July 31, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album! Official Comeback Schedule!!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

this is the super junior 5th album comeback schedule!!

i get it from my friend
but dont know the real owner
tell me if you are, i'll credit later ^^

dear potterhead: the pottermore fever

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps^^

actually i tengah dalam keadaan separuh sedar akibat berjaga semalam and tak tidur

sebab ini

i malas nak cerita panjang-panjang
tengok ler video tu sendiri

okay bai, nak sambung refreash pottermore
setiap dua saat

July 28, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album! Group Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

after all the individual teaser 
now it's turn for the group photo!

July 27, 2011

SM is trying to rob us Super Junior fans, the album info.

assalamualaikum and hello peeps
like i've warned before
i'll be spazzing for super junior comeback more than ever!

but today i found one news that particularly making me soo pissed off!

i mean, for the comeback, ten of the members are participating
and the latest news said that the version A of the 5th album will have 10 different cover!

Super Junior 5th Album - "Mr. Simple" Version A
Publisher:SM Entertainment
Release Date: 4th August 2011 (Korea)
Language: Korean
Disc Format(s): CD (1)
Album size: 30cm*30cm
Package Weight: 700 (g)
Photocards: 10 photocards
Others: There will have 10 different jackets image for the album 
Price (without shipping): 19,500 won ~ 20,000 won (RM54 ~ RM56)
Source: YesAsia, Synnara, Aladin, Leesmusic
Credit to ChocoFam.com

There will be ten different jacket for the album
And it will be one of the teaser picture

Since I don't really understand, there might be two possible case

Case One!!

My favourite is Kyuhyun, Heechul and Shindong
But since we have to buy it from reliable source, so we basically cant choose which jacket we want
But if i were to get Siwon's
I will be dead if mum or dad find out
I mean, he's wears so little!

Case Two!!

This one sounds a little better, I heard this from Kak Aten 
She said 

camni,cover tu mmg random tp kat blkg cover tu,die ltk lg 9 gmbr kat blkg..so,korg leh tukar la gmbr yg mula2 korg bli tu ngan pic bias korg..that's it~~sbb tu die bg 10 kping gmbr
So kalau betul, okay la

BUT since the size dah jadi 30cmx30cm and berat almost 800gram
Of course price dia pun akan naikkkkk!!

Damn, damn SME, you really are robbing us!
Btw there might be some misunderstanding and changes
So ELFs, wait for it!!

If you want to see the teaser, this is the link

Super Junior 5th Album! Heechul Official Teaser Picture!!

heechul's teaser picture is out!
omg! love it!

Super Junior 5th Album! Siwon Official Teaser Picture!!

omg, i like this one the least TT

i mean, like.. yeah, siwon did have the hottest abs in the group
but i don't need too much exposure!

it's the stylist, not the artist i'm blaming

2AM Seulong and JoKwon talks about Malaysian fans

haha, i was actually LOL-ing at myself
well, i never been to those showcase TT
no money maaa..

but i definitely can imagine it
i mean the way seulong and jokwon imitate
are epic!

well, you've got to agree, the malaysian tongue are quite flexible! 

wordless wednesday #ten : don't blog under the influence of love

or else everything will sound so melancholy

July 26, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album! Yesung Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

it's yesung turn!

the feeling when you're reading your past

i never thought reading back the stuffs that i wrote back on my days in boarding school could be such a joyful yet mixed with sad feelings? i never thought that my life at that time could be that interesting. i laugh at the way i wrote my feelings, the way i babble in that diary. 

the most importantly, seriously i sound so naive back then. i took everything seriously, i listened to every word and gesture made by everyone and felt it in my heart

i think i like my past self way better. so optimistic, energetic, cheerful, obedient, and strives hard to achieve what she want. i sound so alive.

i think deciding to write a diary on that year was a right decision

so right and i actually thanked to my fourteen years old self for deciding about that

i should start writing back.

