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day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event

my english class in tgb! lol, watching grease was fun ^^

merapu: money ohh money!

hooyeahhh, ini memang kes bosan tahap melampauuuuuu abaikan lukisan buruk tersebut ini namanya contengan tanpa fikiran hahahaha
p/s: click gambar untuk tumbesaran

day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere

supposedly, this song reminds me of pasir salak since it was released around that time but it reminds me more of tgb instead

day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone

yawww, actually lagu ni reminds me of more than someone

ugly betty the complete season

i love the series but i didn't get the chance to finish the last season until last week a bit disappointed at the ending because i wish it was more than that btw anyone wish to watch the complete season 1-4 subscribe to this channel ^^
p/s: teringat dulu-dulu main tag gambar watak d…

#dayten: ten final word

"don't judge me just because of what i love. start judging when you know me enough"
"just because i say it's fine, doesn't mean you can do it again"
" i never regret on my seven years of waiting and i can wait seven more years for someone i care for"

day 04 - a song that makes you sad

woahh woahhh ini punya ada sikit susah minah jiwang cam i ni mana nak cukup satu lagu je but biarlah i letak lagu yang tak pernah letak lagi
actually ada dua version untuk lagu ni ver 1 is by justin guarini and kelly clarkson (eng ver) ver 2 is by zhang liyin and xiah junsu (korean ver)
the original one …

#daynine: ten ways to win your heart

this one is kind of personal so i won't give direct answers because it's too hard to describe in words
but i'm giving one tip instead
the thing is as long as you are being truthful and sincere any girls would fall for you
and only the worthy man can make a girl's heart beat faster …

day 03 - a song that makes you happy

this one made me happy it reminds me of my childhood days with no worries
ahhhh..i wish i have doraemon stuffs to go back!

#dayeight: ten of my favourite songs

to list all of my favourite songs is impossible it'll take forever but i'll list the one that cross my mind as i wrote this!
btw, this is not in any particular order
a. it has to be you by super junior yesung

b. dealove by once

c. in my dream by super junior

d. pujaanku by melly goeslow

e. khus…

#dayseven: ten important people

i think this one is too easy i bet you guys can guess half of it i mean they are the stars of my heart right??
★ my parents (mom, dad)
★ my brothers (amir, aqim)
★ my other families  (grandfather,grandmother,aunts,uncle,cousins)
★ my bestfriend (yana, farahlina)
★ my "ehem ehem"
★ my nanny'…

day 02 - your least favorite song

it's not like i hate the singer  just the song

milky white skin kim heechul ^^

their craziness level, even i cannot reach it btw kim heechul still look damn hot in this mv kim heechul bias are sure drooling watching this even though i have no idea what they are doing apart from fooling around just CUTShow allE!

life's social guide: the generation gap and differences between people

assalamualaikum and hello!
i've been out of idea to write anything for days i mean, i keep playing the " ....days challenges instead" and because i know i won't be able to get consistent   i actually did use the auto-post function
okayy i have a new topic today well, it literal…

day 01 - your favorite song

daripada dok diam tak buat apa-apa..hehehe
actually, i don't really have specific fav song but after thinking this one has stuck with me for years!

#daysix: ten things i can't live without..well literally

actually this is one irrelevant post because no way i have only ten things that i love it's illogical! but well, just play the game :D okay, but i'm going to exclude things cheesy like my family, my best friend , my wallet etc  because of course everyone know that!
#one: my spectacles
for t…

30 days challenge: songs version

woot woot! i found another 30 days challenge games but i think this one is a lot easier! btw yg dulu punya version pun tak buat-buat lagi..haha nak buat caner ilham takde..ngeh ngeh

day 01 - your favorite song
day 02 - your least favorite song
day 03 - a song that makes you happy
day 04 - a song that makes…

#dayfive: ten wishes

this is one hard question. there are many things i wish to have. but this one is the one i wish to have in near future or wishes that i have been having as long as i can remember :D SPAO BagFuji Mini Instax 7Ipod TouchTrip to KoreaComplete Collection of Super Junior AlbumsGood University GradesLear…

#dayfour: ten things i want to say to someone

i think this goes the same to everyone:
i. i love you ii. i miss you iii. stop picking fight with me iv. i'm not that nice v. i do mind vi. it hurts when you say that vii. i'm tired of all this viii. look at me once a while ix. stop being so selfish x. stop ordering me around, i hate it

i can't figure out my dream and passion (part one)

first and foremost assalamualaikum and errmmm (check the clock) and good early morning :)
it's actually some kind of weird typing about my future in this kind of hour where people normally are sleeping. but i have been thinking no i had always been thinking like forever but the answer never finds me…

#daythree: ten things that i hate and many more

#flying cockroaches #pimples #examinations #nagging #rude people #my grades#feelings of insecurity #rempit  #haters  #politics  #backstabbers #crossing roads #flu #messy room #my weight #anonymous #ghosts stories #alarm clock #assignments #lizard 

and the thing that i hate most is
# falling in love…

#daytwo: ten things that i love

ten out of thousands things that i love in no particular order
♥ sitting and listening to the sound of the beach ♥  i barely went to the beach, but every time i did go, i'll cry especially during sunset
♥ singing in karaoke ♥ i don't know if this is because of the singers and actors blood in…

just for fun: aquarius facts

lol, i was tweeting when i feel like reading from the @zodiaczone i go to take a peek  and look what i've found 
 like to be involved in groups and organizations that make a difference in society.
 need to learn when to shut down as their brain can become overactive, especially…

#dayone: ten facts about me

opppss.. almost forgot about this well, i actually have done this "facts about me" thing but i have the time to waste today :P
warning: epic randomness
a. my bedroom  fact: i just repaint my bedroom after 10 years  fact: i choose a very childish colour , pink and green fact: my room is so mes…

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