December 31, 2014

A 2014 Thanks To!

 Hey guys :D

cr: marci1900

Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is the last few hours of the last day of the year! I mean, it seemed just yesterday when January 2014 came. And I guess it's time to reflect on 2014. As we all know, this year wasn't exactly a smooth sailing. We've been tested with a lot of tragedies and sadness.

Our MH370 plane unsolved mystery, the lost of MH17 flight, and even the currently still affecting us, one of the worst flood in history. Is it a sign to remind us to think of the more important things?

Personally for me, 2014 was a mix of both. There were some happy things, and there were also sadness. I finally graduated and had my first job, yet the lost of two important people in my life seems to have the biggest impact.

I just hope 2015 will give a glimmer of hope and more happiness.

As 2014 is already at the end, I decided to write something to thank some people I'm feeling really grateful to this year. And to these people, I hope our lovely encounters will continue in not just 2015, but in years to come.

1. My Parent

I'm not exactly the expressive type. I just can't say whats truly in my mind and heart straight through my mouth. But to my parent, I'm so thankful to them. I finally completed my degree, and all of those years of restless support from them were such a big motivation for me. I'm already out of word. See? But I love you mom and dad, till Jannah.

2. My Best Friends

source: creativemisha

We're not exactly the 'always together' type. But I know you guys will always be there whenever I need you. Thank you for the love and support, the laughter and the tears.

To Liyana, 2014 meant a decade of our friendship. I hope it'll turn to forever. My mom said you're more like a sister than a friend to me. And I agree with her. Thank you for everything you did for me in 2014. I know I receive more from you than you from me. Thanks for each honest thoughts and words. I'm looking forward for the years to come. Because you have long ago became my family.
To Sue, Qila and Ieka, you guys are my partners in crime and soul mates. We started as a group of people with same interest, but now I just can't imagine my life without you people anymore. You guys probably gave me the most laughter in 2014. Thanks for listening for my never ending rants and out of tune singing. I'm looking forward to more adventures to come. 
And one more thing I want to say to you guys, 사랑한다 친구야!!

3. Tammy and The Butterfly Project Community

cr: butterflyprojectmalaysia

I would like to really thank Tammy and her super amazing "The Butterfly Project" community! It had open up so many opportunities for me in the blogging world. You're someone I look up to Tammy! And I'm so happy that I get to meet so many amazing Butterflies up till today. Especially to Kak PuteriKak Ella, and Miriam. You guys are the best! Thank you for treating me so well and I'm looking forward to 2015 and meeting you guys again. I hope our community will grow more and become the best in this field. And I don't doubt it at all!

Well there are still a lot more people I would like to thank. But the one mentioned above are the people I most thankful for in 2014 and the people I really need to thank properly.

I met so many amazing people in 2014.
 Bloggers, new friends etc.
I'm so lucky despite all the ups and downs.
And I'm hoping for an amazing 2015.
Maybe my '2015's Thanks To' list will grow?
Well, we'll see ;D

Anyway, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

December 10, 2014

Top 10 Korean Songs On Rainy Days

cr image: emilybean via photopin

Hey guys ^^

It's been raining quite often these days. One of my favorite thing to do when it's raining is to listen to sad/melancholic songs, especially when it's pouring in the evening. Choosing Top 10 is not easy because I have tons of song I love to listen to. But these are almost always in the list, and most of them are OSTs in Korean drama. Here are my top 10 in no particular order;

1. Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior) - 7 Years of Love

2. Yesung (Super Junior) - It Has To Be You

3. Yesung (Super Junior) - Gray Paper

4. Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior) - Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleep

5. Lee Sun Hee - Fox Rain

6. Kiss - Because I'm A Girl
(This is probably the first Korean song that I remember the lyrics by heart.
It was very popular around the time I was 15. )

7. Super Junior - In My Dreams

8. Epik High - Happen Ending
(This one is totally recent, and I've been obsessing with these days)

9. Taeyeon (SNSD) - Missing Like Crazy

10. Jang Hey Jin, MC Sniper - Bad Person

I guess you could see my inclincation towards SJ members song. But believe me they are all good :D
And do please recommend me some good songs to hear on rainy days too! Language doesn't matter :)
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

