May 31, 2011

i'm hurt

either it's me acting like a child
or them being not fair again
what ever the reason is
the only one who cried is me

and yet i always forget how painful it feels everytime
and keep getting hurt

May 30, 2011

rage: caught in the middle

i don't understand?!
what is this fuss about??!

if you guys are kpop especially super junior fans
you will know the latest controversy now
in malaysia

if you guys went to the youth day super junior m free showcase
you will understand

i have nothing to say
nothing to condemn
if you guys are curious about it
go and find yourself
and read the story from both parties

i try to say better words to end this commotion
but the best is this
(i used this to comment an entry)

no matter what race, what nationality, where you from, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly. this include the artists. that's all i've got to say, because i love some artists from both country, i was there yesterday and yes that is because of super junior. maybe there are faults from everyone. just let this pass, reconcile, and try to be a better person who is worth to be loved by people. and hatred doesnt bring us anywhere but downfall. yes, i am an ELF but i am still a Malaysian. i went to all super junior's concert and showcase in Malysia, yet i still go to the karaoke box singing Malay's songs outloud. talk some sense into yourself and maybe we can find a way to forgive each other. to those who kept saying those unlucky words, you should just think back, who started the fire and who add the oil to the flame, find something wiser to do. those 1 malaysian slogan doesnt mean anything if people keep acting like this. in conclusion, "dengki" and "hasad" had always been the core reason of downfall, and that is why we have to control our "anger" and that's why there is a saying "kerana mulut badan binasa" that all i can say.hmmm"

you guys agree with me?

i feel very bad now
the way the talk about it
it's like
i'm committing treachery
caught between something i like and my people

if they are angry just control it


By the way, congratulations to Salma for winning the Mentor Show this season
Do your best in your career :D

May 24, 2011

inilah dinamakan kalau gelak banyak-banyak nanti akan menangis juga

hello peeps and assalamualaikum :'D

nampak tak icon smiley tu senyum dalam tangisan??
sekarang tengah sedih gila..sob sob
actually baru balik jalan-jalan from pavilion with my aunt
anak dara balik pukul 4 pagi??
haha. dont worry because i'm out under adult supervision
ehem ehem and jangan lupa that i'm 20

 means it's a legal age and show that i am an adult tu

sudah apa pulak aku merepek nihh

sebenarnya sekarang my perasaan adalah ibarat nak menangis tapi air mata tak keluar
biasa lah balik jalan-jalan of course lah nak online kejap kan?
check fb and blog, mana tau ada pakwe handsoome bagi comment ke
ecece---->>> konon je haha

tapi ke-happy-an i hari ni selepas dapat makan bibimbap seperti i cakap dalam previous entry
and kegembiraan tengok fast five dengan vin diesel yang tough but cute tu
and kegembiraan dapat makan char kuey teow yang sedap lagi lazat
every positive thing that happen today

telah di-negate-kan menjadi negative minus minus
when suddenly satu kejadian berlaku yang menyebabkan i sekarang dalam keadaan separuh gila
sebab when i balik and on my laptop
i swear i could listen to the sound of my heart breaking into pieces

sebab apa?
because skrin laptop kesayangan buah hati intan payung kesuma dewi itu telah retak
and when retak thats mean i tak boleh on lappy
so thats mean i tak boleh bukak laptop anymore
and that means i cannot online
and consequently i tak boleh check facebook and update blog for the mean time
and that means i have to go back home (because currently i'm at my aunt's)
find the laptop warranty card (which i have no idea when it's due)
which means i have to tell my mum and dad that i broke my laptop (literally)
because i'm not even sure when it's broken
and that will means i have to need money to repair it

seriously i don't know how can i survive without my laptop with me
omg, look what technology had turn me into

and now, even though my eyes can't even open anymore
but my head hurts like hell thinking how am i going to solve this
how much money does it need
how long it will take before the laptop got back to normal
how much scolding i'll receive once i tell mum and dad about this

and since i have never broke any of my stuff in my entire life
even though my laptop screen cracked and it's not my fault
i feel like crap now

i wish i can take this positively
but i don't think i can bear the scolding

btw do you guys know how much it usually is to repair a broken screen??
comment if you do
mine is ASUS 14' inch

seriously, i feel like cursing now
i need to calm my self
will update later, i don't know what my fate will be
but i'm sure it' won't going to be nice and pleasant experience

