February 28, 2014

Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part. 2

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Okay, I know I should've continue the part one of my Kelantan trip earlier than this, but I kept putting it off. But hey, I'm here to continue now. 

So where were we?
Oh yeah, day two!

February 26, 2014

Unboxing: BH Cosmetic Haul from MySale

I was so excited when I received my BH cosmetics haul on my door step. Ehem..well actually it was my dad who received that on behalf of me, but "Yayyy!" nonetheless. I've been waiting like crazy for this parcel because I've always wanted to try BH cosmetics stuffs before. ;D

A little bit about BH Cosmetics , its a cosmetic company from USA that sells products ranging from makeups and beauty tools. I've been wanting to try them for so long, and finally I got the chance to. My next wishlist is probably their acrylic makeup organizer, but I probably should just buy Muji one here. Haha. Their online website do provide international shipping, but the cost is just too much.

My Purchase

I was about to splurge more but my 'responsible' side managed to persuade me to not doing so. So I just got myself two items which are a 12 pieces Berry Brush Set (RM30, original price 24.95 US Dollar around RM82 )  and also a 10 Color Glamorous Blush Palette (RM25, original price 16.95 US Dollar around RM56 ).

 Parcel Arrival

The order was placed on 25 January 2014, and the latest estimation of arrival date was on the 4th of April. But I received it on the 24th February! I expected it to take longer time but it didn't. Which is really great!

The Packaging

I was a bit worried about my parcel and was scared if the blush inside might broke. But thankfully, the parcel arrived in excellent condition and MySale staffs did a great job in packaging. The envelope has a bubble wrap inside so my stuffs were safe.

And tadaa!! The long awaited makeup brush set and the blush palette arrived. Curious about the inside and the swatches? I will do a separate review on both products later on so wait for it! (^3<)v
Till then~ toodles!♥ミ

February 25, 2014

February 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

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I'm back with my favorite playlist for February 2014! Let me be honest, I haven't been listening to much songs this February because I stayed at home most of the time. If you've been reading the past playlist posts,  I always say that I listen to music mostly during my commute to class. 

Since I'm on a break now, that explains why my 'most played' playlist on my Samsung S3 haven't changed much from last month's list.

So I decided to make this month playlist favorite a 'LOEN Special'
Means, new songs from LOEN Youtube Channel that I love!!! (Now called 1theK..bad renaming right?)
And that means, this list is all Korean songs. 

Sorry guys! 
My obsession to Korean songs are just unstoppable!

*this is in no particular order*

Definitely a group to watch. As a rookie group, their stage manner and confidence are just amazing. They're so good visually and vocally too. I would probably love them even more after this, the first single is already this amazing!

Gain from Brown Eye Girls is so charismatic. I love her ever since her WGM in Jo Kwon. And she's so petite and sexy. This song is so good. The storyline is quite disturbing but I kinda like how she touches issue that not many would even mention about.

 This actually come with a web drama! And of course Seo In Guk is just marvelous.
 But the song itself is so good. Melody Day should be getting more attention. I already like it when Melody Day sang Master's Sun OST

 I might be bias. Probably. But I always love T-Ara style of music. Despite all of the past rumors and scandals etc. I still like them!

This is a bubbly song. Lim Kim voice is masterpiece as always! Just listen to the first line, you'll definitely be able to recognize her voice. Its so distinct and unique. And the actress is just so cute. I recognize her from many dramas and movie.

This might sounds overrated but I don't have any IU song that I don't like. She's really a versatile artist.
Her concepts are always refreshing. This song is relaxing and just prefect to listen to with a cup of coffee in your hand.

 Yayy! Another song with KWill voice in it ;) 
This song is very upbeat, and a bit retro-ish(?) and I really like it. Again, it's KWill right?
And I like that he always do collaboration with other artists too. Haha

I've been loving Sunny Hill ever since I discovered their song Pray. They are just amazing, with awesome vocals and unique songs. This song is slower than usual but it's still the type of song I would listen while doing something else. Ikr, most people listen to upbeat songs, but I like listening to slow songs when I'm focusing on something else.

I first watch this video because Song Ji Hyo is in it. But I am pleasantly surprised by how good this song. I'll probably be listening to this for a very long time. That's how much I like it! And the Spanish narration is just a good idea. Love love this!

