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How to Introvert Like a Pro: Groceries Shopping In Pyjamas

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As much as I hate to admit it, I'm really an introvert. While social gathering is something I need once in awhile but I love to spend majority of my time in the comfort of my own 'zone'; meaning less human interaction. I just enjoy my alone time and solitude. There are days where I just want to stay at home and do my work in my room. When those days come, even the tiniest chores like groceries shopping sounds like an eternity of punishment to me. 

Lepak Time at Teh Tarik Place

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I had the privilege to check out Teh Tarik Place in Menara UOA Bangsar thanks to FoodInk. I personally really like Mamak style food so it was something I look forward to. Due to unexpected traffic jam my arrival was delayed but thankfully I made it right where everyone just started eating. 

How Spicy is Too Spicy?

Hello guys!

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I have this love-hate issue with spicy food. I love it when my meal has a touch of spiciness with it, but it can't be too spicy because I'm really bad at handling spicy food. I got teased a lot by my brothers whenever we had something and it's too hot for me. Despite everything, I still enjoy eating 'moderately' spicy meals and I always think that my food taste bland and boring when it isn't. I don't have much choice either because my family members are spicy food monsters and my mom always make our food spicy as how the majority like it. 

[VIDEO] Clinique New Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer and Photoshoot at the MetalBees Studio!

Hello guys!

I reached another milestone with blogging and this time it is such a big deal for me as this brand I got to collaborate with is one of my favourite brand EVER!! It's none other than the real deal, super amazing brand CLINIQUE! I am a huge fan of this brand and some of the steps in my skincare routine also uses some of the products from Clinique! If you follow me on my Facebook, you might have seen me posting some updates while attending the photo shoot session a few weeks back. The haze that day was so bad but even that could't stopped me from going! *Don't get fooled by the pretty outdoor picture (taken after event outside of the Metal Bees Studio), I was holding my breath a lot of times*

[VIDEO/GIVEAWAY] Guerisson 9-Complex Cream Review + Authenticity Check

Hello guys!

I'm super excited about this post! I have been thinking about trying to do a YouTube video for so long but it was really hard to find courage to get started. Finally managed to convinced myself and here is my video review!! *claps for myself* *pardon my engrish*

I'm Alive and (Difficultly) Breathing: Tips during Haze!

Hello guys!

I've been MIA again right?! Actually my lack of updates is again due to my asthmatic problem which has turned to be a bit hard to control ever since the haze started get worse about one month ago. I even went to ER (twice) and the doctor latest diagnosis on me aside from the asthma was 'almost pneumonia'. Yeah, it's that bad but it was not shocking to me. I pretty much expected it because how the heck am I going to do the 'mind control' thing I usually do during my asthma attacks when I myself know I can't really avoid the smell of something burning that keeps on infiltrating my whole house all the time. 

Movies Binge with Iflix ft Smart Pinoy Sim

Hello guys!

Life is so much fun and easy for introverts like me these days. Staying at home is never boring when I get to binge on movies without the need of going to cinemas or buying CDs. It's all because of my latest addiction to Iflix. If you love to binge on movies like me, make sure to read more. 

Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara Review

Hello guys!

I'm back with yet another beauty review and this time its the Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara. Skin Soul is a local brand that features organic and paraben free skincare. It is not a foreign brand to me because I've tried out some of their products on counter before. The mascara delivers thicker and more volumed lashes and also features growth and curls actives. The key ingredient is Mulberry Root Extract deeply nourishes and strengthens lashes while Lash Curling Complex promotes lasting curls. The results are fuller, longer and beautiful curled lashes.

Dirty Benefits Coconut Confession All Natural Coffee Scrub Review

Hello guys!

Do you love body scrub? If you never tried any scrub product before, I highly recommend you to start from now. Body scrub has a lot of health and beauty benefits especially as an option for people with skin problem. I love scrub product and recently I was introduced with Dirty Benefits; all natural coffee scrub that is packed with whole lots of good stuffs. Comes in two different type Classic Obsession and Coconut Confessions, I managed to get my hand on the later. 

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015: In The Eyes of A Fashion Noob

Hello guys! 

Alia Bastamam models. Image credit: sizzlingsuzai

Recently (actually it was weeks back but I forgot to publish the post), I was given an opportunity to attend one of the show during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear (KLFWRTW) 2015. In normal days, my experience in the world of fashion are usually limited to those times when I watch movies or television shows that revolves around it. For example; The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and of course Ugly Betty, which is one of my favourite American series ever. I never consider myself fashionable. Maybe not a fashion terrorist (oh gosh please, hopefully not) but my wardrobe usually consist of stuffs that I consider affordable, comfortable, not too plain yet still does not stand out that much. In another word, just a normal plain Jane. There might be occasions where I dolled up a bit but I bet the numbers are far less the number of fingers I have on my hand.

The Martian Movie Review: Watch How Sexy Matt Damon Conquer Mars

Hello guys!

