December 20, 2011

kurang ajar

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

pernah tak jumpa orang kurang ajar? yang hangin satu badan kalau orang kurang ajar dengan dia tapi kurang ajar dia tak pernah nak sedar? yang kurang ajar tapi bagi alasan itu bukan kurang ajar tapi sinis?

tak kisah lah siapa anda. sila jangan kurang ajar and judge people in just a single glance.
kalau awak tak suka orang buat kat awak, kenapa awak buat kat orang lain?
don't berlagak over superior sedangkan diri dia pun dua kali lima.

ohh, maybe tuan blog kurang stabil emosinya sekarang. tambah-tambah lagi dengan test yang berlambak-lambak. so bila jumpa orang kurang ajar, memang emosi sedikit sebanyak terganggu

tak kira tua atau muda, sila hormati orang lain. jangan berlagak hebat tahap dewa. konon awak je betul. awak je mangsa. tapi tak pernah sedar, perangai sendiri pun tak betul mana

p/p/s: kalau anda rasa saya kurang ajar, mintak maaf. ini post universal. tak tunding jari pada sesiapa. tak rujuk sesiapa. ohh by the way, siapa makan cili dialah yang terasa pedasnya.

p/p/p/s: tak suka kek coklat sangat, tapi rasa macam nak makan kek coklat sekarang jugak.

p/p/p/p/s: tadi masak terlebih masin. is it the sign nak kawin? ahahahha.

December 16, 2011

[111216]Eunhyuk Donghae Music Bank Oppa + EunHae Oppa MV!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

due to recent event i strongly recommended those who's not into kpop to watch this. it's a fangirl thing ^^ hihi

the mv is out, later i'll edit and put up the music bank perf for you guys..hihi

December 15, 2011

a hectic end of semester

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

as i'm writing my laptop clock show precisely 4:51 am
and i'm not sleeping yet
i've been studying for test tomorrow
but what's worst is that
i don't understand a thing! aigoooo~

ohh i just list down my schedule until the last day of semester three
and it's a headache
so apart from tomorrow's test
so far, i have..

16 Dec - BEL Preparation Outline Submission Date
19 Dec - Test 2 on Object-Oriented Programming + Last Submission Date for Secret ELF Project
20 Dec - Due date for Java Game Project 
21 Dec - Test 2 on Network System and Admin
22 Dec - Test 2 on CISCO
23 Dec - Final Individual Presentation for BEL
4 Jan - Final Paper on Ethnic Relation
7 Jan - Final Paper on Network System and Admin
12 Jan - Final Paper on CISCO
18 Jan - Final Paper on Data Com
20 Jan - Final Paper on Object-Oriented Programming

~( -,,-")~

December 14, 2011

accusation and anger.

cr: elakamel

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D

we often heard, what is life without a little bit of suffering and challenges?
personally, i agree to this but there is one thing in this world that i would like to avoid the most.
which is 'fights'

and for me, the scariest fight in this world is fights between girls. yes girls = yeoja.
because we, this well known XX chromosome carrier, carries grudge like no other.
and that is why i say, girls fights are scary
and i , would love to avoid it as much as i could.

i mean, i rather have a fight with my brothers which OBVIOUSLY are boys
because once the fights end, we NEVER use the same lame excuses we have used in other fights

you know why males says that girls are a headache?
because they couldn't understand girls and i too, sometimes, don't understand girls
yes, there are also times, where i don't even understand myself.
ahahahah, that might sounds funny, but it's the truth.

girls are indeed a complex creation
how our mind works? 
i just can't explain it.
we're the most unstable, continuously changing creature ever.
and it's scary if you find how different we can act in front of different people.
and how extraordinary we can love someone.

now, you must wonder why am i praising and scolding my own gender at the same time?

because i was both angry and amused at my own species.