May 22, 2011


tak sabar tunggu esok
nak pergi makan bibimbap dengan cik n kat pavi
wahh wahhhh

p/s: kalau ada kimbap pun sedap gak

May 20, 2011

An Orphan, A Graduation, A Room and A Goose Girl

I know I shouldn't compile all my stories for a whole week in one entry. But, being too preoccupied in my newfound routine, I couldn't force myself to write an entry just for the sake of being an active blogger who posts more than one insignificant post a day without any meaning. I know I too did that occasionally. But, since I am trying to be a better writer, maybe I should skip all the nonsense post from now on. What ever it is, I still wish to write anything I prefer in my own blog. Not trying to be ignorant, but I feel comfortable posting anything I like.

An Orphan

I was raised by my parent, not lacking anything.So, sometimes I forgot to be thankful. It was a sudden decision when I decided to join a program after the examination. Hoping to raise my extra curricular activities points and to do some charity work, last Saturday, on the 14th of May which also happened to be my dad's birthday, I went to an orphanage house in Klang. It was my first time doing this kind of work. Even though I was hoping to join more, I just didn't get the chance. It was a fine morning, I was picked up by Farah since I was in Puchong which was near her house. We arrived at the promised gathering place around 7.30 but no one else had arrived yet. Everyone was supposed to be there by 8.00 but I only spotted a few person only at eight passed five. But, that wasn't entirely my concern since it's not on the punctuality of most of the students was my attention was with although I did became a bit bothered by it.

We arrived at the orphanage a few while later and the first thing I saw was a building. Decent enough to be one's home, but small to be these children house. There is a new build building which I found out later was to be the library. Maybe it was me who are being over concerned, at least this children gets enough foods and shelter and education. Everyone was assigned to have one child to be our temporary "adopted sister/brother".  At first, these kids were shy and didn't talk much. Mine was no different. But a little later, we can hear their laughter everyone. I learned that it was my "adopter sister" birthday too and that broke my heart. Since it was also dad's birthday, I felt a little bit more sympathetic on that girl. Her name was Eiffah. A bright and pretty child, she is twelve years old which also the same as my little brother's age. But, their maturity level was so different, since my little brother is the youngest one he was a little pampered by my parents. Eiffah was a good girl, I can see her maturity on how she acted and talked. 

It was a sad farewell. I did feel a little regret for not be able to give her anything as a token of appreciation and for a little reminder. I only had a chance to left her with my used perfume and a card made from my name tag paper and written words using a marker pen. I did left my phone number and address and I wish she would contact me somehow.

A Graduation

I came back from the orphanage and soon learned that my cousin's fiancรฉe was having her convocation day. So I rushed over to meet them. After some greetings and talking, the event was over and I found myself back at home in Baiduri again. Alone, since everyone has gone back for the holiday. But, I felt peace and contentment. Maybe, after the hectic and a little sentimental day, I need some time on my own to think. Even more after the graduation. When I see all the graduates, walking high and proud receiving their transcript, I wonder if I haven't tried and work hard enough on my studies. I promised myself to try a little harder in the coming semester.

A Room

I wrote down a "to-do-list" while was having my semester holiday which is going to be long until this September. It is because the government wanted to match overseas school holiday. So I guess, I am having my summer holiday now. In the list, I wrote down a few things and one of it was to redecorate my bedroom. I realized that  it's been a while since I have given some care to the room so I thought after getting a job, I might be able to spend a penny on that room. But, God loves me more. I found out that dad has already bought some paint to do some makeover on the house. When I asked what colour is for my room, he told me that it is pink. I don't know whether to be overjoyed or to feel depressed. I do like pink, but a wrong colour might turn the room into something worst. When I saw the colour, it was shocking. It was deep pink. A little too much for me. But, I was trying to be positive. I started to google around to find some inspiration when I suddenly remembered that I kind of adore the combination of pink and green. So there it is! I decided to have a pink-green coloured room. A little princessy for others but I found it cute. By the way, I might post some pictures after the redecorating job is done.

