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Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion Review

Hello guys!

Lately, I have been obsessing over cushion products more than I should be. I kept getting new ones on top of the bunch I already have but thankfully the cute packaging is more than enough to keep me content. Like seriously, have you seen them? Korean cushion pact design is too cute to resist! It's not weird if I ended up buying more just because I want the lovely casing. I'm such a hoarder, that's a fact that I have learnt to accept in these past few years. I'm also the attached type so even when my cute products are finished I usually have a hard time to throw them away.

Yup, it's so pretty! I like the cover on top so much.
Manufacture date on the back

That what happened with the Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion. The packaging is so cute, it made me want it as soon as I first saw them in Althea #girlsproblem. So, I decided to get the one in shade #23 Ivory Warm, mainly because #21 Ivory Pure shade looks a tad bit lighter for this brand. Do note that sometimes, how light a shade is can be different depending on brands too. For example, I am also using the Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control and their N21 shade works fine for me; but when using the same shade from other products, I ended up looking like a ghost (too white) *giggles*

I'm also attracted to the fact that we can see the two main formulations of this product on the sponge itself. The spiral shape is made up of two part which is the whitening essence (in white) and cover base (in brown).

The spiral too perfect I don't want to ruin it LOL!

Whitening Essence: 
Provide brighter and consistent skin tone, subtle glow, and milky white whitening effect while giving enough hydration to guarantee elasticity. Giving the 'chok chok' 촉촉 or moisturized effect most Korean beauty addict rave for.

Cover Base:
Helps to cover uneven skin tone, dark circles, freckles and blemish all day long while giving a smooth effect.

My thoughts:

Before (Bare Skin)

First of all, on thing that I like about this product is the staying power as it is pretty long. This is great since I am not the type who likes to reapply makeup every few hours. LOL. It also helps to cover my imperfections and uneven skin tone pretty well so kudos for that too. The formulation is easy to apply but it's a tad too white for my sunburned skin (gosh need to be as pale as the Koreans haha). The unfortunate part is a bit too patchy and dry on my face especially after about two hours thus further emphasizing my dry skin problem. On the other hand, a friend of mine tried this on (and she has oily skin), after a few hours, it still looks fabulous on her. The scent of the cushion is not really my favourite but I guess it's a matter of personal preference since everyone else said that it smells just fine. I guess I am just the kind of person who is a bit sensitive to unfamiliar scent.


So, I would say this cushion is more suitable for oily to normal skin type. The only way to combat the patchiness for my dry skin is for me to put on my favourite sleeping mask on the night (meaning to give extra moisturizing) before I use this product. 

Some extra tips on how to use this cushion compact:
1. Make sure to put on your moisturizer! The result will look smoother :)
2. Apply the product through tapping moisture. It will stay on longer.
3. If you find the shade too light or too dark for you, balance out the ratio to make it suit you better!

For more information on this cushion, you can visit as more description is available on the product page. Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion (15g) is available at RM62 (n.p RM155) on Althea Malaysia.

P/S: Get RM20 OFF on your first order on Althea Malaysia (minimum purchase RM150) by using my referral link HERE.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Comelnya nama brand ni "Keep In Touch" :D. I'm still catching up with this cushion compact trend. Banyak tak try lagi, hehe. Perhaps I will try this when I run out with my IOPE cushion! Thanks for the review!

    1. hi ieyra, thanks for dropping by! compact cushion are easy to use and convenient, especially when it comes to touch up. come come join the bandwagon hahah

  2. Hahhahaha sama laaa. Rasa sayang nak calit sebab takut corak spiral tu rosak.

  3. Wahhh mcm best. Cover pun dah cantik, kalau pakai mesti lagi cantik :D

  4. oh dear. the packaging is so pretty!!! there are too many cushions in the market nowadays.. hmm

  5. I like the cover too. It looks good on your skin. Will try this out.

  6. Oh my... such pretty packaging and the swirls are so pretty... huhuhu... I want one also!!! hahaha

  7. The ladies are getting more and more toys to play with. Heheh. Enjoy the products ye and moisturize.

  8. looks like a good product, good info.


  9. Wow! this is my first time get to know the brand. I like the catchy name and the products also give you a very natural flawless finishing.

  10. awwww I love the packaging really!!!!! beautiful!!

  11. The packaging on the product looks really good Anis plus you look good with it :) Certainly very promising :)

  12. Wow.. so comel n look fresh lor
    Nampak unik dengan design dan isiannya

  13. I like the packaging, so cute with graphic illustration, will check it out :)

  14. Thanks for sharing. I love the packaging. It look so cute!!!! Maybe I should try it after finish using the current cushion.

  15. Im seriously interested in this bht is worried about the shade though... Is currently using shade 21 on sulwhasoo n april skin.. Should i continue with 21 also or will it be to fair? Uwaaggghhh!!

    1. For my skin, I am using shade 23 for April skin. Hope it helps for your comparison :D


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