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How I Deal With Anger

Hello guys :)

So here is a story, I was pretty mad a few hours ago before I decided to write this post.  Although not the flaming i-will-kill-you kind of anger I was pretty pissed off at it that I actually ranted about it on Facebook. Not really a graceful act I admit; I try to not go around post…

What I Won from Bourjois Malaysia My Aqua Story Contest

Hi guys!

via: Bourjois Malaysia FB Page
When Bourjois Malaysia released their new Rouge Edition Aqua Lacque, they announced the Bourjois My Aqua Story #bourjoismyaquastory contest on Instagram so I tried my luck. Surprisingly, I won too! There are a few other winners and we all got both Bourjois a…

Getting Pampered Like a Princess at Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide!

Hello guys!
If you watch movies like Pretty Woman or Princess Diaries do you feel a pang of envy when you see the scenes where Julia Robert and Anne Hathway got their makeover and getting treated like princesses? Although lets not forget that Anne was literally a princess in the movie, LOL. Because honestly, I do! I thought having someone chauffeuring me around and getting pampered would something a thousand light years away from my reality.

Beauty Guide Media Trail Food Tasting @ WIP Bangsar

Hey guys!

Recently I found another gem for food lovers to try out which is the WIP Bangsar. It was all thanks to Beauty Guide for bringing me and few other Butterflies to try out their food during our Beauty Day Out a few weeks ago. I will be telling you about my experience during the day out soon…

Book Haul June 2015

Hey guys!
When it comes to shopping, I have a few places I have to be extra careful at because I tend to buy something everytime I go check them out. Those places includes makeup stores especially Sephora, and also any bookstores.

Impromptu Staycation @ Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Hello guys!

I am so blessed to have a best friend who is not only caring, but also 'crazy' enough to do random things with me. I've been knowing her for more than a decade and through out our friendship, we had a done some ridiculous things together which would be too long to be summarized in one short post.

AirAsia Free Seats!

Hello Guys!

via: doriftoboy.tumblr

I might not look like it but I'm such a huge anime fan. I might have lost the exact count, but I'm pretty sure I've watched about two hundreds different anime up until today; be it a full series, movies, specials, OVAs (original video animation), and even ONA (original net anime). The numbers might be miniscule to other big shot otaku but I think its quite enough to make people look at me as an anime mania.

Ramadhan Buffet Dining @ The Spread, St Giles The Gardens Hotel

Hello guys!

I think I'm going to gain weight instead of losing some this Ramadhan and its all because of all the wonderful buffets that's been going on around me. This time I received an invitation to feast on St Giles The Gardens Hotel & Residences' Ramadhan buffet menu at The Spr…

Mutiara Abyra Foundation Review

Hello guys!

If you happened to follow my Instagram @anisfarhanaaliman91 I've posted a smokey eye look not long ago and one of the product used to create the look was the Mutiara Abyra Foundation that was sent for me to review and test. I intended to post this review earlier but I was sick las…

Celebrating Ramadhan and Eid - Dining with Roses from Corelle!

Hello guys!

In the spirit of Ramadhan, eating good home cooked meal is a perfect way to bond with our family members as we dine together for Iftar (breaking the fast). Since I stay with my parent these days, Iftar had been nothing but pleasant and fun so far. I get to eat my mom's cooking ofte…

Variety of Menu Options @ Alessio, Publika

Hello guys!

A few weeks back I was invited for a food tasting review at Alessio in Publika Solaris Dutamas. Being free of work these days let me go around on events and stuff so I said yes for this one too. Publika is actually very far from my home but with a proper planning (read: Google-ing), I …

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