This song reminds me a lot of SISTAR's Lonely. Not in the song, but the concept overall. But, it's undeniable that this song can make you addicted after a few times listening.

Well, that's all. 
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

P/s: This is a quick update, and I don't exactly check my grammars and structures so please understand if my words sounded weird.

P/p/s: So is there anything here that suit to your liking? And please share your current fav songs with me so I can listen to it too. No language barrier, as long it is good ;D

February 24, 2014

Review: Bag of Love (January Edition)

I got chosen as one of the reviewer for the January edition of 'Bag of Love' under the Butterfly Project community, and received the bag last Saturday. I came across Bag of Love ever since they first released their first debut bag last year, but somehow I never sign up one for myself. I don't know why!For those who are still unfamiliar about this Bag of Love, it is actually similar to other beauty box brands in Malaysia, but instead of using 'boxes' they opted a greener, earth friendly method by replacing the boxes to bags.

February 23, 2014

Dayre: Taking Rants to A Whole New Level!

I've always feel like ranting too much about my daily life on blogger is just not my style. The best place to me is just by tweeting. Because rants to me are just excerpts of random stuffs that happened to me in a day that is not worth mentioning here but still felt like sharable.

So when I discover Dayre for the first time, its like a breath of fresh air.

What I like about Dayre is its minimalistic design with just the perfect navigation menu.Its like a combination of a blog, a twitter and instagram accounts in one place.I love how it gets compiled into one post per day regardless of how many time you're updating.

The hash tags features is nice and I just love all the emoticons available. I wish there will be more soon
Even though it was last year when I first discovered Dayre (through blogger Xiaxue), it was early this year that I finally made an account.

People are still unfamiliar about this app but I have a feeling that this type of micro blogging will be more popular as time pass by. But, no matter how I love Dayre. I don't think it would be able to completely overcome the popularity of blogs (blogger, wordpress etc)
 The difference between Dayre and Blogger to me is that Dayre gives off a more personal feel while Blogger is more 'formal-like'.

The only thing that I don't really like about Dayre is its following timeline updates. Its just less efficient and not very organized.

But still, I think people should give it a chance. Despite my bias-ness towards Blogger, I still find Dayre fun to update. In fact, it is just so easy to update on Dayre!

So, do anyone of you have a Dayre account? What do you think about it?
 So far I don't know anyone who have Dayre around me.

Feel free to check on my Dayre! You can view it both from PC or phone/tablet.

And don't forget to say hi!

Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

Secrets to 'Fangirling' Effectively.

cr: tumblr

I've been focusing in beauty post lately that I've forgotten to give some love on my other obsession, which is being a fan girl. Despite some skeptical views on fan girls nowadays, to people who truly understand, being a fan girl is such a time indulging matter. Therefore, only people with real interest would be able to handle this.

No joke.

It doesn't matter what kind of fan girl are you. You could be 'fangirl'-ing over your favourite bands, your favourite animes, your favourite books, or your favourite actors or even actresses.

The point is to 'fangirl' effectively.

As I've mentioned above, being a fan girl would consume so much of your time, and even money.
I for once, are crazy over anything related to Super Junior and Harry Potter.
Based on my pasts 'fangirl'-ing experience over Super Junior and being a Potterhead, there are some know hows that you need to know in order to make sure your 'fan girl'-ing activities doesn't disrupt your real life.

For examples, I've meet so many of my fellow SJ fan girls who does very well in their schools, universities, and even at work. They spent so much time on fan girls activities, yet managed to gloriously prove others that a fan girl is not some one you should be looking down at. People should stop stereotyping every one and kept saying that people in fandom does not have a bright future.

The secret is how you do it.

So let's us get to the point of this post.

How to Fangirl Effectively
(or Fanboy)

1. Plan your day ahead.

You need to be a planner in order to make sure all your fan girl activities doesn't disrupt the quality of your life and work. Like what I said above, 'fangirl'-ing could take up a lot of your time. Searching for the latest news related to the subject(s) of your interest, watching any videos or fancams on youtube, reading fanfics, downloading new CF pictures. Without perfect planning, you could be drowned in a vortex where you'll forget the time subconsciously. Heck, even planning a day before is too risky. You should plan a week or a month ahead to make sure you won't be too caught up in everything at once. Set up certain time for your fan girl activites, and time for managing your real life. This way you can do both without any worries.

