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Summarizing My Raya and Super Junior Special Comeback

Hello guys!

It's a bit late but I would still want to wish you guys a 'Selamat Hari Raya'! How was it for you guys? As for me, I didn't travel back to my 'kampung' (mom's hometown) this year and celebrated the Eid in Kuala Lumpur instead because my grandma was here at that time. So, we had our small gathering at our aunt's house for the celebration.

11 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hello Guys!
Miss me? I've been missing in action for a few days because I was busy playing games with my brothers. That's why I tried to not start because once I start I tend to play for days (as in 24 hours is not enough sense) and it was even worse since this time it's Dota that I was playing. LOL! Anyway I finally get to tear myself away from the game for a bit so yeah I'm here to do the '11 Things You Don't Know About Me' tag that I got from a fellow blogger +Jannah Md Isa who blog at fleurnotes so check her blog out if you want :)

So here we go;

Weave Your Way to Good Deed with Sunway Pyramid!

Hello Guys :)

I was invited to Sunway Pyramid Raya campaign launching ceremony not long ago. You know how joyous it feels when Hari Raya coming around and shopping malls starts to make their best with the decoration!

Foods That Define Hari Raya For Me.

Hello guys!
When it comes to Hari Raya, both my parent families celebrate them quite differently. My dad for example, has quite a huge family members that even now I can't remember the names of all my uncles, aunts and cousins from my dad side; but when it comes to Hari Raya it was the number…

Mary Sharon Miracle Spa Deep Cleansing Sleeping Mask Review

Hello Guys!

I am back with another beauty review, this time featuring a highly raved brand Mary Sharon which just arrived at the shore of Malaysia just for all of us beauty enthusiast! This brand was born from joint venture between France who leads the research and development department and China…

Syawal is Coming, Let's Get Excited with 1Utama!

Hello guys!

Syawal is lurking around and I bet many of you are feeling the heat already. How time flies right? So, are you excited to celebrate it this year? How about all the preparations? Are you the type that already completed them even before Ramadhan started or the type to do last minute preparations? Well personally, I am the later. LOL

Buffet Ramadhan with Restoran Rebung @ KL Tower - Featuring Breathtaking View!

Hello guys!

Of all the Ramadahan Buffets I have been to this year, the one in KL Tower was definitely most insta-worthy with the amazing view all around. Restoran Rebung collaboration with the KL Tower brings you a taste of Kampung with breathtaking night view of all Kuala Lumpur. The restaura…

Crossing Off 'Getting Featured in a Newspaper' in Life Bucket List

Hey guys!

Well, this is old story; I know I should have written about this earlier but first I would like to mention that this post is intended to be a personal yet public documentation of somehow one of the things I've never expected to happen in my life that actually happened to me; and of course it's not at all for bragging because it's not like I found a cure for AIDS or cancer or something brag-worthy about right?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Althea Korea!

Annyeongg~~! ^^

So I was given an opportunity to be a beta tester for a new Korean beauty online shopping site for all Malaysian beauty lovers and I've got to say that I'm so far really am impressed with the site! It's just launched today July 1st 2015 and currently there are so much exciting products that I've been wanting to try and amazing offers available on the website! As a blogger who talk quite often about beauty and makeup I feel that I just need to tell you guys about this. Please note that I am not paid to do any blog post about this site so its really is my opinion.

Stripping Your Skin Bare @ Strip, Ministry of Waxing

Hey guys!
A few days ago, I've shared about my one day experience getting pampered by Beauty Guide and the first place we went to on that day was Strip, Bangsar for a quick waxing session. Although I've talked about it in the post HERE, I just feel like sharing with you guys a bit more det…

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