July 25, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album! Ryeowook Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hey peeps^^

i'm late posting again
this time it's wookie :)

btw he looks adorable wearing glasses

is this some kind of joke?!

ohh wait, it's not april!
i almost died from a heart attack. wait, i already did. this is my ghost and i’ll haunt you down

hello there, you two-faced person. yes you!

cr: herochan

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

as usual, i think my brain works better at night
as much as i try to think of an idea for blogs during the day
i usually end up posting things at night
maybe i'm half vampire?
yeahh! go team edward! 
ohh but jacob is mine!

ohhh there i go talking about something else again

i stumbled upon this image on tumblr. aka my ultimate emotional stress reliever
when i saw this
physically all we can see is the transformation of marvel's superheroes
but inside, i saw something deeper
this art actually reflects human
us people

all of us does this all the time
being different with different people

i'm not saying that we are faking all the time
but it is a fact that we rarely show our true self in front of people
the best example is me.

well, i can't explain how different i am when i'm alone and when i'm with someone
but i give you my word, it's a 360 degrees change, well almost -__-"

in public, i literally can't stop talking
but personally, i really enjoy spending my time alone
doing my favourite stuffs without any disturbance
when i'm alone, i don't really care about the outside world very much
even my mobile phone is often being left till out of batteries
you can't reach me easily if i'm in a holiday
i literally shut down all the connections
except facebook and twitter of course
but i barely online too

truthfully i have loads of example to give
but i should let it ends here

so, my point is

we shouldn't judge people just by seeing one side of them

someone might act cheerful outside but there maybe a clump of sorrow in his/her heart
someone might look like a total geek, but there is a chance that he/she is quite a cool person
someone might have a personality of a bitch/jerk, but it might be because she/he doesn't really have confidence

we all wear a mask
where sometimes even among our closest circles of friends and family
can't figure us out

but you can't say that either of that is not your personality
it's still you, but in a different point of view
my opinion is
just don't overdo it

July 24, 2011

can you be happy and sad at the same time?

i hate that song
it's unbearable

i hate the fact that i hate that song
it's precious

i hate that the fact that i actually can't hate the song
it's complicated

i hate when i keep feeling down like this

oh my my..sobs

Secret Eiffel ♕ -Part II

Super Junior 5th Album! Sungmin Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamulaikum and hello peeps^^

today sm release one more teaser pic which is sungmin!
enjoy !!

Rebecca Black Release Second Single 'My Moment' After 'Friday' Downfall

kesian jugak dia ni
lagu friday screw her up
but serious, budak ni memang courageous!

tapikan, kalau dengar lyrics dia betul-betul
it's like her thought about all the haters and the previous incident

Amy Whinehouse passed away at the age of 27

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

ini latest news ni
korang tau tak amy whinehouse? 
ala penyanyi yang suka pakai eyeliner tebal tu?

amy whinehouse dikenali sebagai artis hollywood yang bermasalah
ala,korang pun tau kan?

tak mau cakap banyak-banyak

nak tahu lagi?

5 ways of breaking up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings.

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

nak tahu cara break up dengan girlfriend anda tanpa drama tangisan?

 enjoy this options and step by step guide :)

1. go to prison
2. fake time travel

3. prove you're related

4. convince her you never existed

5. get her to break up with you

do you guys actually believe it? haha, gotcha!

July 23, 2011

najwa latif - "cinta muka buku" offical video clip

korang tau kan pasal single 'cinta muka buku' from najwa latif
i kinda love the song

and this is the official mv
a little too 'ordinary'
but it's cute

bila eyeliner jadi comot disebabkan harry potter


assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

baru balik from klcc
bawak my little brother tengok harry potter and the deathly hallow part 2
siap yang 3D lagi sebab adik nak

haihh haihhh, tapi memang gonjeng betul menangis
habis hah eyeliner smudged

sumpah, even though that baca buku habis dulu
but still meleleh-leleh air mata

feeling dia rasa lain sikit banding tengok mana-mana movie lain

ohh ohh, dari darjah empat sampai umur dimana aku i sudah hampir boleh jadi pengundi
harry potter lah movie favourite 

part prof snape mati tu memang semua air mata, air hidung nak keluar
especially bila dia kata
"you have your mother eyes"

serious tak puas

so i decide, nak baca balik semua buku

p/s: the uncredited images, tak ingat amik mana

Super Junior 5th Album! Kyuhyun Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps^^

ohmaigod! kyuhyun teaser pic is out today!
and i'm so late to realize it since i went out for movies!


saya cair okay!

my fav so far. ohh, my be will be my fav of all!