2. Never procrastinate.

If you're a huge procrastinator, you'll end up stressing out every time your work deadline is nearing. One of the good stuffs I've learned over all these years of 'fangirl'-ing is that there is nothing good about delaying things. You need to finish all of your work as early as you can so that the remaining time of your day could be dedicated to your fan girl activities. Staying up late is like a normal thing for a fan girl. But staying up late for your fangirl'-ing activities while having a pile of work and deadlines are just the worst thing ever.

cr: weheartit

3. Save your money ahead of time

One of the worst situation that could happen to fan girl is when there is suddenly a new merchandise being released, or a new tour coming ahead. If you don't have spare money or just don't have savings, you'll end up biting your nails when your fellow fan girls started showing off their latest collection of new albums and merchandises.Or just that precious piece of ticket for the upcoming concert/fan meeting, with of course the best seating they could get. This point strongly relate with the first rule, which is planning. If you're a good planner, you will always cast aside some back up money just in case there is a sudden concert announcement. You need to know that concert or fan meeting tickets could sold out just in a blink of eye so emergency secret stash of funds are just required.

4. Excellent internet connection and computer memory

Having these are just a must. There is a huge difference between having super high speed internet line vs. crappy connections. A lot of time could be saved if you have good internet connection. Downloading stuffs are just like breathing when it comes to 'fangirl'-ing, thus bring us to the second crucial thing, a huge memory storage. A gigabytes sized external hard disk is just not enough. We now need a terabyte sized storage. In this high definition and blue rays era, its just impossible to not have those in our hands.

5. Fit and have a great lung capacity

Screaming and running around are just normal. If you're not tough enough, you'll definitely collapse while 'fangirl'-ing. In order to catch a glimpse of your favourite person or band, queuing up is like eating or drinking. For example, buying the most expensive rock pit ticket doesn't assure you the perfect view of stage.You have to earn it to enjoy it. Queuing early in the morning on the concert day is just normal. That is the only way to get the best area for watching. Numbered seating tickets? It's just the same. Although you have to suffer a bit earlier. To get the most front and best seating, queuing up early on ticket presale event is normal. Thus, you definitely have to be fit enough for all of that.

cr: weheartit

6. Don't take others comments personally

There is a fine line between being a crazy overly obsessive fan girl and an intelligent one. In order to be categorized as an intelligent fan girl, you have to be open to others judgement towards the subject of your affection. Not everyone thinks alike, and there will always be some people in this world who could never understand your love or dedication. Some might just talk behind your back, but the existence of judgmental haters are just unavoidable.There is a saying that's quite well known that should always be remembered.

"The fans define the fandom"

  Criticism is there in order for people to improve. Never take it too personally. You could always debate and defend yourself but make sure you're doing it properly. Shouting around, cursing and bad mouthing others would make you just the same. In the end, you'll always feel uncomfortable in telling others about your fandom. And that would definitely take away all the fun, don't you think?

cr: weheartit

Well, there are others know how that you'll get to learn while being a fan girl. But these six are most essential in order to make sure your 'fangirl'-ing experience is a happy one.

So, what fandom are you in? Share it with me in the comment below!

Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

February 22, 2014

What's on My Phone?! 'The Favourite Photo Apps' Edition.

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I've been wanting to do something like this for the longest time. Usually we can watch youtubers sharing their 'What's on My Phone' in their video but since it's a blog post and listing down every apps that I have in my phone would take too long, I decided to narrow it down to my favourite photo apps.

 I love taking pictures and selcas (definitely!) , and I have tons of camera or photo apps for editing my pictures. For your information, I even use my phone camera apps for editing pictures for my blog and for watermarking. 

So, I'm going to list my Top Five favourite camera/photo editing apps that I have in my phone!

I love this apps! It's simple and easy to use. I love the different lenses and style option! They also have pretty filters. I've been using this for quite sometimes (more than a year already), and I still love it!

Personal Rating: 4.6/5.0

For Instagram mania like me,this is a must! Compared to other collage maker, I like how simple and straight forward this apps is.

