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Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part. 2

 cr: malizah

Okay, I know I should've continue the part one of my Kelantan trip earlier than this, but I kept putting it off. But hey, I'm here to continue now. 

So where were we?
Oh yeah, day two!

Unboxing: BH Cosmetic Haul from MySale

cr: bh cosmetics
I was so excited when I received my BH cosmetics haul on my door step. Ehem..well actually it was my dad who received that on behalf of me, but "Yayyy!" nonetheless. I've been waiting like crazy for this parcel because I've always wanted to try BH cosmetics stuf…

February 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

cr: weheartit
I'm back with my favorite playlist for February 2014! Let me be honest, I haven't been listening to much songs this February because I stayed at home most of the time. If you've been reading the past playlist posts,  I always say that I listen to music mostly during my c…

Review: Bag of Love (January Edition)

I got chosen as one of the reviewer for the January edition of 'Bag of Love' under the Butterfly Project community, and received the bag last Saturday. I came across Bag of Love ever since they first released their first debut bag last year, but somehow I never sign up one for myself. I don't know why!For those who are still unfamiliar about this Bag of Love, it is actually similar to other beauty box brands in Malaysia, but instead of using 'boxes' they opted a greener, earth friendly method by replacing the boxes to bags.

Dayre: Taking Rants to A Whole New Level!

I've always feel like ranting too much about my daily life on blogger is just not my style. The best place to me is just by tweeting. Because rants to me are just excerpts of random stuffs that happened to me in a day that is not worth mentioning here but still felt like sharable.
So when I di…

Secrets to 'Fangirling' Effectively.

cr: tumblr

I've been focusing in beauty post lately that I've forgotten to give some love on my other obsession, which is being a fan girl. Despite some skeptical views on fan girls nowadays, to people who truly understand, being a fan girl is such a time indulging matter. Therefore, only …

What's on My Phone?! 'The Favourite Photo Apps' Edition.

cr: weheartit I've been wanting to do something like this for the longest time. Usually we can watch youtubers sharing their 'What's on My Phone' in their video but since it's a blog post and listing down every apps that I have in my phone would take too long, I decided to nar…

Chit chats at Tous les Jours Bukit Bintang!

cr: montedrink
Tous les Jours , with literal meaning of 'Each Day' is not a foreign bakery brand to me. One of Super Junior member, Eunhyuk opened a branch of the bakery in South Korea not long ago and it is very famous among the fans. Since I'm a SUPER HUGE fan of Super Junior, I'm…

Taking Order: Bloom Cosmetics Sale on MySale

Lately, I've been so crazy about Organic soaps (apart from makeups of course!). And since MySale is having a sale for Bloom Cosmetics, again I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

The products offered range from Bloom Organic, organic soap, tools and essentials, products for complexion, eyes, lip…

Movie Review: The Journey.

cr: colourlessopinions

Okay. So, I don't usually do a movie review but I decided do it this once on a movie I watched last week at Pavilion with my bestie Sue. It's just so good that it deserves more attention! You could say that this is not an in depth review, but more on my thoughts on t…

Taking Order: Calvin Klein Crazy Sale at MySale is doing a Calvin Klein cosmetic reduction sale with CRAZY PRICE! As I decided to buy some stuffs for myself and some friends, I decided to open up order for everyone too!
The products offered are: CK Summer Affair Bronzing Powder: RM15 (Before Discount: RM123)
CK Luxury Creme Lipstick: …

Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part 1.

Hey peeps! 
As promised in previous post, I finally got the chance to update on my short trip.

[Korean Drama Review] Prime Minister and I

This is probably my first ever full review on Korean drama ever since I started watching them, probably 200 dramas ago. Yeah, I'm a drama maniac. And my favourite one of all time is Korean drama (read: Korean drama with original Korean language audio, not the dubbed one showed on TV sometimes)…

Makeup Academy Professional (MUA) Heaven and Earth Palette Review, Swatches and Simple Look ♥

Hello guys!
I've been wanting this palette for as long as I can remember. But, every time I wanted to order, it would always be sold out and completely not in stock. But luckily, I finally get my hand on this palette after so long searching! 
Some people says that this Makeup Academy Heaven a…

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