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Disaster with Samsung S3

My phone is acting up once again. *sobs*

"Boot Loop"

I thought I'd be meeting you only once, yet you've greeted me twice.
Now I lost all important photos in my phone. Only some managed to be saved.
Haihh, I seriously Android/Samsung can solve this.
Haven't been able to send them for reformat yet but being phone-less has peaks of its own.
At least I won't have to be guilty to not feel like attending the incoming Whatsapp groups messages all the time.
And I become aware of my surrounding more. Hahaha

But the downside, all materials for blogging is poof! GONE.. 

I procrastinate, lost all phone pictures, cannot blog anymore. Need to cut down the perfectionism.

This makes me wanna get an iPhone for my next phone.
But I read this before, and it made me contemplate again. LOL
And seriously I still like my S3 phone.
Seriously, boot-loop. Haihhhhh

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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