A Goose Girl

I decided to start reading more. Since I left high school, the numbers of books I read becomes lesser than it used to be. For a starter, I read this. "The Goose Girl". A tale about a princess. It was enjoyable. I love how the writer takes turn on making me think and guess while being angry and happy for the main character. It is worthy for a reading. One more thing, most of the books I read nowadays wasn't exactly a book. Mostly, I downloaded the ebook, or mobile ebook and read it on my laptop or on my phone. Reading using my phone was the most comfortable method since I can lay down while reading. You guys can read this version of "The Goose Girl" by downloading the ebook from this link. But, remember I do not own the book or the stories in anyway, just sharing something nice for all of you. Now off you go! Read and tell me how is it? Do you found the story as interesting as I do?

May 16, 2011

who says that you can't be cute, while singing with wrong lyrics?

too cute. i didn't even understand what he's trying to say
mumble. lol

berlambak! cikgu!

rasa macam dah beribu tahun si blogger buat hal
jadi macam sangap sangat nak update blog

ada macam-macam nak tulis but takde masa lagi 
maybe malam nnty

ok chiooow

and! selamat hari guru buat semua!
16 Mei is one date that we shouldn't forget

ok2..later then

p/s: tajuk entry ni memang lintangpukang..hehe

May 12, 2011

derhaka sungguh aku: sorry mama!

month of may
so many events that it made me so confused

and today is 12th of May!

it's Nurse Day!
i talked to mum this afternoon but i didn't wish her yet!
omo!! forget!!

and in two days, it will dad's birthday!
hmmm, what should i buy for him?


so again, a blog post dedicated to my wonderful mama

wishing you a "Happy Nurse Day!"

i don't know if your patients know this
but they better realize how wonderful my mum as a nurse
(even though she is a bit stricter at work :P)

p/s: some fact, nurse day date was set in commemoration of Florence Nightingale birthdate
p/p/s: i'm really not in the mood to google more about her, but she basically is a 'legend' in nursing and healthcare area :D
p/p/p/s: and her surname is kinda cool! Nightingale! sounds like a hero! 

my first time: beggar experience (i need your opinion)

assalamualaikum and good afternoon peeps^^
happy thursday!

okay, semua dah makan belum??
currently i'm at mcd (again) puchong, eating lunch and alone
huh, do i sound estatic? do i sound happy?
like "ohh-yeah-i'm-having-mcd-for-lunch-while-using-mcd's-free-wifi-service" happiness?

don't get jealous yet. because, actually, rather than enjoying my meal today i actually feels very tired
nope, tired sounds too normal, what i'm actually feeling is that i am so very extremely exhausted!
(notice how i have been using so, very and extremely altogether?)

why? because i feel like i have been running and shouting for like hours

it's a looong story and there is no way i can make it short
so since i have nothing to do now 
i am going to tell you guys everything 


i did say this before, my final exam is over
and i have nothing to do at all
so i decided to come to puchong yesterday(where i'm at now) to visits my aunts
since one of them has been nagging me for not coming since like last year?
(well, it's not last year actually, i'm exaggerating 
i am such a fillial niece right? ^,<

so, to come here, it's was such a long journey
i felt like i was travelling from kuala lumpur to perak instead of kl to puchong

since i am from shah alam, i have to take a bus from my rented apartment and went to seksyen 2 shah alam and wait for U80 Rapid Bus to take me to Pasar Seni/Central Market (CM)

i arrived at CM around 4.15 pm
and then i have to wait for U70 Rapid Bus to take me to Puchong
(such a long trip right?)

it's not that i haven't travel by bus to anywhere before
but, the yesterday's journey from KL to Puchong feels like a torture
the bus was so crowded but Alhamdulillah i was able to snatch a seat.hehehehe

i arrived at Puchong around 7pm 
and i went straight to my "Ibu" house
she is my mum's older sister

luckily, and actually shockingly
it was like we have some sort of telephatic ability :D
everyone came back home!
my cousin who was studying in Unisel Selangor also came back unannounced
last night was such a havoc!

