June 30, 2015

How I Deal With Anger

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So here is a story, I was pretty mad a few hours ago before I decided to write this post.  Although not the flaming i-will-kill-you kind of anger I was pretty pissed off at it that I actually ranted about it on Facebook. Not really a graceful act I admit; I try to not go around posting negative statuses online because I know how it can sometimes come and bite me back. But yeah, I was pretty annoyed.

But being angry for a long time is not healthy, time consuming and is even bad for my heart (the stress you know) so I have a few things that I do when I need to cool off. It's not in any particular order, just the things that I would mostly do to curb my anger:

1. Eat

Not a really healthy option and I can't do it today since I'm currently fasting but eating does release the tension. But make sure you don't eat out your anger by taking so much food. Take a bite of something sweet, like chocolate; it helps to release the happy hormone Endorphin and will definitely lift up your mood

2. Distract Myself with Entertainment

If I have time to spare, I will pick up a book, listen to a relaxing song (not some metal grunge genre), or even watch a funny show to ease myself up. Take my mind off the negativity and focus on something nice and positive is definitely on of the quickest way to make me happy again.

3. Take a Cold Shower

If the quick method doesn't work, a cold shower will definitely help me to release some steam. If I'm up to it, sometimes I will use some aromatherapy soap since the scent will definitely help me to cool down. 

4. Pray

As a Muslim, the best way to share my conflict is with my Creator. Talking to Him will definitely make me feel safe and relaxed. When I think of Him, my life conflict would seem too miniscule and unimportant anymore. So praying is definitely a wise way to reduce my negative feeling, be it sadness or anger.

5. Write

Writing makes me think realistically and make me think of pros and cons of something even more. So if I am angry or sad, I will write. If its too private to share to others, I will turn on to my diary. If I think others will benefit even a bit from my writing, I'll post in on my blog like I do right now but instead of telling stories about the situation and spread hate, I will try to look it from another angle.

I did almost all of the above to reduce my anger today (except for the eating part of course) and I feel happy and relaxed now. I hope this tips will help you too! If you have a unique way to release your anger, tell me!

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What I Won from Bourjois Malaysia My Aqua Story Contest

Hi guys!

When Bourjois Malaysia released their new Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque, they announced the Bourjois My Aqua Story #bourjoismyaquastory contest on Instagram so I tried my luck. Surprisingly, I won too! There are a few other winners and we all got both Bourjois and Dr Jart+ products worth more than RM500 as the prize *lucky dance*.

So a few have been asking what I got so I thought why not just share it here:

 *sorry still bad at focusing multiple points* *fail photographer*

I was so excited to see what I got inside the bag. Some of the products I got are the ones I want to try for so long especially Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm that is quite famous. The blush has always been in my 'to buy' list too and I am so lucky to get exactly the shade I want. Bourjois has one of the best foundation formulation when it comes to drugstore brand so I am definitely happy to try another one! I am using the Healthy Mix Serum foundation so I'm looking forward to try another type of Healthy Mix Foundation.

Thanks Bourjois Malaysia for making my day!

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June 29, 2015

Getting Pampered Like a Princess at Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide!

Hello guys!
If you watch movies like Pretty Woman or Princess Diaries do you feel a pang of envy when you see the scenes where Julia Robert and Anne Hathway got their makeover and getting treated like princesses? Although lets not forget that Anne was literally a princess in the movie, LOL. Because honestly, I do! I thought having someone chauffeuring me around and getting pampered would something a thousand light years away from my reality.

But I guess I was a bit lucky since I found not just one but two fairy godmothers to make me feel like a princess even just for one day. You see, fairy godmother number one called 'The Butterfly Project' let me connect with fairy godmother number two 'Beauty Guide' a few weeks prior and I was offered an opportunity to receive a full day pampering session with them; and without a doubt I immediately said yes! 

Fairy Godmother and Fairy Godfather (Err.. Godfather sounds off right?; we're not mafia LOL!)

