynical. To be honest I can't remember all the things he said, because well I was already furious at that point.
And did I tell you I felt like crying too? 
I kept suppressing my anger that my eyes was almost brimming with tears.
That's how ashamed and offended I felt.

He kept talking how I should take things seriously.
 He made it sounds like dropping a token seems like such a huge sin.

Well, at that time I just can't smile anymore. 
I'm pretty sure he saw my sour expression. 
But well, I guess he didn't care because he kept being cynical.

At that point, I can't even looked up anymore.
 I felt like if I look at him in the eyes, I'll either end up saying something rude or just burst up crying in public.

I even considered rudely walking away and just buy another token. 
I rather spend another RM2.10 than dealing with such embarrassement.
But again, I made myself wait since he was an elder and also because walking away is just as rude.
All I had in mind was to keep my composure as an adult there

All I had in my head is I need to file a complain.

He finally hand me the token back and told me to try getting in again. But I was too furious to say anything anymore at that point. I took the token and walked away

You might be wondering why I feel so offended
. But I have the right to.

 I've been using LRT PUTRA line ever since they first launched it. I remembered during the first launching and my dad took me and my brothers to experience their free ride ( I was probably in primary school at that time). Even after years, I rather take LRT than driving the car. Most of the time, they provide excellent service and the train are always clean. Even with crowd, the train ride were almost always not unpleasant.

I guess that's why today experience hit me hard. I wasn't expecting such humiliation.
I'm not stereotyping all RapidKL workers. There are a lot of excellent one. It's such a shame that with just a few of badly mannered workers, a good company credibility can be shattered in just a day.
*and let's not get started on some of RapidKL bus drivers*

Another reason, that is no way a person in Customer Service should be acting.
I am your customer, and you are the representative of the service. 
Even with issues that is caused by the customer's mistake, as a service provider they should take us in the highest regards. They can't argue with customer like that. 

I was not destroying any of RapidKL properties nor I was trying to commit fraud.

My friend who was coming home with me today told me she did experience something similar too. She accidentally bought the wrong destination ticket before. Therefore she seek help from the counter. She was willing to pay the remaining charge. But the person in charge kept giving her a sharp look, no smile and again talking sarcastic tone.

I wonder how many of us have experienced this kind of things?
I'm pretty confidence there are a lot.

Is this how poor you serve you customer?

I just wan't to tell that I am not okay with the treatment I received today.
My feeling was hurt, and even until now I can't stop thing how wronged I feel.

I just can't let this one go.

Please service provider, make sure the people who work in Customer Service for your company has common sense to not do something like this. It's downright unprofessional.

 I guess I won't be forgetting '8.59, 29th October 2014, KL Sentral LRT Putra' anytime soon

RapidKL management, I hope this attitude issue of some workers will be solved soon.


  1. OMG seriously Malaysia's customer service really horrible, so many rude people. Thank god you remained calm, if it's me, I think I will throw the token at the person's face or swear at them @.@ It's okay, let all these rude people be how they are, eventually they will suffer :D Cheers!

    1. i was having quite a good day yesterday until that person ruined it! such a mood spoiler. well, i feel calm again today but still why there are still a lot of poor customer service around? sigh..

  2. This is one of the reason I always dislike Malaysia. Malaysia is my home country but with these kind of ppl around make me feel ashamed. Anyway this is our home and we need to improve the situation because if not, who will? Maybe you can file a complain to their office? but I don't think any action will be taken, so well....

    I hope you are back in a good mood today! and things will be better Anis:)

    1. thank you! well i feel better now. but now rather than feeling mad, i am mostly dissapointed and sad.


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