we slept late, around 3.30 in the morning
everyone was sleeping like a cow
and my cousins almost slept in and going to miss work
but luckily she didn't

i amazingly woke up at around 10.30 am
then, i decided to go to my second aunt 's house which is around a few hundred meters away from my 
Ibu's house

and this is when the real pain begin (yes, i bolded the word "pain")

i have to walk to her house since there is no public transportation there
and nothing felt better when all the way to her house 
there wasn't a slightest gust of wind, and the weather was so hot

i felt much better when i entered her apartment gate with two nasi lemak in my hand
i bought them on my way to her house in case she haven't had her breakfast yet

ascending the lift to level seven, i literally was running towards her house
and when i arrive, since there is no bell to ring
i have to do it traditional way,

i called my aunt like... a hundreds thousands times

i thought she wasn't home
so i called her husband, my uncle (jonjon) who is currently at work
i didn't expect him to pick up the phone since he is working

i didn't give up yet
so i kept screaming, shouting, knocking and banging the door
still,nobody open it

it's weird because she is a full time domestic engineer (housewife lahhh! haha)
and she rarely go out anywhere

i started to get tired, thirsty, hungry and drenched in sweats
with one backpack on my back (which contain a laptop and my clothes)
 one sling bag and a plastic of nasi lemak in my hand
i feel worst than ever

i stopped to rest for awhile
sitting on the staircase, which is smelly and dirty and scary
i want to keep calling and knocking
but i started to feel like a public nuisance so i stopped

thinking a way out
i tried to call my mum , and just to add the pain, i phone was out of credit
thanks to maxis's call-me-back service
i was able to send some SOS message
my mum got my message and call me back..phewww
she send me some credit and i started to try calling my other aunts in case they knew where my cik yong is
and then i was tested again


such a perfect timing
so at that time, i was double thirsty, triple hungry, soaked in sweats and became unreachable 
still refused to go back to Ibu's house
 (which actually have no point at all because everyone is at work)

i went down to the apartment lobby and tried to ask around if there is any groceries or stall that sell drinks
and sadly, there isn't

i try my luck to walk further away (don't forget i still have those bags with me)
and thank god, i found a small ice-blended store
i bought not one, but two drinks

i decided to try my luck again
(i don't give up easily you know)
i went back to my aunt's apartment block
get on the lift to the seventh floor
and start knocking and banging the grill again
and still no answers

based on my aunts, she might be asleep
but i bet she's going out somewhere
because it doesn't makes sense at all
that she didn't hear me at no matter how hard it is to hear someone if she is in the bedroom

for god sake, i knocked for two hours!

i started to get miserable
i want to cry, i feels so sleepy

in the end, i decided to walk to the nearest mcd 
and here i am now typing this

so now, i am so confused
what do you guys think i should do?

a) took a bus,have a three hours long journey, and went beck to my house (my real house)
b) stay at mcd until 6pm and try to go back to her house again

ohhhh, i feels like a homeless beggar now
and yes, i'm charging my phone at mcd now
so sad! haha

May 11, 2011

Barbie List! I'm such a child^^

assalamualaikum and morning peeps^^

i did tell you guys that i'm going to post list of movies and dramas i've watch in my blog
let see how movie-maniac i am after i'm done listing.kekeke :D

by the way, this sounds childish for a starter but i don't really care

my first movie list is Barbie Movies 

So far out of 18 Barbie movies
I've watch almost all

The list of Barbie Movies i'm done with

1- Barbie as Rapunzel
2- Barbie in A Mermaid Tale
3- Barbie in a Christmas  Carol
4- Barbie and the Diamond Castle
5- Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterflies Friends
6- Barbie as The Island Princess
7- Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses
8- The Barbie Diaries
9- Barbie Fairytopia
10- Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia
11- Barbie of Swan Lake
12- Barbie in The Nutcracker
13- Barbie as the Princess and The Pauper
14- Barbie and The Magic Pegasus

So that's mean I just need to finish 4 more to finish my Barbie-thon

1- Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of The Rainbow
2- Barbie Presents Thumbelina
3- Barbie and The Three Musketeers
4- Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Everyone must says i'm such a child for watching Barbie's movies in her 20 years old of age
But, I won't stop being one just for that


