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nak exam? cara release stress~ ^^

sebenarnya tgh study probability and statistic ni  sebab malam nanti ada test lima chapter pulak tu
nasib baik lah ni chapter yang simple (simple lah sangatt kan?) moment generating function and joint probability tu yang lemah sikit for today's test, dua-dua topic tu tak cover so selamat
but s…

RIP Jackie Chan

i was tweeting something when i saw this on trending topic

and i was dangggg! what?! really?
so to confirm it, i clicked on the topic to see related tweet and this is what i saw

LOL. not funny at all he is not dead this is just a stupid joke
who ever started this really has nothing better to do or shall we …

this is not an exam schedule, this is a suicide mission!

okay, anda paham-paham lah sendiri for me, who sucks at math
hooyeah, both math's subject is on the day where i have to take two paper on the same day morning and evening
i probably end up looking like this

aigooo.. still.. anis go go! fighting!!!

Youtube Hot Topic: Racist UCLA Girl Against Asian.

Warning: 1- Boob alerts, not suitable for minor. 2- Major biatch-ness, wayy not suitable for minor 3- Tendency after-view puke, prepare a bucket for your vomit
Oh my my.. I am so pissed off! She might think she is funny Well, I don't. Judge by yourself!

but don't worry we have a plenty of …

i think i'll have a good night sleep tonight!

ohhh myyyy goodddd! she is so lucky! kyuhyun is so sweet! dies! dies! dies! ohhh myyyy goodddd! she is so lucky! kyuhyun is so sweet! dies! dies! dies!
and his goodnight! jalja! so sweet!

the reason why i love twitter

most of my "non-superjunior-fan" friends often ask me. why do you like twitter so much? what is so good about twitter? how does it work? is it like facebook?

for me, twitter is a better version of facebook, msn, yahoo messanger etc.
it's easy to use and addicting :)

it's like a fr…

najwa latif - first single :)

nice kan? she actually is well known on youtube. now it's her first single :) goodluck adik. because you have a pleasant voice

blog best vs. blog tak best (my version)

dah lama tak merapu-rapu dalam blog.memanglah ada update.tapi hah.senonet je.nampak sangat malas kan?
dah lama dah tak blogwalking and blogstalking. hehe jangan pelik tau, i use two term. blogwalking ni pegi jejalan kat blog orang tapi takde lah nak senyap-senyap ni. blogstalking ni thrilling sikit…

favourite couple

words is not needed  i always love them kinomoto heart lee sakura heart shaoran

ahhhh~~ memories!

eww mr.psycho

Well, i thought psychos are imaginary characters created by film producers to entertain people. But in reality they do exist. Duhhh..reading xiaxue's blog post I & II on this one particular psycho made me wanna puke.
(warning: adult content)

I don't know either it's xiaxue or Mr.Psy…

due dates everywhere!

since final is coming near, less than a month now.
so the amount of quizzes, tests, assignments, projects are increasing horribly!

next week, i have one quiz on digital electronics, one test on probability and statistic, one quiz on math logic, one quiz on information system. plus the information s…

the magic ends there

19 march 2011, that day was awesome! ss3 msia was daebak! the boys is so hot! my seat was the third row, so i was so close with them, especially kyu! kyu! kyu! he was standing right in front of me! so i become mesmerized by him and didn't notice the performance and the other boys for awhile! hy…

upside down

i hate when everything turns upside down at the most crucial moment.
sabar jelah.tiba-tiba kelas kor sampai tengah hari.wth?
macam mana nak sampai before 1.30. i promised aj that i'll be at kl sentral at 12pm

i dunno what excuse i'm making to get out early tomorrow
i feel sorry for the lect…

around today

i'm back at home now for the weekend. everyone is at home since it's school holiday. have curry for dinner, watch american idol with mum, amir and aqim. dad is out meeting his friend. still raining a little.

currently downloading we got married 'goguma couple' episode 41. been missi…

Attention: To people that are attending SS3

[NOTICE] Please keep the name of Malaysian ELFs! Credit from : MYSJ As the increasing number of the news about our boys suffered pain recently, and most of the time the peace-breaker is ELF, we are here to request every single Malaysian ELFs: Please protect our boys from the time th…


what makes you appear before my eyes
what always makes you keep appearing
if I lie down and closed my eyes
why does your face keeps appearing in my mind It doesn’t seem like a big deal then
to calm down my heart
you are not a passing feeling
that much is clear~ its love
must be love I’ve never felt t…

24 hour is not enough

i got a two new bestfriend.
mr.hectic busy life
miss assignments piled up

4/3- Fundamentals of Information System (DFD Diagram)
5/3- Nets Club Meeting
7/3- Object Oriented Programming Test 1
10/3- Fundamentals of Information System Test 1
11/3 till 13/3 - MRCS UiTM Module I Camping Ulu Bendul

love is never ugly

two more days to go wanna watch this!

friends is happiness ♥

life is too precious to be spent alone you need someone to share it with laughing together crying together  fighting together pull prank at each other
friends in our life could become a positive force around us they might be the other way around too either to be our angels or the devils so in this…

i'm stressed, sad and depressed. the sign

As usual, there are a few times in a year where i am being the-not-usual-me-but-still-myself. At times like this (just like today) i will talk less, write a lot (this explains why i post too much entries these days), and keep myself away from people from a moment. At times like this, i tend to…

✿ that woman ♥~

One woman loves you
That woman loves you with all her heart
Everyday like a shadow she follows you around
When that woman smiles she is crying on the inside

How much longer
Do I have to just look at you alone
This love like the wind
This worthless love
If I keep trying will it make you fall in love with me

i am going to start my day with these few sentences

I am Intelligent and can succeed in all that I wish
I will speak clearly, I will speak calmly,
I will focus only on the positive in all things around me today
I will not be shaken
I am Intelligent and can succeed in all that I wish

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