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JeJak KaSeH..

haha...aku da jumpa bakat baru.. aku kini pakar menemukan org yang da lama terpisahh.. hehe.. lepas niyh bole wat program jejak kaseh lak.. hahaha.. malas nak citer  lelebih.. nnty buhsannn tata bubbye... ~anis~

New Moon!! moon sangatlah best.. two thumbs up.. jacob sangat hot.. edward sangat charming.. its perfect!!! ~anis~


jarang post cerita skang.. tngah alami masalah  sket.. haha..syndrome nk dapat result exam 25 Nov niyh!!! wawawawawa ~anis~


haha ak da gile Gu Jun Pyo Lee Min Ho Siang ak terbayang2 Malam termimpi2 Da la x taw die dtg Malaysia ritu Sg Wang Sob2 Anyway i lebiu lahhhhh ~anis~

as we go on..

haa..actually i've been thinking to post dis few days ago.. but i just get the mood today.. when i was at yana's house last week.. we were looking back at her photo albums.. the memories while we were both together in pasir salak.. it seems just it was yesterday.. haha... my classmates..

and the best actor award goes to..

seriously.. im really tired with all these.. stop faking.. stop creating the drama please.. hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate..hate.. ~anis~


JUST FEEL LIKE POSTING IT BACK  When you were 8 years old,your dad  handed you an ice cream.. You thanked him by dripping it allover your lap

 When you were 9 years old,  he paid for piano lessons..  You thanked him by never even  bothering to practice.

 When you were 10 years old,  he drove you al…

Best FrienD..

Last night.. I had a dream.. In that dream.. I feel really sad.. Alone.. When I woke up this morning.. It makes me think.. How my life would be without my family n my friends.. So..
I write today to say thank you 4 everything that u did 4 me.. and.. Love u all always
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well is not that huru-hara apart from the fact that i am the totally injured rite now.. yesterday..i go out with yana to mid valley.. actually our actual plan were to go to sunway pyramid.. but because we were late yesterday.. n we hate the fact that we'll be going to get stuck in traffic jam …

i dun feel the ground..

when my dad pick me up dis evening.. i was so happy.. just start.. but.. all those feeling were gone.. when my brother told me.. "along, tam is dead last hit by a motorcyle" **Tam was my cat
I was like.. WHAT?? shocked.. i felt really bad.. then i starte…


EXAM SUDAH ABES!!! applause..applause.. SEM BARU BELOM MASUK!!! ouh yeah..oh yeah.. CUTI SUDAH START!!! lalala~lalala~ MARI BERGUMBIRA!! cuti2..lalala ~anis~

RumaH TeRBuKa TeKKy!!

"Rumah terbuka Tekky" Sangat seronok Hepi But Banyak Dugaan Here are some of d pic taken

 the pinkies..
gadis2 aras3a

me n herda

our BIG family



yg kat blakang sumer hyper..

me n tekky!!!

back from tekky's house
penat sgt smpi terbaring
mencapub ni..

gadis2 di ti…

GrapH n FunCtioN+ LiMit n ConTinuitY+ DiffeReNtiaTioN+ InTegRaTioN = MatH eRRoR

At first..i was like sooo damn mad about this of the most ridiculous thing i've ever had in my 18 years old of existence..The questions was killing was a nightmare.. the worse i ever had..out of ten question..there isn't even one problem which i can solve..while writing th…

LoVe n FrieNdsHiP ABC's

A: Accept you for who you are
B: Believes in you C: Call you just to say hi D: Doesn't give up on you E: Envisions the whole you F: Forgives your mistakes G: Gives unconditionally H: Help you I: Invites you over J: Just love to be with you K: Keep you close to heart L: Loves you for who you are M: Makes a …


hope 2 be one.. always happy,friendly and eager 2 do things ~anis~

She WeaR High HeeLs??So What..I WeaR sLipperS..

I'm BEGGING u people.. Don't try to compare me with other person.. I am trying to be myself ok!! Perfectionist is not bad My mum once said "Bukan senang nak jadi skema" We'll see.. which one is better.. N one more thing darling.. It's study week Not the end of the world.. …

ImMunOGloBuLiN BerKuRanG??

Kepala sakit..adess.. Nak dkt je exam ni memacam la plak.. Mungkin antibody 'Ig' ak da x kuat.. Daya Tahan Terhadap Exam makin lemah.. Hahaha.. Antigen Exam yang jahat lagi keji dan kejam.. Tolong la nyah ko dari hidupku.. Sebelum ak activatekan Tc Cell.. Kalau Cell Mediated Response aku da …


Pelbagai syndrome pelik muncul lagi.. headache la..heartache la.. Exam makin dekat.. Kepala macam da nak pecah.. stadi nk dkt seminggu.. macam x bergerak je chapter2 ni adoyaii..lepas ke final aku niyh?? ~anis~

CanDiDateS PmR 2009

A.M.I.R  F.A.R.I.D
gudluck for PMR tomorrow.. Along doakan ko ok?? huhu.. Jangan lupe baca doa banyak2 yerp.. Kacang jer.. xpe2..kuikui
not forgetting.. Nasyirah.. gud lak jge 



overwhelmed.. MUET speaking tomorrow ~anis~


tomorrow.. got taklimat upu.. tomorrow.. going 2 present HIV cycle.. tomorrow.. need 2 get redy 4 MUET.. ~anis~


saya rasa baru tersedar dari mimpi.. haha..exam da dkt niyh.. baca buku da berhari2 tp mcm x gerak2 lg.. aah..jeles pada yg da fly amek degree.. ~anis~

EiD 2009

Venue:Baling Kedah

SmiLinG eVeN iN PaiN..ThatS mY MuM n DaD

naK KuaR gi RaYa

KaK LoNg n KaK YonG

Si AdeK..Si aBaNg..Si KaKak ~anis~

fiNally..They'Re GoNe..LeaVinG Me..ALONE

yesterday.. 2 important person of my life.. left me behind it's not that they hate me already.. they grab their dream.. to achieve their target.. to cik n and abg khidir thanks 4 always b there 2 support me.. i'll study harder.. so i can be like u both..

tO saY LisT..