Personal Rating: 4.3/5.0 

 Sweet like its name, this app is just cute! To me, they have the best filter ever. Sweet and soft hues, and some others abstract filters. Also have other editing options but I mainly use this for filtering.

 Personal Rating: 4.5/5.0

You could say that this is my android version of photoshop or gimp. Well, although the features are not as advanced and complete like psp or gimp, you could say that basic editing (and a little more advanced than others photo editing apps) has been made possible by this. I really like it, but despite that I don't use this app as often as I use the three above. Why? Because I'm too lazy. Haha. But still, its a must have for a photo mania like me! It has so many downloadable effect and filters too.
 Personal Rating: 4.7/5.0 

This camera app doesn't have all that fancy filters stuffs. But it really take beautiful pictures. Simple and minimal. I love to use this when taking surrounding pictures. 

 Personal Rating: 4.5/5.0

To be honest, I have more camera and photo editor apps in my phone and many of them I haven't even tried yet. So how about you guys? Any other favourite apart from what in my list? Share yours so I can try it too.

And till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

February 21, 2014

Chit chats at Tous les Jours Bukit Bintang!

Tous les Jours , with literal meaning of 'Each Day' is not a foreign bakery brand to me. One of Super Junior member, Eunhyuk opened a branch of the bakery in South Korea not long ago and it is very famous among the fans. Since I'm a SUPER HUGE fan of Super Junior, I'm already well aware of this French-Asia cafe/bakery brand even before they opened their first Bangsar branch in Malaysia. But, fret not I'm not here to share on my 'fangirl'-ing moments.

 Last week, I finally got to visit the second branch of TLJ in Malaysia. Situated in Bukit Bintang, this bakery can be seen as soon as you get off the Bukit Bintang Monorail station. Just opposite of the H&M store, and not far from Pavilion, this two-story bakery is just strategically located that it is almost impossible to miss it.

When you first entered, you will be greeted "Annyeonghaseyo" by the bakery staffs, which is quite a shock for me. I didn't expect to hear that, even when I know that TLJ is owned by a South Korean company. The staffs here are friendly and cheerful too.

The interior of the bakery/cafe is just so classy and vintage-like. Its very spacious, and quite calm with not many people around.This is probably because I came during working hours. My friend told me that it is usually packed with people, especially after working hours.

 Unfortunately, I forgot to take some snapshots of the interior due to my excitement over the breads and cakes. But I did took some shots on our orders.
To order, you just need to choose the bread or pastries you want and put it on the available tray, and just bring it to the counter. For cakes and some other desserts like macaroons on the display shelves, you just need to point out your  choice at the counter and the staffs will take it out for you. After you pay, you'll be given a number tag, which the waiter will send you your ordered drinks.

For the beverages, I ordered my all time favourite coffee, Ice Caramel Macchiato and my friend ordered Ice Cappuccino Latte. The price for the coffee is sligtly cheaper than Starbucks' grande order. If I'm not mistaken,the price was RM9 for my Ice Caramel Macchiato and the same for the Cappuccino Latte.

Ice Caramel Macchiato: RM9++

Ice Cappuccino Latte: RM9++

And we decided to order cakes instead of any other pastries, even when we haven't had our lunch yet that day. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake but that day, I ordered a Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake  and my friend ordered a Classic Cheese Cake (Not exactly sure if that were the exact name.).

Chocolate Ganache Mousse Cake: RM9.80++

Classic Cheese Cake

As for the cakes, I'm less sure of the price but I think mine was RM9.80

The cakes are so good! I'm not really good in eating rich flavored chocolate cake, but this one is fine for me. The classic cheese cake is good too. And it suits my friend's palate. Not too sweet. Just perfect!

We sat at the far corner of the first floor, and spent time catching up for quite awhile. In overall, this place would definitely be my favorite spot from now on. Maybe I should try the breads next time. But as far as the overall service, I like it.

So let me end this post with this quick selca we took before heading out that day.

Until next post, toodles! ♥

Taking Order: Bloom Cosmetics Sale on MySale

Lately, I've been so crazy about Organic soaps (apart from makeups of course!). And since MySale is having a sale for Bloom Cosmetics, again I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

The products offered range from Bloom Organic, organic soap, tools and essentials, products for complexion, eyes, lips, nail polishes, and some kits.

