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i'm hurt

either it's me acting like a child or them being not fair again what ever the reason is the only one who cried is me
and yet i always forget how painful it feels everytime and keep getting hurt

rage: caught in the middle

i don't understand?! what is this fuss about??!
if you guys are kpop especially super junior fans you will know the latest controversy now here in malaysia
if you guys went to the youth day super junior m free showcase you will understand
i have nothing to say nothing to condemn if you guys ar…

inilah dinamakan kalau gelak banyak-banyak nanti akan menangis juga

hello peeps and assalamualaikum :'D
nampak tak icon smiley tu senyum dalam tangisan?? sekarang tengah sedih gila..sob sob actually baru balik jalan-jalan from pavilion with my aunt anak dara balik pukul 4 pagi?? haha. dont worry because i'm out under adult supervision ehem ehem and jangan …


tak sabar tunggu esok nak pergi makan bibimbap dengan cik n kat pavi wahh wahhhh seronoknya!!
p/s: kalau ada kimbap pun sedap gak

An Orphan, A Graduation, A Room and A Goose Girl

I know I shouldn't compile all my stories for a whole week in one entry. But, being too preoccupied in my newfound routine, I couldn't force myself to write an entry just for the sake of being an active blogger who posts more than one insignificant post a day without any meaning. I know I …

who says that you can't be cute, while singing with wrong lyrics?

too cute. i didn't even understand what he's trying to say mumble. lol

berlambak! cikgu!

rasa macam dah beribu tahun si blogger buat hal jadi macam sangap sangat nak update blog
ada macam-macam nak tulis but takde masa lagi  maybe malam nnty
ok chiooow
and! selamat hari guru buat semua! 16 Mei is one date that we shouldn't forget
ok2..later then
p/s: tajuk entry ni memang lintangp…

derhaka sungguh aku: sorry mama!

month of may so many events that it made me so confused
and today is 12th of May!

it's Nurse Day! i talked to mum this afternoon but i didn't wish her yet! omo!! forget!!
and in two days, it will dad's birthday!
hmmm, what should i buy for him?
so again, a blog post dedicated to my wonderful…

my first time: beggar experience (i need your opinion)

assalamualaikum and good afternoon peeps^^ happy thursday!
okay, semua dah makan belum?? currently i'm at mcd (again) puchong, eating lunch and alone huh, do i sound estatic? do i sound happy? like "ohh-yeah-i'm-having-mcd-for-lunch-while-using-mcd's-free-wifi-service" happiness?

Barbie List! I'm such a child^^

assalamualaikum and morning peeps^^
i did tell you guys that i'm going to post list of movies and dramas i've watch in my blog let see how movie-maniac i am after i'm done listing.kekeke :D
by the way, this sounds childish for a starter but i don't really care
my first movie …


as much i wanted to say it out loud i will still remain a coward

movie marathon- episode entah ke berapa kalinya

assalamualaikaum :) hello darlings ^^ and annyeonghaseyo peeps
dah nak dekat seminggu berlalu since paper final yang terakhir pada hari rabu lepas. happy gila tau berjalan-jalan and then lepak-lepak kat rumah

sekarang tengah misi movie marathon. i rasa i nak list semua movie/variety show/cartoon y…

Bangun, Lihat Langit, Ingat Mama :)

assalamualaikum ! selamat pagi semua :)
sepatutnya, entri ni harus ditulis tepat jam 12 tengah malam tadi tapi sebab tuan punya blog sudah tido dan tak sedar-sedar sampailah pukul 5 pagi tadi kita postpone sampai sekarang :)

hari ini 8 may 2011 siapa tahu ini hari apa?

"hari ibu!!"
sekarang jam …

24:7 Lagi!! Same Step, Different Song, and The Miming Fails

Semalam ada update pasal "kpop" malaysia ni kan?
enjoy the next video.  i just don't have anything more to say

yang paling sedih kalau korang baca the previous entry,
i did said that the videos
 from using lagu bonamana until this one still the same step -___-" means before thei…

pernah dengar group budget kpop@keindahan-pop 24:7? jom tengok choreography nya! derrr

even though i tak sempat tengok video yang diorang guna lagu  "bonamana" super junior tuhh
but this one is the one for their song -___-

what i could see in here is
some mix up of bonamana, sorry sorry and some others step from kpop groups mv(the real kpop group!)

Mischievious kings gathered and went to play :D

it's easy! just click the link!
Only the choosen one will get to enter ^^

Edit 2017: I have no idea what I wrote and I have no idea why its encrypted LOL

need a MOTIVATION to wrap up your finals?

this is exactly what i need for the last paper a good motivation

they must be really happy to have elfs as their fans :D

i just don't know how to describe this never thought that the bond between an idol and fans could be this deep or is this is just purely over-obsessive?
whatever it is, how can you find fans who would buy a star for their idol? the heechul's project was awesome already and now, to everyone? click…

Learning Languages: Selamat Pagi! Hello! Konichiwa! Ni Hao Ma! Annyeonghaseyo!

I had always think that language is the most enjoyable thing to learn. Maybe because I am a bit slow on subjects like Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry needs too much thinking, while Biology and History are subjects that I actually love but takes too much of my time for studying. 
Meanwhile, s…

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