My Top Favourite Websites

Hey guys!
Since our lives nowadays are deeply entangled in the world wide web ('www'), there for sure some sites that we usually visits on daily basis (or weekly at least) for reading. 
So I decided to compile some list of websites that I love to visit not jut for entertainment, but sometimes for light informational reading. While some of them are just to satisfy my daily fangirl craving. Hahaha
MakeUseOf: Favourite 'Geeky' Technology Site
This site is great! They make reading such technical stuffs easier with simple charts, pictures etc. And they also do huge gadgets giveaways on frequent basis. I like to read their informational charts that I won't usually thought of to Google for, but at the same time very useful info. Like this one about JPEG, GIF and PNG: When To Use Each Kind of Image. They also write articles like 'Gifts to Buy for Photographer' or a more technical stuff like 'Two Ways Your ISP Is Spying On You and How To Be Safe'

Hypable: Favourite 'Fan Info' Site
This is the site where I satisfy my fan girl love on non kpop related stuffs like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and etc. This site is very up to date on new highly anticipated movies or books. And it's no secret they really love Harry Potter, just seeing on all their Harry Potter articles even when the movie and books already ended a few years ago. And they made Harry Potter quizzes too! One of my favourite Harry Potter articles on the site is the '7 Harry Potter Theories We Wish Had Come True' article. And not to forget this fun 'How to Order a Butterbeer at Starbucks' article!

HelloGiggles: Favourite 'Girl' Site
I think this site targets female readers based on the articles they wrote. But hey no complains here because this is one of the site that I will visit almost on daily basis. They not only writes about movies, television series and books (like Hypable but more towards female approach from what I saw), but they also write articles for self reflects, motivational posts, and sometimes have guest post sharing about things like depression etc. For example this guest writing on 'Choosing to Recover From Eating Disorder is Where My Life Began'. There is also this article 'Why It's (More Than) Okay To Go It Alone'. A feminist site, and a good one ;D

ThoughtCatalog: Favourite 'Emotion and Relationship' Site

I don't know what to call this one but  'Emotion and Relationship' site. My favourites articles on this site are usually about self empowerment, relationship advice, and usually things that relates with me personally. One of their article '18 Struggles of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy and Introverted' describes my self so accurately, it has become on of my favourite article to read. I also like their articles like '5 Things You Actually Mean To Say When You Say 'I Can't''. I like it because it makes me think on my actions and thoughts,and change it for the better.

Uporthy: Favourite 'Viral Issue' Site
Things featured here always goes viral and they need to. This site features stories that matter, and things that we need to be concerned about. Just like their slogan 'Things That Matter. Pass 'Em On'. While some things they features are contradicting with my own belief, but I think it's a very informational site where many important things on humanity are shared. Articles like 'When He Says, 'I'm A Human Being' I Tear Up Too' is the kind of articles that would open our eyes on things that matter. And these kind of articles reminds us on how lucky we are compared to some others.

They're some more sites that I usually go to, but those listed above are the one that I like the most.
Any of you have recommendation to other amazing sites, feel free to share with me in comment below.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

December 03, 2014

I've Officially Graduated!

Hey guys ;D

Just a short update on my life, I can't write much since I'm in office.LOL
Last Sunday (November 30th) was my convocation day. 
To be honest I still can't believe it's officially over!
I finally graduated. *dance*

Now I'm a degree holder in... *drumrolls*

BSc Hons Data Communication and Networking

I'm still busy with work about two weeks before convocation day. So, I wasn't be able to shoot any 'pre-convo' pictures which is a regret. Anyhow, I was thankful that my parent, cousin, aunts and uncle came on the day so I feel a lot better about that. My bestfriend Yana even came early in the morning (7am) as she had a test on the afternoon so she wont be able to meet me when it's over in the afternoon. She drove all the way from Cheras to Shah Alam on early morning *sobbing* #touched

funny that the only picture where everyone is smiling fine, and i was making funny face

and here my beloved 'not so' little cousin ;D

with mom and dad, gosh suddenly i miss them

excited face
with my ibu (aunt)
excited face version 2
my beloved aunt cik yong! you make me happy always!
and my number one friend, thanks for the flowers , teddy and cute pillow, i love you!!

It was the pictures taken from my cousin's phone because my phone is completely broken *sigh*
Well, at least we had fun. 
My parent wanted to take a proper studio picture so we went outside of UiTM to find a photo studio. 
We first went to Plaza Alam Central and SACC Mall to find one but unfortunately we weren't able to find any. (and I was walking around in my robe with people staring at me, hahaha!)