May 10, 2011


as much i wanted to say it out loud
i will still remain a coward

May 09, 2011

movie marathon- episode entah ke berapa kalinya

assalamualaikaum :)
hello darlings ^^ and annyeonghaseyo peeps

dah nak dekat seminggu berlalu since paper final yang terakhir pada hari rabu lepas.
happy gila tau
berjalan-jalan and then lepak-lepak kat rumah

sekarang tengah misi movie marathon.
i rasa i nak list semua movie/variety show/cartoon yang dah tengok, boleh lah korang check out nanti
mana tau boleh jadi rujukan korang pulak kan :))
kalau rajin, boleh letak link sekali kan?hahahahha
tapi not today, maybe tomorrow?

okiess, byebye korang
tetiba terasa nak layan cerita hindustan hum saath saath hein pulak
hahaha chiowww :D

May 08, 2011

Bangun, Lihat Langit, Ingat Mama :)

assalamualaikum ! selamat pagi semua :)

sepatutnya, entri ni harus ditulis tepat jam 12 tengah malam tadi
tapi sebab tuan punya blog sudah tido dan tak sedar-sedar sampailah pukul 5 pagi tadi
kita postpone sampai sekarang :)

hari ini 8 may 2011
siapa tahu ini hari apa?

"hari ibu!!"

sekarang jam laptop pukul 6:54 kejap lagi nak telefon my mama

and cakap "selamat hari ibu mama! along sayang mama :)"

dulu-dulu time kecik-kecik ingat lagi
mama selalu cakap 

"hari ibu ni bukan satu hari je, tetiap hari kita kena treat mak kita macam cara kita treat diorang time hari ibu"

dulu tak paham lagi, dalam hati mesti cakap "apela mama merepek ni"

tapi dah besar sikit, akhirnya paham jugak
korang paham tak?

maksudnya, bukan semata-mata sebab hari ibu
baru nak buat perangai elok-elok segala bagai tu
tapi everyday, we must cherish our mother just like it was mother's day

but still, i don't want to be left out in this day
so again

"happy mother's day mama"
along sayang mama sangat-sangat. 
sorry kalau selalu buat mama risau, kalau ada nakal-nakal and buat mama pening kepala.

hmmmm..itu sahaja entri pagi-pagi ini

Jadi marilah kita wish mak kita selamat nari ibu

to mama: tak boleh nak bagi direct kiss sebab along takde kat rumah, so, ini flying kiss special from shah alam


p/s: selamat hari ibu juga to my auntiesss, ibu, ummi, maklong, etc :)

May 07, 2011

24:7 Lagi!! Same Step, Different Song, and The Miming Fails

Semalam ada update pasal "kpop" malaysia ni kan?

enjoy the next video. 
i just don't have anything more to say

yang paling sedih kalau korang baca the previous entry,
i did said that the videos
 from using lagu bonamana until this one
still the same step -___-"
means before their first stage
people dah bosan dengan choreo

kalau korang ni peminat kpop (the real one)
korang akan perasan yang choreo ni mcm mixup from steps bonamana and sorry sorry
some of shinee's snsd's and others groups step

derrrrr -______-"

p/s: actually ada jer yang decent looking one dalam group nihh, but it was ruined by one wrong step hurmmm

May 06, 2011

pernah dengar group budget kpop@keindahan-pop 24:7? jom tengok choreography nya! derrr

even though i tak sempat tengok video yang diorang guna lagu 
"bonamana" super junior tuhh

but this one is the one for their song -___-

what i could see in here is
some mix up of bonamana, sorry sorry and some others step from kpop groups mv(the real kpop group!)

Mischievious kings gathered and went to play :D

May 02, 2011

need a MOTIVATION to wrap up your finals?

this is exactly what i need for the last paper
a good motivation

they must be really happy to have elfs as their fans :D

i just don't know how to describe this
never thought that the bond between an idol and fans could be this deep
or is this is just purely over-obsessive?

whatever it is, how can you find fans who would buy a star for their idol?
the heechul's project was awesome already
and now, to everyone?

ELFs are just AWESOME
extremely, undeniably AMAZING

and realizing that, even the members appreciate us
the song they wrote in the 4th jib proves it :D

well, my heart still gets dokki dokki when i listen to this

Learning Languages: Selamat Pagi! Hello! Konichiwa! Ni Hao Ma! Annyeonghaseyo!