Super Junior 5th Album! Shindong Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps^^
to all elf! this is day four for the teaser pic

shindong's picture has been released!

okay, i have to make this quick
need to go out!
tata guys ^^

annyeong! byeong~byeong ^^

July 22, 2011

the past that i miss, the present that i'm embracing and the future that i'm scared of

there are some bits of my past
that haunted me till today
there are a bunch of present
waiting for me to face
there are a loads of future
that i can't even find where

my past, it was a happy yet painful memories
my past, it was something i want to change yet refused to do if i have the chance

my present is a struggle that i can't keep up with
my present as much it brings me hope for future, it keeps making me looking back at past

my future as much as it seems , cloudy and dark yet the key of a happy ending
my future, as much as i look forward to it, i wish it would come slowly

Super Junior 5th Album! Leeteuk Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps^^
sorry tau tak dapat update banyak

sekarang tengah busy menonton cerita taiwan

okay, this is the third day of the teaser picture release
it's leeteuk now, the leader

when i saw this i was like..kyaaaa~~!

the hair is weird to me TT
btw still my angel teuk ^^

July 21, 2011

Giveaway Dari Korea @fasihah.com

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

nak join giveaway ni
asyik-asyik join GA je kan? haha

eventhough tak tau la apa giveaway nya
just nk try nasib je..muahaha

Super Junior 5th Album! Donghae Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

the second day of the teaser picture release
it's donghae's turn

seriously, i'm super curious about the album concept!

July 20, 2011

wordless wednesday #nine: happy anniversary guys ^^

Super Junior 5th Album! Eunhyuk Official Teaser Picture!!

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

ohhh ohhhh, firstly i nak mintak maaf kepada my follower yang non-kpop fans
starting now sampai lah bulan september nanti
akan banyak kpop-related post dalam blog ini!

sebab super junior is making their 5th album comeback!! hahaha!!

okay, ini official teaser picture for the 5th album

eunhyuk first!
nanti diorang akan release others satu-satu
diess! XD

omg, will i survive this again? hahaha

ayah bercerita: bila botol sos terbang

assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

sejak dua hari lepas, i dok memerah jus-jus otak memikirkan apa yang patut dirapu dalam blog ni
kalau korea je duaplohpatjam, boleh pengsan korang kan?
yelah, tak semua minat benda yang sama, so kena la variety kan penulisan kita kan??
bak kata bloggers yang pemes amous, penulisan yang menarik buat orang tertarik
bila orang tertarik blog kita jadi menarik

ahhh sudahhhh, merepek pula. abaikan dua baris ayat di atas.hehe

dok memikir tadi, baru nak tersedar bahawa diri ini taklah memiliki sense of humour yang tinggi
apatah lagi sebijik dslr mahal yang boleh diguna untuk menangkap gambar menarik untuk disumbat dalam blog sendiri

jadi, mehhh kita ikot trend orang sekarang, menciplak idea.huahua

okay, ini cerita 95% diciplak dari ayah saya dan 5% lagi adalah kemungkinan cerita tersebut telah diauta secara automatik dalam kepala otak penulis blog.


tajuk: bila botol sos terbang

aritu i ada cakap pasal 'my set of neneks" kan?