The product I would recommend would be

1) The Concealer Kit RM21
2) The Organic Soap RM9-RM30
3) Bloom Organic oil RM30

So if you're interested in ordering, please PM me on Facebook for details or email me at anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com

This order will open until tomorrow, 22 February 2014 at 6PM

February 20, 2014

Movie Review: The Journey.

cr: colourlessopinions

Okay. So, I don't usually do a movie review but I decided do it this once on a movie I watched last week at Pavilion with my bestie Sue. It's just so good that it deserves more attention! You could say that this is not an in depth review, but more on my thoughts on this awesome movie.

The Journey


First, let me be a bit honest. I don't usually watch this kind of movie in cinema. I usually go for animation, disney movies, or fantasy like movies. But my friend Sue convinced me to watch it and I got to say, I don't regret watching it at all. It was amazing and worth every penny.

This movie, is a Malaysian production movie, and it revolves around the theme of family and love. And the movie was released on cinema on 30th of January, for Chinese New Year.

 The Synopsis

The Journey is a cross-continental story that explores the idea of culture, not just as tradition but as an expression of love. When Bee (Yew) returns to Malaysia for the first time in a decade - she introduces her conservative father Uncle Chuan (Lee) to her happy-go-lucky British fiancé, Benji (Pfeiffer). With Benji's lack of cultural understanding and comprehension of Chinese traditions, Chuan opposes their marriage. Unexpected circumstances ensue, and Chuan reluctantly submits to their union, on the condition that their wedding adheres to Chinese tradition. Part of that tradition is that Chuan must invite all of his childhood friends personally. So the quintessential odd couple, Benji and Chuan, embark on a cross country adventure to deliver the invitations. Despite language barriers and initial hesitation from both parties, the two men come to realize that their priorities are essentially one and the same.

*credit: imdb*

My Thoughts

The actors and actresses are just amazing, especially the one who played Uncle Chuan and Benji. Their chemistry is just marvelous. The cinematography, and storyline is just awesome. There are so many pretty shots in this movie that impressed me. This movie tackle on so many issues at once and what's more amazing is that they did it so deeply that I cried so much while watching. So many laughter, but also so many things that touched my heart. This is not just an empty movie with no values. I would recommend this to everyone. A great watch for family day out.

My rating would be 4.9/5.0

*Because giving 5.0 seems a little to biased to me. But really, it deserves to get a 5.0*

February 13, 2014

Taking Order: Calvin Klein Crazy Sale at MySale

MySale.my is doing a Calvin Klein cosmetic reduction sale with CRAZY PRICE!
As I decided to buy some stuffs for myself and some friends, I decided to open up order for everyone too!

The products offered are:
CK Summer Affair Bronzing Powder: RM15 (Before Discount: RM123)
CK Luxury Creme Lipstick: RM 9 (Before Discount: RM93)

CK Ultimate Edge Lipgloss: RM 9 (Before Discount: RM74)
CK Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow: RM 9 (Before Discount: RM 83)
CK Flush With Desire Velvet Blush: RM 15 (Before Discount: RM80)
With a crazy price like that I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss this out. To view the products, click here, or view it on my Facebook.
For inquiries on payment and shipping etc, please PM me on my Facebook (link on the top left), or email me at anisfarhanaaliman@gmail.com
I'm taking the order until 12 noon, this Saturday, 15th February 2014.

February 08, 2014

Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part 1.

Hey peeps! 
As promised in previous post, I finally got the chance to update on my short trip.

February 06, 2014

[Korean Drama Review] Prime Minister and I

This is probably my first ever full review on Korean drama ever since I started watching them, probably 200 dramas ago. Yeah, I'm a drama maniac. And my favourite one of all time is Korean drama (read: Korean drama with original Korean language audio, not the dubbed one showed on TV sometimes). 

I remember that my first Korean drama was Full House, and since that I've became so hooked. If I were to list down all the dramas I've watched, I don't think I'll finish this post in one day. I can't even do rough estimation. I've watched too many drama, I have more than 100++ dramas in my external hard disk (which mainly are from year 2012 and 2013), and a few other VCD and DVD boxes of older dramas.

