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Lip Care 101 ft Sugar Lip by Mentholatum Water Colour

Hello, guys!

Cracked lips are no fun. It hurts and it makes your lipstick looks ugly on you, especially when you're wearing a matte type lippies. There are a few methods on how to get rid of chapped lips, and they can be done through:

1. Consuming lots of plain water daily.
2. Applying a good and hydrating lip balm frequently every day.
3. Using lip scrubs to remove dead skin.
4. Using lip masks for additional hydration and nutrients.

The first two steps are very crucial. You can skip steps three and four if you don't feel like it, but in order to have a healthy lip, you need to apply the basic care diligently. Drinking water is a piece of cake but finding a good lip care product can be a bit tricky. Personally, I love Mentholatum lip care range. Remember my last video about the Mentholatum Botanics Skincare line? I did mention about how much I trust their lip balm products, especially the Lip Ice products.

From left: Kissy Pink (03), Vintage Pink (01)

Recently, Mentholatum launched another new lip balm range called the Sugar Lip by Water Colour. It's a lip balm range that has a sheer, glossy tinge of colour which is suitable for those who are not a big fan of lipstick but still want to add some colour on their face. Comes in four different shades of pink, and the one that I got my hands on are the Vintage Pink (01) and Kissy Pink (03) variants. They also have another two shades which are the Dancing Pink (02) and Ronk n Pink (04).

Vintage Pink is more of a bubblegum pink while Kissy Pink is more of a coral-ish red pink

The black and sturdy plastic packaging is pretty straight forward. The formulation is not heavy and does not leave any uncomfortable sticky feeling on my lips. The shade intensity of Mentholatum Sugar Lip is buildable. You can use it both as a base lip balm before lipstick or just use it alone. More applications intensify the colour and made it more obvious. The downside of this product is I hate how it taste. Yeah, you know we can kind of 'accidentally taste' our lip product when we wear it. This one have a bit of 'chemical-ish' taste. Meaning no fragrance. For people who are sensitive to fragrance, this could be a great news.

Top: Vintage Pink, Bottom: Kissy Pink. Both with a few layers applied.

This Sugar Lip by Water Colour is formulated with crystal brown sugar that instantly melts onto your skin, It's also enriched with Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and MaxiLip to provide long-lasting moisture to keep your lips soft and supple. It's now available in major pharmacies and supermarkets since February 2016 for only RM15.80(3g).

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. BABE! i have this too! currently my favourite balm to keep my lips moisturised :D

  2. I do love this lip balm have to hand it to Mentholatum for coming out with pretty awesome lipbalms...

  3. looks good no try this yet. price is reasonable shall check this soon

  4. I am a mentholatum lip ice fan! I have always use them since I was in y diploma years

  5. Look like not bad leh, personally like the vintage pink! Anyway thanks for sharing!

  6. I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

  7. I should by these for myself...the color of the nice.. :D

  8. Surprisingly really light colour from what you see in the tube!

  9. The color of the balm looks very natural on you dear and I have to say that the consistency looks really nice. Heard about the quality of their lipbalms before, certainly looks very promising :)


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