okay, kali ini nak cerita pasal arwah atuk saya pulak
macam i cakap, kitorang panggil atuk ---> atuk lodeh
okay, jangan tanya kenapa. tuan blog tak tahu

atuk lodeh ni bapak kepada ayah tuan blog
atuk ni seorang yang garang, sumpah takut
tapi seingat i, kitorang tak pernah kena marah pun

dipendekkan cerita, ayah i pernah bagitau kisah dia kena marah dengan atuk

dulu atuk ada bukak kedai makan dekat chow kit road
suatu hari, atuk cakap kat ayah

"man! hang pergi bali teh dalam tin susu dekat kedai mamak depan tu
"baik pak" ayah i jawab

ayah pun dengan yakinnya pergi kedai mamak and mintak
"macha, kasi teh dalam tin susu satu"

*i tak tahu apa jadi kat kedai mamak tu sebab ayah tak cerita*

dipendekkan kisahnya

ayah pun balik, then bagi kat atuk teh dalam tin tu
kononnya, dah accomplished lah task tu kan


"hang ni bengap ka?

dengan terkejutnya ayah cakap

"apa pasai pak?"

"aku suruh hang beli serbuk teh, yang hang pi beli ayaq teh buat apa? kan aku ada kedai minum, kalau nak minum teh baik aku buat sendiri"

ayah lagi lah terpinga-pinga
"biar betul beli serbuk teh dekat kedai mamak" kata ayah dalam hati

"man ingat bapak nak minum air teh kedai mamak"

*ohhh atuk i memang pantang kalau orang menjawab*


i tak ingat perbualan seterusnya, yang pasti mulalah pertengkaran hebat alaf tersebut
yelah, kalau ikut logikkan, apasal nak beli serbuk teh kat kedai mamak kan? dalam tin susu pulak tu!

tapi disebabkan ayah i telah menjawab, isu itu semakin membesarlah
*yelah, time tu ayah i muda remaja lagi, hormon tak stabil..hehe oppss!*

so, ayah i pun bengang ahh kan, sebab kena marah kat depan kedai
bila ayah i nak belah je
tetiba rasa ada benda lalu sipi je dekat telinga ayah (kiri ke kanan i tak ingat)
sekali tengok, mak aihhh! botol sos sudah pecah di depan mata
nasib baik tak kena kepala
tak pasal-pasal kena limaplohenam jahitan kat kepala kang

hahaha! bila kitorang dengar je cerita ayah camtu
apa lagi, gelak sakan lah

siyes, kelakar gila kalau korang dengar version ayah i
yang version i ni dah lack authenticity dah

haaa, garang kan arwah atuk i
kalau nak ikutkan, macam lagi garang hah dari pakcik sidek dalam komik anak-anak sidek tuu

tapikan, standard ahh orang zaman dulu-dulu garang
apa-apa pun, i still rindu kat atuk lodeh
*al fatihah*

p/s: cuba bayangkan kalau ada botol sos terbang tepi telinga korang, haha dah macam the matrix dah!

ahli baru kumpulan gula-gula! pakai tudung?!

assalamualikum and hello peeps ^^
ni video gula-gula buat persembahan kat MHI

ohhhh i tak mahu comment apa-apa
sebab kerana mulut nanti badan binasa

so i nak gelak je..muahahhahahaha

p/s: i tetap suka kumpulan elite jugak..haha

wordless wednesday #eight: jawapan?

if you read this entry

wordless wednesday #seven: there is no such thing as coincidence, just fate :)

mulakan hari anda dengan bersemangat!!

cr: toptumbles

assalamualaikum and hello peeps^^

semangat tak tajuk entri?
ohhh sebenarnya, ini auto publish
sebab tuan punya blog nak sambung tidur lepas subuh
*jangan tiru aksi ini*

bukan apa, semua orang pergi kerja
nanti i dok umah sorang-sorang
so bangun lah lambat sikit
*penanam anggur tak rasmi je boleh buat macam ini tau!*

