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DocLab Korea Face Ampoule Review

Let me be honest with you; I've heard about ampoules for the longest time but I was never really curious about them. I mean they can be crazy expensive for such a little amount of product. I just couldn't fathom the reasoning behind spending such big bucks if I can opt for a cheaper and more affordable alternatives. That was basically my main opinion on ampoules before I discovered DocLab. Now, my thought on ampoules had been greatly changed. They are currently my Felix Felicis, my liquid luck. And yes, that's a Harry Potter reference.

Buka Puasa 2016 at Menara Kuala Lumpur!

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Menara Kuala Lumpur invited me for their Buka Puasa Ramadan Buffet for two consecutive years and once again, they do not disappoint. I remember how good was the foods last year so I was totally ecstatic for being able to come and experience iftar in the sky 288 meters above ground at the Megaview Banquet Hall all over again. The Kuala Lumpur view from there is so breathtaking regardless of how many time I've seen them!

K-Beauty Addicts, Mamonde is Coming to Malaysia!!

Beauty products are my guilty pleasure. If it's Korean, it's better. I love their products because they work for my skin and are usually worth every penny. Not just that, I dare say that in these past few years, the spotlight in latest beauty culture and trends has now shifted more towards Korean brands and technology.

Buka Puasa with Celebrity Chef Norman Musa at Pullman Hotel KLCC

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Here is a quick update for 2016 iftar from me as I am trying to not go to too much iftar buffet in order to control my diet but some are just too tempting for me to resist. *giggles* A lot of my friends mentioned Pullman Hotel as one of the best hotels to go for 'buka puasa' or iftar because they have such wide range of food selection so when I got invited, I just couldn't say no to this one.

New Mentholatum Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash Review for Oily Skin

Hello guys!

I received another surprise from Mentholatum just a few weeks after they sent me their brand new Sugar Lips Coloured Lip Balm which I have also reviewed. It was a pretty good timing because my brother had  ran out of his cleanser and the Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash is just perfect for his oily skin type. On the contrary, my skin is on the drier side on the cheeks but my T-Zone can be either normal or a tad oily depending on the weather. I did use it on my T-Zone to at least have a better idea on how this cleanser work on my skin but thankfully I have an extra person to experiment on for this review! 

US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Kawaii is for Mini Mini Cafe

Hello guys!

My potato-filled journey with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta in this whole month brought me to another participating outlet called Mini Mini Cafe, which is located on Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall. Both visits I had prior to Mini Mini Cafe was really splendid so I was hoping to keep it that way until the end. KGB Bangsar showed me that even a burger can taste like million dollars (gourmet) while Tryst Cafe let me experience a very laid back tasting session. The two of them have a totally different dining concept with each other so it made my review became even more interesting. That's why I couldn't seem to contain my excitement before going this last one.

100 Years of Eye Care with Rohto Eyedrops.

Hello guys!

What causes dry eyes? It's a very simple question but sometimes we are too neglectful to care. The hecticness of daily schedules without giving a rest to the eyes and over-reliance on technology devices like computers, laptops, TVs and mobile phones are the reason why we frequently the feel the dryness and strain. Not just that, environmental irritants like smoke, dust, hazy weather and usage of the air conditioner are also a contributor to this issue. A quick and refreshing solution to the weary eyes would be by giving them some eye drop treatment.

US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Go Gourmet with KGB

Hello guys!

My food-venture with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta continued at Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) branch in Bangsar. The outlet is very easy to find, just a few shop away from Devi's Corner and was really crowded that Sunday evening. It was my first time eating at KGB so I was really curious about the food they serve. Like, why gourmet? Especially with their name being eerily similar to that Soviet Union security agency. LOL. I was crossing my fingers hoping to get a taste of a killer burger from the get go especially when I have been hearing about this burger joint from my peers a lot of time. Since I was there to specifically try their US Fries & Burgers Fiesta menu, I was served with two different dishes. They are:

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