yesterday, was supposed to be a fine day
but it changed around noon
because i received one shocking text message of the biggest accusation i ever received in my whole life.
and it's not fair, because i couldn't even fight back
because if i do, it would make me look and sound as low and stupid 

what's funnier is, they think they're so great and innocent
they made it sounds like we are the one at fault and like their side has done nothing
and they make us look like the bullies
and they're the victim

i was so angry 
but i decided to calm down
because i'm not supposed to be involved in any of it
and it'll just be a headache 

thank god, i am not the type who'll do stupid things like that
i mean, that was so inelegant and stupid
and i'm embarrassed at the fact that i am involved, like it or not

if yesterday,i decided to follow my heart instead of my brain
it'll just damage my reputation
and thank god, i'm sane enough to not get involved

yes, we were accused and being made fun of
but because their words are just insignificant to me
i'll just let it go

and if people around me decided to believe those mere words
i'll take it as a sign that they don't deserve to be my friends
if they believe everything they say without knowing the real me
i'm not losing anything but unworthy people

i know what i do, i know who am i and i know people who know me
and losing some fakers won't do harm to my life

because you're just a passerby
you were given chance to get to know me
but you don't really stop
you just glance
so it's not completely my fault when you overlooked somethings.
so adios~~

p/s: and oh, i would love to not in any ways, crossed path with you again.

December 09, 2011

sabar je dengan kerenah pensyarah -__-''

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

tuan blog teramat lah penat today
i mean, i'm not even fully healed yet
with those flu and sore throat

but there's something even worst than that
today, we like, get our test paper
and as usual (?) the marks is not that awesome

it's frustrating but it wasn't the thing that annoy me most
actually it's because there is something called biasness in one of our class

i mean, that is way too much
i don't care if you want to give a little preferential treatment to your student
but couldn't you make it more obvious and make the whole class notice?
it pisses us off

i never seen any bigger gap in classes ever
this is just so stupid

December 08, 2011

i told you!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

ini sambungan entry tadi
since the case has worsen and dah jadi case police

what did i tell you guys?
i've said this many times before.
jangan touching sangat
jangan emotional sangat
because what did you get from this
cyber bullying

i told you guys not to threat and not to curse
i told you guys to speak nicely
i told you guys it is better to ignore
i even suggested everyone to do this

this things had been happening a lot
and you still mind?
i told you guys, there'll be nothing good that would come out from wars and fights.
aigoo~ this is embarrassing
not all kpop fans are acting like this
and yet everyone is to blamed and to be called 'stupid'

i don't really mind to those who call us stupid
because in some ways
some of us do make us look stupid
hey guys, just because someone doesn't like kyuhyun and say his singing suck (even though  i don't think so)
does that mean my life is over and i have to kill that person
i mean he is my bias, but that doesn't mean i have to go all stupid and totally not elegant
come one, even the boys would't like that

all in all, just

cr: fun3ral

December 07, 2011

wordless wednesday #thirteen: the best date

cr: akutira

kpop vs antis: the war

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

i'm still sick, but i really can't help myself not to post something after i saw one more kpop fans vs antis war.
( i decided not to post the link since it'll only worsen that)
well, as a kpop fans, i can't deny how angry i am to read those cruel and immature posts done by antis just because they don't like kpop. or to be exact. because they hate it.

personally, i do feel enraged and i do feel like cursing and fighting back. i mean, we mean no harm to anyone. we do stuffs we like and we never ask people around us to like it back. 

the question is why do they treat us like this?
if i answer this question in 'kpoppers' point of view, my answer would be something like
1- they're just trying to attract attention
2- they're just bored to death
3- they're the rebels
4- they have no life
since i too can get overly protective if i'm not thinking straight.
but if i'm answering it as a 'mature' adult. i think it's just a matter of personal preferences.
cliche answer? i know.

for me, i don't mind if someone say they don't like kpop
but what i always mind is, the way some of them did it
it's cruel, stupid and baseless

saying stuffs they don't even know if they're true or not, just judging from one or two videos they came across, for example:
1- they are so gay!
2- i hate their eyes!
3- their singing sucks!

most of kpop fans, would definitely get angry by those thoughtlessness.
and of course we'll start to get overprotective
it's a human nature guys. don't you get it?
human will protect stuffs or people that are important to them.

let me use football fans for example.
you guys would definitely support your favourite team.
and there will always be the super obsessive one. 
or else, there wouldn't be any before or after match fights if there are no overly obsessive fanatic fans right?
but! there are also obsessive fans but in comparison, a lot more mature and smart.
they didn't break the stadium chair, of burn the opponent team jersey or flag
they would't throw the firecrackers into the stadium
why? because they know that it isn't smart to do so

it's the same like kpop fans and also the antis

i won't deny that there are certain fans that went beyond the norm just to protect their idols
i also know that there are antis that would dare to say even more mean and hurtful stuffs

this kind of stuffs, wouldn't ever end. ever!
because differences between opinion is not something that could be easily overcome.

