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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Selfie

 Hey guys!

cr: all images in this post are owned by ABC and Selfie

So I saw the trailer for ABC's new TV Series, 'Selfie' not long ago and it seemed fun so I decided to check out one episode. Now I'm totally in love with it (or to be exact, obsessed)! It's the perfect balance of a romantic comedy, with a bit of 'cynical' symbolism towards the social media. And hey, I know we all can totally relate with it! Who doesn't know Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? After Ugly Betty, I don't really have any shows that I really love, but now going to the seventh episode, I've totally found a new couple to ship! Henry and Eliza is just so cute *melts*

I just wish I have ABC channel at home so I don't have to wait to watch them online.

To tell about the series in short,

"The series follows the life of Eliza Dooley, a woman obsessed with the idea of achieving fame through the use of social media platforms, including Instagram where she posts selfies. She begins to worry that "friending" people online is not a substitute for real friendship, and she seeks help from Henry Higgs, a marketing image guru. The character names are a reference to Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins, the main characters of the 1912 George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, further popularized by the 1956 musical My Fair Lady."
-credit Wikipedia-

 I need something to do to feed my Selfie obsession. So I decided to write the 'Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Selfie' (in no particular order).

*warning: this post may contain spoilers*
(P/P/S: I blogged this before ABC announced that they're  cancelling Selfie, which sucks big time!!! Sobs, I just can't get over it yet. I hope than can cancel the cancellation although its too late now. They won't even show the remaining episode. I'm so sad!)

my new ship has sailed!

 1. Eliza Dooley is a Non Conventional Female Lead.

She's not the classic nice maiden in distress type. If you take her out and put her in any other shows, for example the Mean Girls, she'd actually fit in The Plastic clique perfectly. Those gorgeous red hair, long legs, up to date wardrobe, she's more of the 'bad girl' type in a glance. Well of course she's not mean or dumb, and deep inside she is a sweet person (not to mention her back story) but she definitely not in the 'usual' female lead category either. Her quirkiness is just awesome. And when Eliza meet the all stiff, conventional, old style Henry Higgs, the pairing are just loveable!

2. Because John Cho is Henry

One of the reason why I was curious about this show is the fact that lead is an Asian guy. Or to be exact, Korean *see my inclination there haha*. Well, that's not all. Asian guy as the male lead is rare in American TV Series (Or is he the first? I'm not sure about that though). Anyway, John Cho plays the perfect Henry Higgs to me. It's really hilarious to see the old fashion Henry who have no interest in social media and prefers the old way of conversation having to handle the 'attention-loving InstaFamous' Eliza. I like how their interaction makes Eliza to be more 'in the moment' and turn Henry to be a more fun and lively(?) guy.

3. The Social Media Reference

This is probably one of the reason why people can relate to this show.  For example, they made references on #hashtags and also shows how Facebook can ruin you bad if you use it the wrong way. I mean, who haven't stalk someone on Facebook (their exes for example), and mistakenly liked or tagged themselves in the status or pictures? Disaster right? I bet that's how Henry felt :D

4. Classic Romcom is a Yes

Well this says it all. I love the 'romcom' all the way!

5. Eliza's Twitter Account

They created an Eliza twitter account @The_Doolio so sometimes I feel like Eliza character is actually real. Haha! And they're funny just like this one:

(the tweet was a reference to one of the episode)

Even though the show has already been cancelled.
 I just want to document this show on my blog, I just really love it! 
I don't usually follows American series diligently.
I guess I'll tend my broken heart by re-watching the aired episodes over and over and over again. I hope they can tie up the plot holes and at least make a proper ending. And maybe I'll buy the DVD if they release it. For now, I don't think I'll be watching any new shows. They always cancel the show that I like.

EDIT 25/11/204:
They're taking the remaining episode to Hulu! Well, although I can view it since Malaysia is outside of region, but heyy! There'll definitely be a boxset out soon since they'll be airing remaining episode :D!!


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