 We finally found one studio in Section 7. After we took the pictures, we went back inside to return the robe and get my scroll.

 Ahh by the way, I was lucky this time as the parking building behind DATC hall is completed so there were a lot of extra parking space. 

super late lunch time

We ended the day eating HUGE 'Kari Kepala Ikan' at Kayu Nasi Kandar in Damansara.

That evening I even went out with my colleague for a karaoke session (haha). And needless to say, I was so exhausted that night I collapsed as soon as body touched the bed. 

But it was an amazing day.
And the most important thing is that I'm Officially UiTM Alumni.
I'm so relieved!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

November 24, 2014

Disaster with Samsung S3

My phone is acting up once again. *sobs*

"Boot Loop"

I thought I'd be meeting you only once, yet you've greeted me twice.
Now I lost all important photos in my phone. Only some managed to be saved.
Haihh, I seriously Android/Samsung can solve this.
Haven't been able to send them for reformat yet but being phone-less has peaks of its own.
At least I won't have to be guilty to not feel like attending the incoming Whatsapp groups messages all the time.
And I become aware of my surrounding more. Hahaha

But the downside, all materials for blogging is poof! GONE.. 

I procrastinate, lost all phone pictures, cannot blog anymore. Need to cut down the perfectionism.

This makes me wanna get an iPhone for my next phone.
But I read this before, and it made me contemplate again. LOL
And seriously I still like my S3 phone.
Seriously, boot-loop. Haihhhhh

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

November 19, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Selfie

 Hey guys!

cr: all images in this post are owned by ABC and Selfie

So I saw the trailer for ABC's new TV Series, 'Selfie' not long ago and it seemed fun so I decided to check out one episode. Now I'm totally in love with it (or to be exact, obsessed)! It's the perfect balance of a romantic comedy, with a bit of 'cynical' symbolism towards the social media. And hey, I know we all can totally relate with it! Who doesn't know Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? After Ugly Betty, I don't really have any shows that I really love, but now going to the seventh episode, I've totally found a new couple to ship! Henry and Eliza is just so cute *melts*

I just wish I have ABC channel at home so I don't have to wait to watch them online.

To tell about the series in short,

"The series follows the life of Eliza Dooley, a woman obsessed with the idea of achieving fame through the use of social media platforms, including Instagram where she posts selfies. She begins to worry that "friending" people online is not a substitute for real friendship, and she seeks help from Henry Higgs, a marketing image guru. The character names are a reference to Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins, the main characters of the 1912 George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalion, further popularized by the 1956 musical My Fair Lady."
-credit Wikipedia-

 I need something to do to feed my Selfie obsession. So I decided to write the 'Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Selfie' (in no particular order).

*warning: this post may contain spoilers*
(P/P/S: I blogged this before ABC announced that they're  cancelling Selfie, which sucks big time!!! Sobs, I just can't get over it yet. I hope than can cancel the cancellation although its too late now. They won't even show the remaining episode. I'm so sad!)

my new ship has sailed!

 1. Eliza Dooley is a Non Conventional Female Lead.

She's not the classic nice maiden in distress type. If you take her out and put her in any other shows, for example the Mean Girls, she'd actually fit in The Plastic clique perfectly. Those gorgeous red hair, long legs, up to date wardrobe, she's more of the 'bad girl' type in a glance. Well of course she's not mean or dumb, and deep inside she is a sweet person (not to mention her back story) but she definitely not in the 'usual' female lead category either. Her quirkiness is just awesome. And when Eliza meet the all stiff, conventional, old style Henry Higgs, the pairing are just loveable!

2. Because John Cho is Henry

One of the reason why I was curious about this show is the fact that lead is an Asian guy. Or to be exact, Korean *see my inclination there haha*. Well, that's not all. Asian guy as the male lead is rare in American TV Series (Or is he the first? I'm not sure about that though). Anyway, John Cho plays the perfect Henry Higgs to me. It's really hilarious to see the old fashion Henry who have no interest in social media and prefers the old way of conversation having to handle the 'attention-loving InstaFamous' Eliza. I like how their interaction makes Eliza to be more 'in the moment' and turn Henry to be a more fun and lively(?) guy.

3. The Social Media Reference

This is probably one of the reason why people can relate to this show.  For example, they made references on #hashtags and also shows how Facebook can ruin you bad if you use it the wrong way. I mean, who haven't stalk someone on Facebook (their exes for example), and mistakenly liked or tagged themselves in the status or pictures? Disaster right? I bet that's how Henry felt :D

4. Classic Romcom is a Yes

Well this says it all. I love the 'romcom' all the way!

