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Reblog: Real Cndition, Malaysian Student in Egypt

Got this from Anis Adira's blog which she reblogged from Ariff Shah's blog Hope you guys will read, reblog, retweet or share this on facebook Pray for our friends in Egypt ************ Salam Ariff, saya Nadia, a student in Egypt. Ariff, kini saya berada di Malaysia kerana pulang untuk winter bre…

i don't want to waste my birthday

30 Januari 2011 It's raining since morning and it didn't stop yet I dont want to waste my birthday sitting at home, playing laptop
So sad It's holiday, It's my birthday but I don't get to go anywhere -_-" Aigooo By the way, thanks everyone for the wish Even if the one i waited for…

what i wish for on my 20th birthday

i don't need a fairy tale all i wanted is someone that care for me and will always be there through thick and thin
and because i hope that person is you i keep wishing

to someone who is three days older.liyana zainal

wishing you a happy 20th birthday love you have a wonderful year ahead
thanks a lot and once again love you miss-future-judge

when leeteuk looks even prettier than me

lol! i found this on atheera unnie's blog my my.. even leeteuk looks cuter than me i was like wth?
come on anis, lets lose some weight! look at his waist! so small.. again. wth?!

30 days blog challenge version 2 (second try after i failed the first one) ^^

I actually had tried doing this before because I failed. I wanna do this again But the other version of it I might not be posting everyday because of a bit busy with campus life But whatever, since this is my blog, my rule! ^^ So enjoy!
P/s: Thanks Cik Epal for this :)
30 Things in 30 Days Challenge

Day 1…

okay, she is mad now. she? no it's me

"when trust and friendship i gave is being treated as a useless piece of crap. i won't give a damn about the person anymore. once it's taken away, i can't replace it with a new one. so get the hell out of my life!!"
you, i tried to treat you better so that you won't feel …

lucky number 19

the number 'one' and 'nine' 19
has always be an important number for me if ss3 msia is confirmed to be on that date
then that will be double triple important!!

ohhhh~ i am in an exhaustingly happy mode

new zodiac sign and chart! no way! i'm forever an Aquarius person!

did you guys know? now we have 13 zodiac sign instead of 12? the new sign is called the Ophiuchus
so when I'm used to be an in Aquarius group i changed to Capricon
look at this!
Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 1…

when coldness of the air surpass everything~

Oh my my, this is an entry from a bad girl (currently). I am sitting on the second row in the computer lab, staring at the screen in front, listening to the babbling of my enthusiastic lecturer, with a grumbling stomach and almost frozen fingers. It is so cold outside since there was a little rain…

the one of two string that connect us is gone

you won't know how heartbroken i am when one day i saw you are not there anymore the word 'gone' fill my head and my heart hurt
you don't know and you won't know since i won't tell you anyhow because i am such a loser
i tell myself to forget and let go day by day for years
why are you…

just once.

stressful , awkward, unbearable for once today i want to escape it all

still dazed

i have nothing much to say but i didn't get to recover my spirit fully now
hope will be much better tomorrow because class started on monday hope farah and syira will be fine too?
wondering why i am like this?

yesterday's car accident. i'm still in my sub-conscious mind till now. thank god, i'm still alive.

while writing this, thinking about what happen yesterday. it seems so unreal and absurd. we ( farah,syira and me) were coming back from giant seksyen 13 after finished buying stuffs for our new home since i didn't stay in college anymore. after dinner we head out to the parking lot and start …

when sadness sweeps everything

i love listening to slow song but some song can abruptly change my mood from happy to sad
just like the lagenda budak setan ost the lyrics is sad :( gosh.i shouldn't be listening to it at all!
[Bila Cinta]
Bila cinta kini
Tak lagi bermakna
Yang ku rasa kini
Hanyalah nestapa
Ditinggalkan cinta masa lal…

real friendship..everyone is like family

tonight i met some of prev school friends talk and laugh a little reminiscing beautiful funny,awkward, sad and etc moments that we miss
now i understand the meaning of friendship that last forever.
btw,will talk more about first week of 2nd semester in UiTM later till then..bye^^

she moved

i read moon's entry today she seems happy she says she has moved on
i want to be like her too moving on forgetting something that hurtful
please give me those content feeling i had before this i want to smile happily again without the fake one ruining everything
my mood these days are as sad as the mel…

Kalau Exercise Macam Ben Ashaari Takdelah Jadi Macam Ni!

hi korang semua hari ini post entri pakai broadband housemate je bangun pagi-pagi ni rasa macam baru kena himpap dengan anak gajah je sakit-sakit badan semua
yelah, mana taknya semalam pindah rumah sewa dapurnya amatlah bersih macam "wth?"
penatlah aku and housemate aku mengemas basuh semua pingga…

Entri Last Before Balik Kampus

Guys! Since this monday class will start again as usual I might be a bit busy So less update
Hope will get internet connection in new house! So tata! annyeong! See you guys later ^^


Listen..To You

No it’s not me, it really doesn’t make sense
Whenever I eat or sleep I only see you, I think I’m crazy
I hated you because you always torment me
How? I don’t know how, I have come to love you, it’s strange
My heart listens to you from head to toe
Though friends tease me, my heart only hears you
One two t…

Waking up in 3AM realizing it's 2011 already.

Oh my my.. I missed the countdown I fell asleep around 10pm Waking up at 3am realizing it's January 2011 already! 30 days to go before my birthday!
Well first and foremost! New Year speech!!
My wish! My hope!
My hope for this year that it will be a much better year for me In every aspect especially stu…

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