1.SeLaMat ARi RaYe BuaT anDa2 SeMua..MaaF x aNtaR sMs raYe..ADa MaSalaH sKet..
2.SoRry saNgaT tO 'aiN NaDia' sBB bReaK mY poRmiSe naK PeGi gaTHeRinG aRi Tuh
3.PaDa sEsaPa yanG aNta SMs Raya..ThaNks soo Much
4.To LiYaNa zK..GuD Luck eXaM fiNaL..
5.To aMIr FariD aL…

BerBuKa PuaSa WiTh PraCtiCuM MatE

MaRi BerPosinG!!

PraCtiCum MaTe

LaB PaRtNer Gue
BaPa MiThaLi LaH KoNon..Hua.

MeRasMikaN KeK


FiNdiNg Da PeRfeCt HiM

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in s…

aNswer thIs!!

1. Who are you?
2.Are we friends?
3.When and how did we meet?
4.Do you have a crush on me?
5.Would you kiss me?
6.Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7.Describe me in one word.
8.What was your first impression?
9.Do you still think that way about me now?
10.What reminds you of me?
11.If you cou…

best buddies 4 ever..



~gamba raya..haha~



today..i got a message from Farahlina.. she was my roomate at TGB she told me dat her father passed away yesterday.. caused by an accident.. I was shocked..speechless about few weeks ago.. we were talking about my parent.. got into an accident.. but.. then..i got the news.. my parent is getting be…


1. Apakah yang anda sedang lakukan 30 minit yang lalu?
tolong roomate buat Ym ngan yana..klaka gler..sbb x clear..2. 2 jam yang lalu?
makan2 ngan roomate..banyak makanan arini sbb ayah aku datang melawat..
then ayun n fana datang bilik..baca paper..baca komik n baring2..3. Minggu lepas?

Show iT to Me!!

Love is a Verb Action speaks louder than Word ~anis~

3 perkataan...


FiRsT TyMe

first time balik sndri..
dari dulu klu balik mktab or kolej..
ayah antar..
perjalanan dlm tren agak mudah..
siap tgk citer bunuh2 lg dalam bus on d way..

my hectic but interesting life!!

Today is not a very good day for me..
the only best thing happening to me today is going back home...
its been a very hectic yet stressfulday for all of us..
especially for me,nid,a.j and sue..
let see.....

8.50 am~our math lecture was a total disaster..being yell at..OMG..its really

BeNgaNg...SoMetHinG BuLLsHiT!!!!

Situation 1 A: Y..mane poster yang aku suruh hantar ari tu?? Y: Ahh...poster da ada..tapi x lukis lagi.. A: Bukan ke aku da bagi taw due date ari niyh..ak bg taw 6 hari lepas kan?? Y: A'ah..but kertas lukisan xde.. A: (dalam hati mula membuak2) A: x kan x bole pikir sendri..gne ketas A4…

BeRat Hati..

da beberapa ari ak x sehat..
so x balek kmns..
satu lagi sbb..
ak x smpi ati nk tggl
ak yg baru accident
diorang bukan ley masak sgt pon..
ngan mak ak kat wheelchair..
ngan ayah ak drive kete sebelah tgn jer..
x mau balek..x mau..
nnty sape nak tolong masak
4 sahur n berbuke..

PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam II

~PerJaLAnaN SeMaLamII~

~one of the shirt~

~d snap dalam tren yg x de org..haha~

PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam..

lepas berbuke..
aku meneman adikku shopping raye..
di klcc..
sampai..kami ke topshop..
tgk jeans..
but postpone dulu..
nak usha tempat len..
then g kuar duit..
we both menuju ke atas..
mencari kasut n t shirt beliau..
kasut akhirnya dijumpai di Converse..
t shirt di graffi tee~

HappY FaStIng DeaR fRienDs...MuaHaha

Just wanna say..
Heppy Fasting
Tambahkan amalan anda di bulan mulia ini..
p/s: mari shopping beramai2

Love is Cinta..Ape Tuh??

Orang cakap..cinta x bole cakap kasih x bole cari.. tapi skali ia menyapa..susah utk lepaskan pergi.. kalau sayang..biarkan dia pergi..klu rindu..simpan saja dalam hati.. post niyh..untuk org2 yang aku sayang..
Moon.. x de bende yg lebih indah dari cinta.. tapi kdg2 bole jadi paling meny…

hmm..pape je la

i got tired waiting.. wondering if u were ever coming around.. my faith in u is fading... ~anis~


aku sedey la...
result exam teruk gler..
ntah pape la..
berangan jer nak 4 flat..daa
watever..tapi dunno la..
yang paling aku terkilan..
result english ku yang x berapa memuaskan..



dari atas kiri...ayun a.k.a ratu ayam..ahaks
dari atas tengah...hanna a.k.a lady L(lipas)
yang menongkat dagu..aten a.k.a princess mentadak..
n aku..sebagai Queen oF Antz..
ntah mengarut la kami berempat niyh..
asal usul nama ni akan diceritakan len kali
Btw..mereka2 ni bukan …

aqim dan bapaku..ahaks

aku memang suke gambar niyh
ntah la..
dengan ayahku tersengih camni
ak x taw pon..
wujudnya gambar ni dalam henponku
selepas bbrapa ketika baru perasan
pasti tatkala ini bapaku sdg sgt free
dan x da keje

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