5. Eliza's Twitter Account

They created an Eliza twitter account @The_Doolio so sometimes I feel like Eliza character is actually real. Haha! And they're funny just like this one:

(the tweet was a reference to one of the episode)

Even though the show has already been cancelled.
 I just want to document this show on my blog, I just really love it! 
I don't usually follows American series diligently.
I guess I'll tend my broken heart by re-watching the aired episodes over and over and over again. I hope they can tie up the plot holes and at least make a proper ending. And maybe I'll buy the DVD if they release it. For now, I don't think I'll be watching any new shows. They always cancel the show that I like.

EDIT 25/11/204:
They're taking the remaining episode to Hulu! Well, although I can view it since Malaysia is outside of region, but heyy! There'll definitely be a boxset out soon since they'll be airing remaining episode :D!!

October 29, 2014

Mistreatment of KL Sentral LRT Putra Service

As far as I know, I'm not usually a fussy customer.
 I could say that I'm quite patient even when the service at a restaurant is slow. I don't usually complains when food is served late. As a matter of fact, with just a simple sincere apologize, I'll be satisfied.

But today when I was on my way back home from the office, something happened that offend me so much, I can't help myself but to share it here. 

My workplace is located near KL Sentral thus I usually commute back from work taking the LRT Putra. Most of the time, I would be using my Touch N Go card to pay but today my card ran out of balance. So I decided to buy a token instead.

The charge from KL Sentral to the station near my home is RM2.10. After purchasing from the token vending machine, I walked towards the entrance with my colleague.

As I touched the token on the scanning machine, it accidentally slipped from my hand and fell onto the floor. Quickly I crouched down to grab it but when I stood back up the gate is already closed again. I tried to touch the token again but it says 'invalid token' since I already touched it once.

My friend told me to go to the counter and ask for the people on duty to help. Therefore, I went to the counter unassumingly because hey why should I right? 

When I arrived there, I explained my problem to the 'ticketing officer'. And down below are how the conversation went in overall;

Me: Excuse me, I accidentally dropped this token after touching it on the scanning machine. Now it says 'Invalid Token'. What should I do? *with smile on my face*

The 'ticket officer' who was 'entertaining' me was a male, probably in late 40s 
*well, he looks that old to me*
 He took the token from me, but what was to follow really made me feel taken aback so much.

Ticket 'Officer': Slipped? How much do you think the token weigh? *in cynical voice*

At first I thought he was joking around so I replied him with nothing but a smile.
 But oh I was wrong! He then continued;

Ticket 'Officer': How heavy it is? 5kg? Hmm, I guess it's so heavy that's why it slipped out of your hand *again in his cynical voice*

At that moment I realized that he wasn't joking. 
His tone was more like insulting. But considering his older age, I decided to let it go and again I smiled.

Ticket 'Officer': I guess this what people who keep playing around always ends up doing.

Well to be specific, his exact sentence was
 "Itulah asyik suka-suka je, cuba jangan nak main-main sangat. Tak payah nak suka-suka sangat, tak adalah benda macam ni jadi"
*please mind that his tone was becoming even more rude*

 I tried to explain how I didn't play around at all. The token just accidentally slipped off my hand. 
Seriously, I was on my way back home with a heavy laptop bag on my back and a handbag full of stuffs too. I don't have time to joke around LRT entrance gate.

But well, even with my explanation he kept being cynical. To be honest I can't remember all the things he said, because well I was already furious at that point.
And did I tell you I felt like crying too? 
I kept suppressing my anger that my eyes was almost brimming with tears.
That's how ashamed and offended I felt.

He kept talking how I should take things seriously.
 He made it sounds like dropping a token seems like such a huge sin.

Well, at that time I just can't smile anymore. 
I'm pretty sure he saw my sour expression. 
But well, I guess he didn't care because he kept being cynical.

At that point, I can't even looked up anymore.
 I felt like if I look at him in the eyes, I'll either end up saying something rude or just burst up crying in public.

I even considered rudely walking away and just buy another token. 
I rather spend another RM2.10 than dealing with such embarrassement.
But again, I made myself wait since he was an elder and also because walking away is just as rude.
All I had in mind was to keep my composure as an adult there

All I had in my head is I need to file a complain.