I just finished watching Prime Minister and I drama yesterday. The final episode aired on 4th of February in Korea, so I didn't waste anytime and finished it all just in time after the English subbed final episode were uploaded online.

You see, I have this particular rule when it came to watching a series. Let it be Korean drama, Japanese drama, Taiwanese drama or even anime, I will always wait for it to be completed before I started watching.

Because, you can say that I have zero tolerance in waiting for next episode to be aired. Thus, I usually start watching my drama on the day the final episode air. By then, I'll have enough time to watch the earlier episodes while waiting for the final subbed episode.

 Now let's move on.

 cr: dokmis

A little info on this drama
(cr: Asianwiki)

Title:  Prime Minister and I / 총리와 나(Chongriwa Na)
Aired: 9 December 2013 - 4 February 2014
Network: KBS2
Total Episodes: 17

Leading Casts: Im Yoona (SNSD), Lee Beom Soo, Yoon Si Yoon, Ryu Jin, Chae Jung An

Asianwiki Synopis:

Prime Minister Kwon Yool (Lee Beom-Soo) works well at his office, but he struggles to raise his three children alone. Nam Nam Da-Jung (Yoona) is a reporter full of enthusiasm at work, but she always ends up missing big scoops. Nam Da-Jung comes to Kwon Yool and his three kids like a Christmas present. 
*There will be some major spoilers after this*
 First Impression:

In my years of watching Korean drama, first impression does play a very big role in making me either be completely drown into the story or just put it off in my 'To Watch Later When Bored' lists.
My first impression and reaction on first episode will always be either;
1) 'the first episode is too awesome time flies by so fast' or 
2) 'not a bad start but too many boring scenes , but i should give it a chance' or 
3) 'it's just been ten minutes but i'm already sleepy'

 cr: phantom-mr
And for Prime Minister and I, it was the first reaction. The first episode was funny, and very entertaining. Watching the whole *more or less one hour long* first episode felt like minutes. And as I started watching, I ended up watching seven episodes straight that night and slept just after breakfast. 
*Thank God it's holiday*

Casts and Characters Development:

In overall, Prime Minister and I (which I'll just refer as PMI after this) have very good casts! The actor for Prime Minister Kwon Yul, Lee Beom Soo is definitely not a stranger for a K-drama mania like me. He is a very good actor, charismatic and such a heart throb (regardless of his age). The way he acted to show the serious, stoic, mature and intelligent Kwon Yul is just amazing. Yoona also did well in this drama. I can see a huge development in her acting skill since her last drama Love Rain with Jan Geun Suk. Yoon Si Yoon, who acted as the 'love rival' of Kwon Yul really was amazing! He managed to 'lay down' his presence and not over shine the main lead although he himself had been acting as main lead so many times by now.

cr: kdramap

I like how Da Jung (Yoona) character develop her relationship with Kwon Yul and his children. It's also amazing how the child actors themselves managed to act so well especially the youngest one who acted as Kwon ManSae. (Oh btw, the writer did a good job in naming the children! Kwon Woori, Kwon Nara and Kwon Mansae, 'Woori Nara Mansae' which actually translated to 'Long Live our Country' LOL Funny right?)

The chemistry between Yoona and Lee Beom Soo is just so amazing. My favourite scene of their interaction is when Da Jung (Yoona) read the 1001 Nights Tale to Kwon Yul (Lee Beom Soo) every night to help him with his insomnia. It's just so sweet! Especially the scene when Yoona accidentally saying that 'Scheherazade is confessing her love to Sultan'  when the scene doesn't actually exist in the book, and it was actually Da Jung's subconsciously hinting her own feelings for Kwon Yul. *So funny*

There actually not much skinship between the two of them through out the episodes, but for this drama it actually makes sense to me. The difference between their age, and considering Kwon Yul's serious and very mature and proper personality has made the writer of this drama to make their interaction to be more of a mature love story, than the usual 'cutesy-passionate' love story most Korean dramas have.