What's better is that instead of going with some unknown 'prince', on that day my fellow blogger BFFs were also there to enjoy it with me. We gathered at Bangsar area early in the morning wearing our most comfortable outfit because the schedule for that day was filled with so much exciting stuffs; and that would need us to move around from one place to another.

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Before I share more on my experience that day, let me introduce you guys to Beauty Guide. Beauty Guide is an online beauty and platform that enables user to locate the best spas, massages, fitness, facial, hair and nail outlets nationwide. In another word, its the best place for us beauty junkie to find the best place and best service for us to get our beauty fix. Not just that, Beauty Guide also have a blog section where they share tips that covers all aspect of beauty and wellness to cover your aesthetic needs. It was launched in 2014, now users can access informations, service listings, prices, locations and promotions and also able to rate and review spas and salon to share their own experience and opinions on particular service. You can sign up at their website www.beautyguide.com.my and start your journey to a beautiful and healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

The first stop of the day was at Strip, Bangsar. I was a bit nervous at that time as it would be my first time to experience waxing. We were giving a choice to opt between a half harm or underarm waxing and to my surprise it was not hurting me in anyway. Apart from the fact that I have a bit of sensitive skin, the waxing session went by so fast and I don't remember squealing in pain at all!
We then moved on to our next schedule of the day which was a full body spa session at Mandara Spa. The carriage of the day was sponsored by Uber Black so we traveled in style! I was in one car with Miriam and Carol and we were chauffeured (read: guide around) by the friendly Beauty Guide staff. 

We arrived at one of Mandara Spa branches in Malaysia which was in Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. I checked out  their website when I was back at home later in the evening and found out the spa has branches all over the world spreading to 14 different countries including Thailand, Caribbean, Hawaii and Maldives! But seriously the one that I went to on that day was definitely up to par to any of the other countries that I mentioned above. That place was so beautiful, I was literally mesmerized by both the interior and exterior of that place! It was like I took a step back into the past and walked into the forbidden garden of ancient royal palace, it was just so beautiful.

Choosing our massage oil!

Once again, I experienced another first time which was getting a full body massage. I don't really like getting touched so getting a massage used to be out of question for me. But I found out how much I was losing on when I received the Balinese massage there; it felt heavenly! I almost forgot I was in the middle of the city and right next to Sunway Lagoon water park because the environment there was really peaceful.

A happy girl after getting massaged!
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Just after the session, we started to feel hungry so the next stop was to have lunch at WIP Bangsar. Well, using the word 'lunch' is actually an understatement because our meal that afternoon was more like a feast. We got to try their new dishes which are going to be introduced into their menu after Hari Raya and they were so good! The interior of the restaurant is just so beautiful, we had our lunch on what I guess private area for special event. The foods were abundant that we actually went overboard and spent time eating longer than we should. You can't blame us when the dish that came out kept getting better than the one before it!

For now, feast your eyes looking at the pictures and if you're curious about the foods don't forget to check out my full review on WIP by clicking the link which I will provide below. It's because all the foods are too good and it would be too long if I am to talk about each of them here.

Last but not least, we again got into our Uber Black car and moved to the last venue of the day for an express pedicure session at Apron Bay, Bangsar. It has a quite unique overall design, taking aeroplane as a theme. All the rooms looked like the cabin inside of an aeroplane with different vacation spot theme inside of the room for example the beach and etc. Our pedicurist also wore the same uniform that looked like something a cabin attendant or stewardess would wear.

Our pedicure session was an express one but it was nice. We can also choose the shade of nail polish we wanted to use among so many shades that were available. You will also have no problem to choose a specific shade of colour. Let say blue; whether its baby blue, navy blue, royal blue or others you will most likely find the one you want because there were so much varieties!