He finally hand me the token back and told me to try getting in again. But I was too furious to say anything anymore at that point. I took the token and walked away

You might be wondering why I feel so offended
. But I have the right to.

 I've been using LRT PUTRA line ever since they first launched it. I remembered during the first launching and my dad took me and my brothers to experience their free ride ( I was probably in primary school at that time). Even after years, I rather take LRT than driving the car. Most of the time, they provide excellent service and the train are always clean. Even with crowd, the train ride were almost always not unpleasant.

I guess that's why today experience hit me hard. I wasn't expecting such humiliation.
I'm not stereotyping all RapidKL workers. There are a lot of excellent one. It's such a shame that with just a few of badly mannered workers, a good company credibility can be shattered in just a day.
*and let's not get started on some of RapidKL bus drivers*

Another reason, that is no way a person in Customer Service should be acting.
I am your customer, and you are the representative of the service. 
Even with issues that is caused by the customer's mistake, as a service provider they should take us in the highest regards. They can't argue with customer like that. 

I was not destroying any of RapidKL properties nor I was trying to commit fraud.

My friend who was coming home with me today told me she did experience something similar too. She accidentally bought the wrong destination ticket before. Therefore she seek help from the counter. She was willing to pay the remaining charge. But the person in charge kept giving her a sharp look, no smile and again talking sarcastic tone.

I wonder how many of us have experienced this kind of things?
I'm pretty confidence there are a lot.

Is this how poor you serve you customer?

I just wan't to tell that I am not okay with the treatment I received today.
My feeling was hurt, and even until now I can't stop thing how wronged I feel.

I just can't let this one go.

Please service provider, make sure the people who work in Customer Service for your company has common sense to not do something like this. It's downright unprofessional.

 I guess I won't be forgetting '8.59, 29th October 2014, KL Sentral LRT Putra' anytime soon

RapidKL management, I hope this attitude issue of some workers will be solved soon.

October 23, 2014

Goodbye Grandpa

It's a gloomy week for me. 
I just lost my maternal grandfather last Sunday, and to be honest the truth hasn't exactly fully sink in. 
I don't feel like writing so much either. Just to inform everyone about this.
 This sudden lost made me think of a few things seriously. I might go on a hiatus for awhile.
 I don't know for how long, not very sure. 
It might be just a week, it might be longer.
I need to sort out a few things about my life.
 My convocation is about one month away.
 I'm half excited, at the same time partly don't want to care about it. 
I'm too numb to care. 
I lost two people that I hold dear to me this year, it's been hard.
Al-Fatihah to my grandpa.
 I'll miss you Atuk :'(

October 09, 2014

What I Learned From My Years of Being a KPOP Fangirl

Ultimate biase, Cho Kyuhyun
cr pic: y-kyuhyun

I think I've found my writing muse once again. These days ideas kept popping out! Anyways, I actually thought about this post as I was 'fangirl-ing' over Super Junior comeback . Oh by the way I'll spell fan girl as 'fangirl' through out the post because it feels weird when i put space between it. Haha. And oh, these things does apply to fanboys too but I'll just write it basing on my fangirl experience.

Well, over and over again I find being a fangirl is mentally, physically, and also monetarily exhausting. And despite years of practice, a number of comebacks, I still can't fully adjust to it. I kept learning new things, experiencing new excitement as well as setback. And most importantly, as I age on, the experience and feelings varies.

And below are some of the things I've learned over the course of seven years (or probably more) of being a KPOP fangirl.

1. Types of Fangirl

In my high and low of being a fangirl, I have learned to not just group a fangirl as just 'fangirl'.
They're so many types of them. There are fangirls who you could say a bit obsessive and act like 'their-oppas-are-always-right'. Usually from my experience, these fans are the newbie one. Therefore if you see someone commenting badly about a certain group on for example; Youtube, the fangirls who would react most negatively are mostly the new one (most probably those who are just 1-2 years into KPOP or the group itself). Most fights with non KPOP fans usually got bad because they just can't ignore the hate comments and react negatively. Since they can't just stand back seeing their oppas got criticize. 