The Ending:

The main problem with most Korean dramas I've watched is that the ending for each of them are always rushed and made the fans feeling dissapointed. And for PMI, most of the feedbacks are showing that the viewers are actually not very satisfied with the ending.
Lack of skinship (and even final kiss), and also the plain ending (handshake between Da Jung and Kwon Yul, after their reunion) really tick off some people. The ending was dubbed as 'not appropriate' for such an amazing drama like PMI. 

To be honest, a part of me does feel a little empty watching the ending. Instead of a handshake to symbolizes a start of a new story for Da Jung and Kwon Yul, the writer should make a more solid ending.  (Probably a real proposal from Kwon Yul, or an engagement, or even better, a wedding)

But on one side, I don't feel that sense of big disappointment everyone else is still having right now (it's been just 2 days since the final episode aired). I just don't know why. Usually I would be hating this kind of open-ending situation, but for  PMI, somehow the plain-ness of the ending actually made sense to me.

I mean, I really can't imagine a guy like Kwon Yul (being Prime Minister,who in the end is going for Presidency*if i'm not mistaken*) could actually act so brokenhearted after Da Jung left. I mean, he already married once and had 3 children. It doesn't make sense for him to act hopeless or devastated.
Instead, I really like the way they portrayed the love relationship between Da Jung and Kwon Yul. Even after separation (probably more than a year, hinted by Minister Joong Ki's newborn baby), they both stayed loyal and in love with each other. And Da Jung did say that if they are meant to be, if they meet again, she will never let go of him anymore. And in the end, Da Jung did came back to him. And Kwon Yul did wait for her.

So, it was enough for me. A more solid ending would be awesome, but this is fine too. 
 So overall, this is such an awesome drama! I'll probably download it when the completed episodes got compiled in one torrent. That means, the probability for countless re-watch is very high!

The OST:
cr: dokmis

For PMI, the OSTs are rather plain and just 'okay'. Nothing that made me hooked to listen all over again. And to be honest, I can only remember one song from it. And by the way, the background music in this drama, really reminds me of Princess Hour drama at times.
In conclusion I would recommend you to watch this drama if you're looking for a funny, and lighthearted drama. The storyline is good, and the casts are amazing. 
Not a bad way to start my 2014!

Makeup Academy Professional (MUA) Heaven and Earth Palette Review, Swatches and Simple Look ♥

Hello guys!

I've been wanting this palette for as long as I can remember. But, every time I wanted to order, it would always be sold out and completely not in stock. But luckily, I finally get my hand on this palette after so long searching! 

Some people says that this Makeup Academy Heaven and Earth Palette is the Naked Palette dupe. Well, from my observation there are some 'almost similar' shades from both palette, but it is not the exact copy. I have to say that MUA Undressed and MUA Undressed Me Too are actually more similar to Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2, shades comparison wise.

If you find Naked palette a little bit over your spending budget , I think this is the best alternative you could ever find! It cost me RM33 which is already so cheap, but if you're buying straight from MUA Online Store, this palette only cost £4 which is about RM22 (Both shipping cost not included).

  Moving on to the palette itself. This palette contains 12 shimmery shades that range from almost nude to dark brown colour.

Weight: 9.6 g
Usage Duration after Opening: 12 Months

The packaging is made from plastic and very simple, and there is one dual ended felt tip brush provided in the palette. I don't really mind about the packaging, considering how affordable this palette is.

The texture of each shade is very silky smooth, almost creamy if you swatch it using your finger. Quite pigmented, and it doesn't have fallout when I apply it on my eyelids.

Now, onto the swatches;

Palette Left Side

 This is swatches for the six shades on the left side of the palette. I've put numbering on each shade to help you see it better.

Swatches for Left Side

Palette Right Side

Swatches for Right Side

As you can see, the six colours on the right contains more darker shades than the left one. The most pigmented shade in this palette is No 2 on the right. A very metallic dark brown, and probably my favourite one among all shades in this palette (based on my first swatch impression)

I tried to do a simple neutral look using this palette, and I really love how it turns out! Very neutral indeed.

And here is the pictures on the closer look. (Sorry for blurry selca! I used my Samsung S3 for all these pictures, and its front camera for these selfies. LOL)

 In overall, I really like this palette and I would definitely repurchase when I ran out later! The small size is very suitable for traveling too.

That's all for this post. I'll be back for more soon.
Till then, toodles! ^^