The day ended with the pedicure. Its such a shame that it passed by in a blink but I definitely had fun! Beauty Guide also gave us a bag full of vouchers and goodies so we can have another session at the places we went on that day.

via: Beauty Guide Facebook Page

I would like to thank both The Butterfly Project and Beauty Guide for providing me with such a delightful experience. Not to forget all the sponsors including Strip Ministry of Waxing, Uber, WIP, Mandara Spa, Apron Bay and many more. 

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For More Info on Beauty Guide:
Website: www.beautyguide.com.my
Facebook: BeautyGuideMY
Instagram: @beautyguide_my
Twitter: @beautyguidemy
Email: info@beautyguide.com.my

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June 28, 2015

Beauty Guide Media Trail Food Tasting @ WIP Bangsar

Hey guys!

Recently I found another gem for food lovers to try out which is the WIP Bangsar. It was all thanks to Beauty Guide for bringing me and few other Butterflies to try out their food during our Beauty Day Out a few weeks ago. I will be telling you about my experience during the day out soon so don't forget to come back reading.

That day, we arrived at WIP right after a massage so I was already hungry at that time. We were seated on a more private area overlooking the whole restaurant view. I chose my drink and started snapping pictures of us and the interior design and I've got to say it's really pretty inside.

We were given a list or course menu of what we would be having that day starting from three starters menu, four main course and two sinful desserts afterwards. The management told us that most of the menu we're trying will only be available soon after Hari Raya so you guys make sure to make a visit after it if you want to try the foods!

Greek Berry Salad

We were presented with the first starter of the day which is a very colourful plating of Greek Berry Salad. It's not just pleasant to the eye since the taste also does not fall short. Made from berry trio, red radish, olives, crispy romaine, feta cheese and honey lemon vinaigrette, I love the tanginess of the berries and also the savoury taste of feta cheese that made the salad well balanced with bursts of flavours. Having red radish in also a nice touch with its crispiness.

Bacalhau De Abras

The next dish is a creamy Portuguese salt cod fish with sweet potato chips called Bacalhau De Abras (which sounds so fancy). The sweet potato were thinly sliced and made chips and the fish dip compliments it very well. I've been eating chips or Malaysian styled 'kerepek' all my life but never had thought of dipping them in such a creamy dip made from fish. Don't take me wrong as I definitely love this one best among the three starters menu.

School Prawn

School Prawn is a really crispy deep fried prawn eaten with chili mayo and lemon and is actually a very tempting substitute for popcorn in my opinion. Its ready addicting to be munching on the golden fried prawn. Idea wise it might be a tad normal, but I can totally dig this kind of normal. Maybe I should try frying some prawn at home and starts munching them while watching Korean dramas? LOL.

XO Fried Rice

The XO Fried Rice was the winner between the four main courses because I'm definitely a rice person and the mango sauce that goes with the the fried rice and crispy fish skewer was AMAZING! I love love love the sauce so much with its spicy and sour taste. I'm pretty sure I can taste some ginger in that too and that gave an extra punch to the sauce.

Chicken Estapada
Beef Estapada

A house specialty, we also had two type of Estapada that day which was beef and chicken. Beef Estapada marinated with garlic and traditional herbs is definitely a winner between the two because of the perfectly cooked sirloin chucks red in the middle; exactly how I like it. The Chicken Estapada marinated with jerk spices is actually a nice one too, but I'm definitely leaning more on the beef.

Triple Trio Supreme Pizza

The last main course was Triple Trio Supreme pizza that comes with three of everything. Chicken sausage, chicken ham and grilled chicken as a topping and accompanied with onion ring, cocktail onion, onion marmalade and triple goodness of mozarella, cheddar and emmental cheese. Although it does not 'kick ass' as much as the fried rice to me but the toppings of this pizza does make me want to eat more.

Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

Since we had both rice and pizza that day so I was quite full at the time desserts came. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of Tiramisu so I didn't think I can be fair to be giving my opinion on this one. But others seemed to be enjoying it so I think it might taste nice. (Edit: Kak Sabby told me the Tiramisu contains alcohol. The server didn't tell me but thankfully I didn't eat it since I don't like Tiramisu. I hope WIP can be more careful on this thing afterwards. I almost had a huge accident!).