 Meanwhile, the more mature and experienced fangirls; usually those who had been following the groups for more than three years tend to be more relaxed, laid back, and not easily swayed by hates comments. They usually will just be the middle man to calm down fights, and usually the most consistent in being a fan. Because yes, as easy a group can gain new fans, it's very easy to lose them too since rookies group nowadays are just too many. Being a more experienced fan has it merits too. Surprisingly, a fan community is not that large, and after a few years of being a fangirl, you will definitely find your own circles to spazz with. You'll even get to know fangirls from the same fandom from other countries too.

2. 'Fangirl' Terms

There are a few must know fangirls term that not necessarily be in Korean that you should know so that at least when you heard them you won't feel as clueless as I was at first.

Spazzing in dictionary means to flip out without reason (in negative manner), which is funny because we fangirl actually use the word 'spazzing' to refer to the moment when we went all out gossiping about our favourite group with our fellow fangirls circle. You see our 'spazzing' and the original meaning are two different things, because we flip out excitedly! 

 Comeback is probably the most awaited word for any KPOP fangirl. Comeback happens when your favourite group release a new album and going to perform them on Korean weekly music show. If we're to compare it to Malaysia, 'TV3's Muzik Muzik' is probably the closest thing. During comeback, and along the promotion time, we fans will start voting to make sure our favorite group win. Weekly chart doesn't only be based on online voting, but also overall physical album sales and overall digital sale.

Selca is another word for selfie. The difference is, KPOP fangirls rarely use the term selfie but use selca instead. Selca or self camera are just the same thing but since Korean use that term so we tend to use them as well. Thats why sometimes my non KPOP fans friends will raise their eyebrows when I said selca instead of selfie.

3. Haters Are Everywhere, Literally

The hardest part of being a KPOP fangirl is probably the stigma that has been thrown towards us by some people. In fact, there were times that I wanted to hide it because some people made me feel like I'm liking something so bad, like drugs or alcohol. But I've learned my way to shake them off. People are hard to please, and I now know that people who don't respect me, I shouldn't give them even a minute of my life.

4. Basic Korean is a Plus
We need them to understand the songs, the shows, the dramas, the tweets and even Instagram status. Or to be honest, over the years you'll actually learn them almost automatically. This is one of the merits of being a fangirl. I've actually learned so much about Korean language and cultures just through being fangirl. At least even if I were to be lost alone in the middle of soul, I'll have some basic knowledge about reading the sign post, or even to ask for help. I might not be able to understand complex sentence, but all I need to understand about 70% of the words and I'll be able to roughly guess them before any translation is out.
 5. You'll Form Unexpected Friendship and Bonds

This is probably one of the best thing I've gained from being a fangirl. I've found people whom I can't even imagine them to not be a part of my life in the future. We've cried and we've laughed together. In the most bizarre and hilarious way, we've experienced things we won't even encountered in our daily life. Planning our Korea trip together, went to Karaoke and sang KPOP songs for a straight 3 hours or probably more, queuing up all night to get the best ticket seat, counting days before our favourite group comeback; so many wonderful things like this make our friendship something unconventional yet very strong. And now, we shares everything, even things that's not related to KPOP. Our pain, our sadness, our problems. And the best part of them, sometimes we do all of that even when we're literally thousands kilometers away from each other, because we live in different part of the world.

Well those above are the things I've learned over the course of the years, and I'm pretty sure I'll learn even more. And one thing for sure, something can turn beneficial or bad for you depends on how you do it. And thankfully, I think I've found the good ways of doing it.

P/S: My Super Junior Mamacita Album is now in Malaysia but I haven't got the chance to go and get them from my friend. Will do unboxing post soon!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

October 07, 2014

Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion :Week 2

Hey guys :)

I'm back for my week 2 testimonial of Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion!

You can check out my review and first impression on this product HERE

What I like about this products after 2 weeks usage:
1. I love the smell!
2. I love how it's not sticky on the skin
3. Even after 2 weeks, there are still a lot of product left so it's really worth the money

The only thing I don't like about this product is that it's has a very tight cap. I don't know if this happen only to my bottle, but I always have hard time opening them.


But to be honest I still love the product in overall.
There is a huge difference to my makeup if I apply them before foundation. My makeup somehow stays longer and smoother too. This product have a considerably good moisturizing properties.
If you notice, my complexion is better, and looks pinkish after usage. And my dry skin problem has almost gone now.

Oh yeah, I store them in the refrigerator for extra cooling effect, and I love that very much!