I had always think that language is the most enjoyable thing to learn. Maybe because I am a bit slow on subjects like Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry needs too much thinking, while Biology and History are subjects that I actually love but takes too much of my time for studying. 

Meanwhile, studying language never fails to keep me interested and I dare to say that I barely fell asleep in any language classes when I was in school.

"This girl is crazy!"

Most of my friends would say this to me every time I explained why I get very excited in language classes and tend to sleep in Mathematic's and Physic's classes. Even until now, in my university, I get very 'high' during classes like 'Management' or 'Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia' studies while during 'Statistic' and 'Math Logic' lectures, I will fell asleep.

Maybe my lack of interest in subjects that requires thinking explains my undoubted devotion towards language studies but I think there are more reasons to it .

I really think that learning about languages has a strong connection toward the culture itself. 
Taking Malay as example, even though I am a native-speakers of Malay language that doesn't really mean that I am good at it. When I was fourteen, I think that was the time when I think 'Bahasa Malaysia' classes was very exciting and enjoyable. It might partially because of my 'fierce' teacher at first but soon after that I started to look forward for her class every week. 

During that time, on weekly basis we will be given an assignment which usually involving presentation. Lots of presentations actually. Most of my friends will be whining about this because usually we need to sacrifice our money and good night sleep in order to prepare for a flawless presentation. I have no doubt that I whined too at that time. But mostly because it disturbed my sleeps. On the other hand, I actually begin to be quite fond of presentations, and up until now, I think presentations are the best activities to be done in class. 
*My classmates are going to kill me if they read this*

But what is the relation between presentations and language class cultural value? Actually, when we are learning the basic of any language, we will focus on grammar and word structures. But, it is different when we are already have a strong basic knowledge of it. Like in Malaysia, when I was in secondary school, we will learn deeper into the language, which is on literature and the best way to learn and understand the literature component of every subject or writing we are currently learning is through presentation.

This is where it relates to the culture itself. I still remember my 'Bahasa Malaysia' literature syllabus that has made quite an impression on me up until now. The tittle is 'Sehijau Warna Daun' if I am not mistaken. But, the overall content of that essay really made it easy to relates to Malaysian cultures.

Next one is a literature syllabus too but this one is for my English class. I still remember we have to learn one short novels each year but the one I love the most is 'The Phantom of The Opera'. Even though it's not the actual classic version of the book. But, I really love it. The book actually one of many reasons why I tend to read English historical romance book on top of other genres. The way they describe the Englishman society on those days were magnificent. The dances, the ballroom, the polite conversation, and most importantly the gentleman. I'm quite a romantic you know. 

But, my fondness towards learning language doesn't really stops there.

My addiction and obsession towards KPOP or Korean POP culture made me fell in love deeply with the language too. Many people might think that I turned out to like that language just because it relates with my favourite artist which is Super Junior. I bet if you guys actually read my blog, you will definitely know how obsessed I am towards them. But, for awhile, let's forget that I am a die hard fan of Super Junior.

Let's focus on the language itself. For Koreans people, the way they talk differ when they were with friends, or with someone older. The uses of formality are quite strict in their country. Addition of some prefixes for example '-yo' will differentiate your level of respect to the person you are talking to.

When I started to take interest in this language, I never realized how fast I would become addicted to it. Like Malay and English, it is really fun to start learning Korean. Even though I'm still in the early phase where I couldn't even read or write a word, but I actually proud to say that I manage to understand more than some basic words when I was listening to the conversation in those dramas I watched and even in some song lyrics.

As for the next semester in my university, we are going to be able to pick our third language studies course. So of course I wouldn't let this precious chance for me to learn Korean deeper passed by so easily. By all means, I am going to make sure that my name is listed in the student list for taking Korean as the third language. Maybe KPOP and Korean Drama started the sparks but I am really going to master the language as mush as I can. You can take my word on this.

And after that, I am going to aim for some Japanese, Mandarin, and French!
I hope during that time, I will have enough money and free time to attend language classes because I am quite sure it'll be around the time where I have start working . Whatever it is, I am not going to let my fondness towards language go to waste! For once, I want to learn something because I want it, not because of examinations because I have this feeling that I have been exam's slave since I was seven! Don't you think so too?