yang nak kena pergi kerja or sekolah tu
haipp! segar-segarkan diri anda

okay! cara-cara nak segarkan diri pada waktu pagi versi anis ^^
*tiada kesahihan dalam list dibawah, hanya berdasarkan pengalaman semata..hehe*
1- bila bangun je, kasi rengang-regang sikit badan tu, tapi jangan patah-patahkan jari macam yang orang biasa buat tu! boleh osteoporosis tau!
2- mandi dan gosok gigi!*inipun nak kena ajar memang payahlah!heee~*
3- berwudhu' dan solat subuh! serious! segar dia lain macam sikit dari basuh muka yang biasa
4- sarapan pagi! ohh katakan tidak kepada nasi lemak, kalau boleh hujung minggu je makan nasi lemak, better makan cornflakes ke, roti ke, tak berat sangat, but kenyang.
okay! cukup! dah taktau nak tulis apa dah
till then, annyeong! byeong~byeong^^
selamat hari rabu :D

wordless wednesday #six: life and relationship

cr: sunblight

girl's story: permulaan cinta?

Pertama kali jumpa. Semacam je mamat sekor ni?
Lima jam kemudian, serious aku tak suka!
Beberapa hari selepas itu, kerek betul. Macamlah hensem sangat. Urghh
Lima minggu berlalu. Apa pasal dia asyik carik pasal dengan aku ni?
Dua bulan berkenalan. Haha, kelakar jugak mamat nih.
Tak lama kemudian. Haihh, kenapa tak nampak dia sejak dua menjak ni?
Seminggu selepas itu. Ehh, dia potong rambutlah.
Genap enam bulan. Baik betul dia, nampak je ganas.
Hari-hari berlalu. Apa pasal dia nampak comel je kebelakangan ni ehh?
Suatu hari. Aku rasa aku dah suka dia! Macam mana ni?!!

Haha~~ stereotype tak?


wordless wednesday #five: return of the superior

July 19, 2011

reality of facebook

tak gelak? sumpah korang bukan facebooker..haha
gurau jangan marah
senyum senyum ^^

dulu sekarang: rambut sama hitam

assalamualikum and hello peeps ^^
sekali lagi tuan blog sudah tak ada kerja lain
main lukis-lukis macam budak sekolah rendah...hehe

topik hari ini

zaman dulu: rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain

zaman sekarang: rambut tak sama hitam, hati lagi lain-lain?

ohhh biasa aja manusia sekarang ini donggg

kalau dulu, ada je dengki-dengki ni
apatah lagi sekarang
kiamat sudah dekat pak!

bila seharian tak update


assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

perasan tak blog ni tak update langsung semalam?

haha, i ada satu tabiat buruk 
kalau dah start tengok movie/drama/variety show
mulalah malas nak  update

and macam abg ben kata, kalau kita tak update blog
readers pun lari
alaaaa, janganlah lari *nanges sampai lap hingus**selekeh* :p

ok, nak sambung balik variety show baru yang i baru tengok
"kim yuna kiss and cry"

nanti i review malam sikit ..hehe

till then, annyeong byeong~byeong

July 17, 2011

saya perlukan bantuan: blog ni load cepat ke lembap nak mati?


hello guys ^^ 
ini adalah sticky post pertama disini..hehe
nak mintak tolong sikit.kalau ada yang nak tolong lah. nak tahu blog ni load laju or lembap

actually i dah try both on my broadband umobile and streamyx wifi
so far, acceptable lah

but nak sure kan lagi
sebab alang-alang tengah reconstruct blog ni
kalau lembap, boleh la buat apa-apa yang patut
btw, thanks much if you help!

dulu sekarang: kahwin

assalamualikum and hello peeps ^^

tadi tertengok citer p.ramlee 'bujang lapuk'
tetiba terfikir

kenapa dulu-dulu macam romantik ehh?
eventhough klassik sikit..hehe



GiveAway : "One Klik One Present by Lyssasecret

assalammualaikum and hello peeps^^

mari join giveaway lagi..hehe

kena tag empat orang blogger ni..hurmm

girlfriend? boyfriend? perlu ke?