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion
Price: RM160
Content: 210ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types, Dry/Dye Hair

Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

September 30, 2014

Review: Seri Emas Facial Soap Savon Visage-Tonique (Resdung Formulation)

Hey guys,

Brand Ambassador: Raisyyah Rania Yeap / Felixia Yeap
cr: Seri Emas Facebook Page

I would like to share my review on the Seri Emas Facial Soap that was sent to me by Seri Emas International not long ago.

This soap contains 'Pomegranate Extract Formula' and is specially formulated for people who has been having 'Resdung' symptoms.

front design
red soap bar

I like the simple yet elegant design on the packaging box.
 The special thing about this soap is that it is completely handmade to ensure the quality of the product. I was informed that before being marketed, the founder has been using the formulation for ten years and decided to share the amazing results with others.

- 50 % Honey
- Pomegranate Extract
- Mimusops Elengi (Bunga Tanjung)

- Cinnamon
- Coconut Oil
- Palm Oil
- Steric Acid (Palm)
-  Turmeric
- Other selected herbs etc

The handmade soap takes 2 weeks to completely solidify as they don't want to use quick method using chemicals, and want to stay chemical free. 

It's Halal and also a product of Bumiputera Company.

cr: Seri Emas Facebook Page

I've been using this soap for a week, and find that it doesn't dries up my skin. The soap itself has a medicated scent but it doesn't bother me that much. There is a tingling feeling the first two days I started trying this (which is a good sign!). As for my 'Resdung' symptoms, I haven't been getting them for awhile so I can't give my opinion on that. But you can check out their customers testimonial HERE.
Suitable for Oily, Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin
Proven to relieve 'nasal discomfort' symptom
Reduce acne scar marks

Usage Instruction:
Lather facial bar using hads
Apply soap to face in circular motion
Rinse thoroughly
The result can be seen as early as 1 week with continuing usage day and night.

And oh! I have a good news. My readers can redeem a sample of this soap by filling the form here ( . And if you're interested to buy the product, just SMS 'BB60' to 0132298329.

 Product Info:
Seri Emas Facial Soap Savon Visage-Tonique 

Price: RM60(WM)/RM65(EM) inluding postage
Content: 210ml
Suitable For: Normal/Oily/Acne Prone/Sensitive Skin
Weight: 40g

Facebook: seri emas

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

September 26, 2014

Of Rodents, Coacroaches and Me

Hey peeps,

Last night the bathroom light was broken so I was showering in the dark after I got back from office.
It was about 1 am in the morning. Suddenly I remembered about how sometimes the cockroaches tend to roam around at night especially near the bathroom. In the middle of the shower I broke into cold sweat and kept praying that there will be no cockroaches around, especially the flying kind.

To be honest, rather than being 'terrifyingly scary', to be honest they're more like 'terrifyingly disgusting'. I just can't stand their hovering 'antennas', well the thought of them makes me shudder right now.

I remember the one time a flying cockroach flown towards me and I started running around alone in the house since no one was there to get it off my sight. It was such a bad memory I wondered how I survived that. I don't remember much about it now.

depiction of me trying to run away from the cockroaches.
yes, that almost unidentified object is me flailing around like mad. i know, bad drawing.

The funny thing is, every time there is a cockroach now, I'll went running like mad.
Or if I'm in an enclosed space where running is not possible, I'll just snoop away from it.
Not that it can't sense me right? I just feel less scared like that. Haha.

Speaking of cockroach, I can't stand rats too. But at least not as bad as I hate the flying cockroach.
When I was little, probably around 6-7 years old, I remembered going to the toilet at night, and when I was doing the 'deed' a rat suddenly ran out of the hole and step on my feet.

Now, every time I go to toilet I'll always check the toilet hole first.
 And oh, I check the waterway hole too.
That's another phobia of mine.

I watched the thriller movie 'IT' when I was little and there was a creepy scene involving the bathroom, and it haunts me up until today.

Hmm, I wonder if that's why I hate clowns so much
I'm sorry for biased feeling but really, the movie affect me a lot.

Anyhow, I just felt like ranting about the cockroaches.
I saw one in the office bathroom today.
Sometimes I think I might be some kind of cockroach magnet.
How can I encounter so many of them while others doesn't as much.
Hah, just my luck.

So anyone in team Hate Cockroaches like me?

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

September 24, 2014

Should've Said No

I learned something today.
Well, not today actually, I noticed long time ago but today I feel so strongly about it.

I need to know when to say 'No'

Or I'll be the one suffering.