The second desserts which was Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and you know brownie and ice cream goes perfectly like bread and butter. But the brownie was a tad sweet for me but the texture is moist and nice so I think all the sweet tooth will like this sinful goodness!

With the pretty bloggers and Tammy (bottom right) founder of The Butterfly Project

It was definitely a pleasant experience and even until now I kept thinking of the foods especially all the starters. The three of them definitely picked up my appetite! You can check out on them on their website www.wip.com.my ; for more information you can refer on the details below. Thank you again WIP, Beauty Guide and The Butterfly Project on such a delightful lunch! It's even better to have lunch with all the lovely bloggers that day!

Bangsar Shopping Centre
LOT G111, Ground Floor
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandar Raya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2094 1789/2789
Email: ask@wip.com.my

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Book Haul June 2015

Hey guys!
When it comes to shopping, I have a few places I have to be extra careful at because I tend to buy something everytime I go check them out. Those places includes makeup stores especially Sephora, and also any bookstores.

June 27, 2015

Impromptu Staycation @ Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Hello guys!

I am so blessed to have a best friend who is not only caring, but also 'crazy' enough to do random things with me. I've been knowing her for more than a decade and through out our friendship, we had a done some ridiculous things together which would be too long to be summarized in one short post.

June 26, 2015

AirAsia Free Seats!

Hello Guys!

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I might not look like it but I'm such a huge anime fan. I might have lost the exact count, but I'm pretty sure I've watched about two hundreds different anime up until today; be it a full series, movies, specials, OVAs (original video animation), and even ONA (original net anime). The numbers might be miniscule to other big shot otaku but I think its quite enough to make people look at me as an anime mania.

June 25, 2015

Ramadhan Buffet Dining @ The Spread, St Giles The Gardens Hotel

Hello guys!

I think I'm going to gain weight instead of losing some this Ramadhan and its all because of all the wonderful buffets that's been going on around me. This time I received an invitation to feast on St Giles The Gardens Hotel & Residences' Ramadhan buffet menu at The Spread situated on the 6th floor of the hotel building. 

The venue is just great, you can reach them from an interconnected door through The Garden shopping mall. So if you're planning to do some Hari Raya shopping in Mid Valley Megamall or The Garden Mall, you can break your fast there afterwards. Its a great choice as you won't need to more rush through the traffic and you can relax and enjoy more than 100 different menu for iftar!

The Ramadhan buffet starts at 7PM to 10.30PM daily starting from 22nd June 2015 until 13th July 2015. Variety of food stations to check out there including the grilled station,carving station, stalls, barbeque station, Indian food corner and others.

A selection of sumptuous spread such as fresh oyster, mussel, tiger prawn on ice and even Japanese delicacies including varieties of sushi and melt in the mouth sashimi. I ate a lot of the salmon sashimi, it was heavenly!

For a more Malaysian taste there are kerabu, rojak buah, nasi beriyani, chicken rice, selection of noodles like fried char kuey teow and many more.

Make sure to make a visit to their grill station that serves roasted strip loin, ayam percik & beef wellington, roasted chicken/duck, whole lamb, etc. The menu changes daily so you might encounter different type of food on different days.

For the sweet tooth, you would be happy trying out all the different desserts including cakes, ice cream, pudding and Malaysian kuih and also local fruits. There were also a chocolate milkshare station and I got two glass of them; it was so sinful but good!

The price for adult is RM134 nett while RM67 nett for children aged 7 to 12 years old. Every diner gets a door gift too! For corporate rate, there is a special RM124 nett per adult price and it's only applicable on the first and fourth week of Ramadhan 2015. Advance purchase is required for the corporate vouchers. All the price quoted are inclusive of the 6% GST.

For more inquiries or reservation, you can call 03- 2268 1188 ext. 6123

The Spread
St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residences
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.stgiles.com 

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