assalamualaikum and hello peeps ^^

selamat menikmati malam hujung minggu anda sebab esok hari isnin. kesian korang yang kena pergi kerja and sekolah kan? actually tak kesian mana, sebab at least mata korang terbukak sikit tengok dunia luar, compare to me yang duaplohpatjam dok kat umah je. yelah, mau merayap nanti kena tegur pula.

anak dara mesti baik-baik dok rumah okay!

cr: leilockheart

entri ini bukannya entri untuk bagitau betapa bahagia nya hidup single or betapa sucks nya hidup seorang single.
entri ini lebih berbau-bau masam ehh soalan kepada anda semua.

perlu ke seorang single itu gelabah mencari seorang boyfriend/girlfriend semasa dia dalam state dimana status facebooknya bertulis
"mat bin sood...is single" or "minah jiwang...is single"
actually dah lama dah terfikir pasal benda ini
cuma rasa kalau publish entri macam ni, nanti kontroversi pulak *bajet ada orang baca lerr tuu*

okay, so mari jawab soalan saya yer
1. adakah anda rasa seorang yang single itu sucks and tak ada life?
2. adakah anda rasa seorang yang single itu sememangnya tak 'hot' takpun mesti perangai dia 'hampeh' sampai tak ada orang nak?
3. adakah anda rasa girl/boy yang tak pernah couple langsung dalam seumur hidup dia ada 'problem'?
4. adakah perlu 'desperate' mencari sekiranya kita memegang id card 'single'?
5. adakah anda rasa seorang yang tak pernah couple it bodoh pasal 'relationship'?
6. adakah anda rasa single yang 'jual mahal' itu bajet 'bagus'?
ohhh banyak lagi soalan nak ditanya tapi tak apalah

tapi bukankah lebih baik stay single dari end up macam ini?

and lastly
adakah anda rasa saya pelik sebab tanya soalan-soalan begini?
okay, till then, babai
annyeong ! byeong~byeong^^

bila blogger tak ada idea

assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

hari ini nak cerita pasal.....

hmmm, inilah yang i dok buat sekarang, pikir idea
bila cuti sem camni
mata tak terbuka sangat, dok memerap kat rumah je
maybe i should go out
till then babai ^^

July 16, 2011

saya ada empat nenek, korang ada ker??

assalamualaikum and hai peeps!

letih baru balik driving test tadi
result? hmm, panjang ceritanya, sekarang cam takde mood nak berceloteh
malam nanti kay? promise! 

tadi after balik test je
teringat yang my nenek angkat sakit
so nak pergi melawat dia

balik rumah terfikir, untungnya i ada empat orang nenek

meh ler berkenalan dengan nenek-nenek saya!