so, as a fellow kpop fan
i have some opinion here. and it's up to you to agree or not
like i said, difference in opinion is just normal.

for kpop fans
just ignore that. because there wouldn't be anything good, that would come out of it.
i mean, if you keep cursing back, and threatening them
it wouldn't make any differences between you and them
if you say they are stupid and immature
you shouldn't do the same exact thing
i'm not saying that you couldn't protect your idols and fandom
but let's do it in a more dignified way
because admit it, if one anti vs hundreds or maybe thousands of kpop fans
in the eyes of the other, we are the bullies

so let just stop cyber bullying
or at least, stop threatening and cursing
you can debate. it's the correct way of fighting.
because if you do it the correct way
even if we cannot get them to like kpop
maybe we could make them at least, ended up not hating it anymore

okay, that's all i think
i don't want to say more because i too don't want to act all superior
i didn't say i never do that before, maybe i did
but i don't do it now, anymore, ever.

p/s: this might be a little shocking, and someone might hate me for this, but i do find some of kpop fans a little too annoying. i'm sorry for saying this. but accept it guys, we're not that innocence either :D

p/p/s: whatever the antis said, i still think that people with monolids cute and sometimes sexy :P

okies, till next post! annyeong! byeong~byeong!!

December 06, 2011


dad's medical checkup was done
and thankfully, there is nothing bad or serious
he just need to take medicine
since his stomach is over producing gastric juice

i'm still a little sick with flu and cold
hope i'll be better tomorrow
been missing classes and i hate it

well, it's not like i like classes 
but i don't particularly hate it either
except for that one class..hiihhi

okay, i need to lie down
my headache is returning
till next post~ bye bye

cancel it!

remember what i wrote yesterday?
if you did
please ignore that
that maybe was a result of a pms

i thought of deleting the post
and i decided to keep it in draft mode or make it password protected
i think if i keep that posted in public
 that would make me look too laughable

so guys
i cancelled every single word.
 if you guys did read that
just delete it!
ignore it!
because i've cancelled that

okay that is all

p/s: i do sound pathetic yesterday but in reality, well, i still can live. 
p/p/s: to those people who commented on that, thank you, i love you.
 i have nothing to say since it's too embarrassing.

you're only allowed to think about this at this point and not beyond
....memory deleted....

I've Decided!

cr: eurytale

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

i don't feel very well yesterday
too much crying and stressing out maybe?
keep getting an on and off fever

so i've decided
in order to make myself happier
i would be a little more honest to myself
and to my family and friends

actually, i can't sleep tonight
well, i do have problem getting myself to sleep every night
but this time, it's a different case
i just can't stop myself from worrying

actually, my dad had been sick these past weeks
and he's going to have a check up tomorrow
i'm worried sick now
i hope nothing's bad will come out after the check up

i don't particularly said this in front of my everyday
since i'm the kind of person who couldn't say her feeling out loud
but the fact that their existence are important to me
it's undeniable

i want my mum and dad to be happy and healthy
i want them to grow old together
watch me and my brothers get married
i want them to have many grandchildren
and the most important is i want to send them to Mekah
 i want to pay back everything they've done for me

so they have to live a very long life
so i can give these things to them

urghh..isn't it funny?
we children never seems to show appreciation to our parents
but at times like this
it would make us think and reflect

i love you mama, i love you ayah
please be healthy
i have so many things i want to give you
so please leave a long and healthy life

December 04, 2011

it was mental, i felt like a mad girl

hello peeps!
i just got back from the MOA Live in KL
i have a LOT to say
but i'm freaking tired tonight
so maybe i'll update bout it tomorrow

but in short
"it was mental, i felt like a mad girl"
is the best statement for tonight

i;m going to have a sweet dream tonight
bye bye :D

December 03, 2011

It's Tomorrow

it's finally here
the third time meeting them in 2011
and meeting him too!

plus, i'll be meeting vic! and krystal!
and suzy!
ohh so happy!

maybe i'll be a little further away
but still!! i am so hyped!

and i can't sleep!
MOA Live in KL
i wish it's not going to rain tomorrow

goodnight peeps :D

December 01, 2011

t-ara lovey dovey teaser

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

i'm a bit sick today
so i stayed home
and i saw t-ara teaser on lovey dovey!!
it's the continuation of cry cry!

it's just awesome
and to wait 24 days for it
it's killing me TT