I'm so afraid to hurt others.
To make others feel awkward.
 I should sometimes learn to treasure myself first.

And that's is the lesson of the day people.

Till next post, hwaiting~!

September 22, 2014

10-Step Korean Skincare ft Muse by Watsons

Hello guys :)

These days, one of the hottest beauty trend is about how to achieve fair and glowing skin like the Korean celebrities. Being a such fan in the Hallyu wave, I too have been paying attention on Korean makeup trends and also skincare regimen routine. The well-known one which usually been mentioned is about how important sunscreen is (not just when playing outside or when going to the beach).

But there are more than that to achieve those glowing, fair baby skin like them! I was lucky to be invited by The Butterfly Project♥ to attend a private blogger event hosted by Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

September 21, 2014

Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion :Week 1

 Hello guys.
I received another package from beautynme, and guess what I'm so excited with this one because out of all my daily skincare routine, I like to use lotion the best! They're just so easy and quick!

And guess what? I even find out something amazing about this product so make sure you'll read it until the end :)

So let's move on my first impression:

Horse Chestnut, Vitamin B3, Teast Extract, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B7:
 Oil-Moisture Balance Formulation to regulate excess oil secretion on the skin.

Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract: 
Anti-inflammation and treats pimples, regulates oil production and tightens enlarged pores. Suitable for sensitive skin type, helps soothe acne and inflammation.

Lightens dark spots, whitens, treats acne and prevent inflammation, as well as improves dark spots and fine lines for youthful and refreshed skin complexion.

Iris Florentina Root Extract: 
Revitalizing anti-aging ingredient that is rich in natural isoflavones to reduces the depth of wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity for an overall improvement in skin tone.

Mandarin Orange: 
Provides continual whitening function that not only hinders the development of melanin, but also boosts collagen production.

Lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase: 
Treat acne and inflammation problems. Besides hydrating the skin, it’s also an effective solution for acne prone skin.

The key of this product is an ingredient called 'Fullerene' which is a nobel-prize super antioxidant ingredient, which can absorb free radical and stop them from damaging the skin cell

Some other Fullerene characteristics;
- Powerful antioxidant made from carbon that are 125 times stronger than Vitamin C
- It's shape and small nature do allow other nutrients like Vitamin B3, B5 , B7 and peptides to penetrate deeper into the skin
- Highly effective at getting rid of cell-damaging radicals

And here is the amazing part:

Because of Fullerene's antioxidant properties, this Refine Toning Lotion is suitable for head to toe usage!

The first thing I noticed about the product is the scent! I love them so much :)
If you read my previous review on the Beauty Talk 3D Refining Cream, they actually has the similar scent, and you know what after using it, that cream has now become a staple in my daily routine and I feel like I'll fall in love with this one too.

It's very easy to use, you can choose either to apply them using cotton pad or just your hand. Personally, I like to put a few drops on my hand and pat gently until all the product all have been absorbed.

You can also apply them on your body to moisturize dry areas. One extra tips, you can store it in the refrigerator for extra cooling effect.

As for hair, apply them while your hair is warm wet. Or you can use them after drying your hair to restore back moisture

Based on my first impression usage, these are my thoughts:

- I love the scent!
- It's have a very light texture, and unlike some skin lotion, this feels gentle on my skin.
- Easy to use and packaging friendly.

I'll be back for my next review after using this for one week so stay tuned

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion
Price: RM160
Content: 210ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types, Dry/Dye Hair

Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

[SPONSORED] Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse:Week 4

Hey guise!

This is the last week of my Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse review :D I've been using this product which was sent to me by Beauty n Me for a month now. Are you curious about my before and after picture after a whole one month?

You can check out the previous review here:

Week 1 (Product Review and First Impression)
Week 2 ( After One Week Usage)
Week 3 ( After 2 Weeks Usage)

See the before and after one month picture above?

My Final Verdict:

- 3 in 1 usage: Makeup Remover, Cleanser and Toner
- Very light, and suitable for sensitive skin
- Doesn't make the skin feels dry
- Easy to use pump dispenser
- Hydration level increases

- Some might find cleansing using cotton pad is a hassle
- Price for one bottle is not in the cheap range (but considering the 3 in 1 uses)

So you can see the benefit outweigh the cons! I would recommend this especially to sensitive skin user since the formulation of this product is very light and not harsh on skin!

Additional review on Beauty n Me website

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse
Price: RM105
Content: 110ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