nenek satu! dan nenek dua!
ini arwah nenek belah ayah. nenek timah. klassik kan nama nenek kite.haha
nenek meninggal time i form three, exactly setahun selepas atuk belah ayah (suami nenek ler) meninggal
lepas nenek meninggal, rasa hilang sangat, sebab rapat sangat dengan nenek timah
nenek timah terer gila masak, paling best is that dia ni kira genius lah tang buat tapai
kau sebut lah tapai ubi ke, tapai pulut ke, sumpah marvellous
atuk lodeh (taktau kenapa gelaran camtu) and nenek timah ni memang hebatlah masak
sebab tulah ayah i pun masak sedapp kott (promote ayah sendiri..haha)
my atok lodeh and nenek belah ayah ada rumah ala-ala ranch gitu
siap ada lembu, kuda, ayam, itik, angsa, kau sebut je lah
ada seekor kuda tu nama dia 'ketumbit' sebab kat mata dia ada ketumbit
lepas atuk and nenek meninggal, semua lembu dah kena jual
sebab takde sape nak jaga lembu tu dah
tinggal si ketumbit je kat kampung tu, nasib baik my mak uteh ada tinggal sana
kalau nak cerita pasal family belah ayah ni, duaplohpatjam darab tiga pun tak cukup
sebab adik beradik ayah mak aiiii, ramai gila
bahagia betul arwah atuk and nenek muda-muda dulu
lupa nak cakap, arwah atuk saya dulu handsome tauu
sumpahh tak tipu
nenek dua pulak isteri kedua arwah atuk, kitorang panggil nenek ummi
nenek ummi pun dah meninggal tahun lepas
time tu i ada exam so tak dapat hadir time majlis pengkebumian. sedih tau, time atuk meniggal pun tak dapat balik sebab ada exam dekat mrsm dulu TT
dengan nenek ummi, i tak berapa rapat
tapi satu benda yang tak lupa is that nenek ummi ni kuat sangat melatah
time kecik-kecik tengok orang tua melatah, memang terkekek-kekek kitorang gelak
tapikann ingat balik sekarang rindu kat atuk and nenek timah and nenek ummi
p/s: kalau baca ni tolonglah sedekahkan al-fatihah dekat atuk and dua-dua nenek i tau
nenek tiga!
nenek yang seterusnya is nenek bedah, nenek ni my mama punya mak
nenek bedah ni misteri sikit, sebab kitorang taktahu siapa parents nenek
dengar cakap, nenek kena bawak lari from thailand masuk malaysia time dulu-dulu
since kampung i dekat area sempadan kedah-thailand logic lah kan
nenek kata, dia tak ingat sapa bawak dia
yang dia ingat ada orang bawak dia masuk hutan sambil bawak baldi yang ada pelita dalam tu
gila misteri kan nenek bedah ni? sampai sekarang maklong kitorang usaha nak cari relatives nenek dekat sana
but everytime ada klu, semua orang yang kitorang pergi jumpa macam tak mau bagitahu siapa parents nenek
entah-entah nenek ni anak raja thailand kott?
kalau anak raja, means nenek i puteri lah kan? so i pun puteri lah kan?
okay from now on call me princess anis..(ngeh ngeh berangan lebihh)
apa-apa pun, tak kisah lah nenek ni anak sapa, tapi nenek bedah ni tetap rocks
sebab dia punya ketupat daun palas memang marvellous
even semua orang tahu resepi nenek, tapi tak pernah jadi sebijik
inilah kott yang orang panggil air tangan
p/s: nenek bedah and atuk belah mak (atuk din) masih ada lagi, sihat dan gembira ^^
nenek empat!
nenek nombor empat lah yang i pergi melawat tadi
nenek jah ni orang negeri sembilan, kuala pilah
i suka dengar slang nogori nenek, comel 
tapi nenek sakit, cancer, mula-mula cancer rahim, now cancer tulang
family nenek tak mau bagitau nenek pasal cancer tulang tu
sebab tak mau dia sedih
nenek dah tua, jadi doctor refuse buat operation or chemotherapy
nenek jah ni bukan nenek betul i
she's just my babysitter tapi sangat baik dengan i
i siap ikut dia pergi jalan, balik kampunglah
even gambar time kecik-kecik dulu, lagi banyak gambar i kat rumah nenek jah dari rumah i sendiri
semua family dia dah macam uncle and auntie i
suami nenek, i called him atuk dah meniggal
i menangis teruk hari tu
agaknya tulah orang kata, flesh and blood bukan lah satu-satu faktor penguat hubungan antara manusia
tadi time i tengok nenek, she's very thin
dah tak boleh jalan dah
sedih sangat (oh, i'm starting to cry now)
antara semua nenek-nenek i
i paling rapat dengan nenek jah, i can tell her almost everything
harap-harap nenek dapat sihat semula and panjang umur
nenek cakap dia nak tengok i abis belajar and kahwin
so nenek mesti sihat TT
ok ok dah tak boleh tulis dah
so hope guys akan doakan nenek jah sihat balik ehh

okay, thanks baca. byebye

cita-cita? kenapa kita berubah?

assalamualaikum and hello peeps?

ada satu benda yang i terfikir tadi
tapi kan, kenapa hampir semua orang situasinya macam ni?
mana silapnya?

okay renung-renungkan! 
till then anyyeong! byeong~byeong!