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When I first read the news of the movie adaptation of Andy Weir's best-selling novel The Martian, I got really excited . Like super ecstatic; especially since Matt Damon is the lead actor. We all know how great and sexy actor he is both at the same time. I love the novel story line to bits when I first listened to the audio version of it on Audible. Love it so much that I then reread the entire novel all over again soon after that, twice. I recommended the book to a fellow blogger Kak Puteri and she share the same opinion so we ended up going to watch the movie together too.

Go and Try Out Philippines Food Products at Foods and Hotels Malaysia Exhibition 2015

Hello guys! 

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Earlier today, I managed to drop by at the Foods and Hotels Malaysia Exhibition 2015 where I was invited by the Embassy of Philippines to visit their food products booth there. I was really excited about it yesterday since Carol (fellow blogger and a dear friend of mine) told me that we will get to try a lot of Filipino foods products they are showcasing in this four day long exhibition. Since I never had a proper Filipino meal before, I'm very curious how they taste and how different they would be from our local delicacies.

Esmeria Soothing Organics: Soothing Shower Gel for Sensitive and Eczema Skin Review

Hello guys!

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This second part review on Esmeria Soothing Organics product will be focusing on one of their body care product that attracts my attention the most out of the six products that I received for review. To be honest I have never tried any body wash product that is targeted for my quite sensitive skin. The fact that this product is not just for sensitive but also for people suffering eczema problem pique my interest a lot.

Anime Cinemusic Concert in Malaysia: Get Your Nerds On!

Hello Minnasan!

If you know me, you will definitely know that I am a huge anime fan. I might not look like it (a lot of people don't believe me when I say I love anime) but I have a list of anime I want to watch every new seasons of the year! Yes, anime in Japan are aired based on Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn rotation and as an anime lover I always make sure my watching list is up to date. I did mentioned about this obsession of mine in a lot of my old posts. Most recently I talked about how much I wanted to go to the anime festival especially AnimeJapan2016. As an anime lover, loving the soundtracks from anime is a must! Honestly speaking, 90% of songs in my phone playlists are either something Korean or Japanese. There are a lot of amazing opening and ending songs in anime!

Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 2015: Makeover Yourself to Hong Kong!

 Hello guys!

Knowing that women have endless possibilities in showing their talent, beauty, and passion to the world; Mary Kay once again opens its door for the females to fulfill their dream with the Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 2015! With nine participating Asia Pacific countries which are Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, Mary Kay is looking for someone fresh to be the brand's new face.

Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015: I Laughed Like Crazy at Ong Als and the Gala Night show!

Hello guys! 

Oh my gosh. Remember when I share with you guys about the Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015 in my post about two weeks ago? I finally got to watch two shows yesterday! I barely recover from a week long of fever and asthma (stupid haze effect) but I braced myself to go out because I didn't want to miss out on Ong Als last show here and also the Gala Night performance. I was right to force myself to go. They were all so freaking amazing!

Raku Pizza 楽ピザ: Japanese Fusion Pizza (Fun Customizable, DIY Pizza)

Hello guys!

It's the wee hour of the night; I am hungry and craving for some pizza. So naturally, it makes me think of the unique Japanese fusion pizza that I had a few weeks back in Raku Pizza, SS15 Subang. Let me emphasize word 'unique' once again because it is truly how I feel about the whole experience. Raku Pizza has a very different concept from other pizza places I've ever been to and to me that is good in so many ways.

Silky Girl Celebrating 10 Years of Confidence: Limited Edition Range

Hello guys!

I love limited edition makeup range; they are wearable collector piece that always make me happy. Its really tempting when it comes to buying limited edition products since they are well, literally limited. Some of them sometimes has a really nice shade so I usually make an effort to try out or swatch some of the product on my hand whenever it is possible.

Laneige Beauty Road: BB Cushion Makeup Trend Tips and Tricks

Hello guys!

Credit: Aliza Sara

I am huge fan of Laneige BB Cushion, it's actually one of my favourite so far. In fact I have already done a review for their BB Cushion Pore Control product in the Mini Pore Range post so you can check out the full review there. In this post, I'm sharing about their Road Tour that I attended last month where I got to learn more tips and tricks regarding the BB cushion makeup trend.

Watson Really Syok: Redeem Your Points!

 Hello Guys!

I bet lots of you guys own a Watson VIP card. I myself had signed up for the Watson VIP card for three times already because I kept losing them; what a luck. Still, every time I lost my card I would definitely sign up for a new one because I know that Watson has an awesome reward program for their customers. Even before this, I got a bunch of freebies makeup (I think it was December last year) when I went to buy my Bourjois Velvet lipsticks there. 

Laugh Till Your Belly Button Comes Off at KL International Comedy Festival 2015!

Hello guys! 

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Do you love a good laugh? If you do make sure to read until the end of this post because something is happening just around the corner and you wouldn't want to miss it. But first, let me start this post with a few jokes I found somewhere on the internet to warm up your laugh factory.

Strip! Exposing Dirty Little Secrets.

Hello guys!

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After my first virgin experience in waxing which I mentioned in my Beauty Day Out post, my journey in the world of waxing continue as I learn more about personal hygiene care while getting a wax; or hair removal treatment in overall. Most people, including myself seem to be missing out a few not so obvious but very important points when we go for a waxing. How clean is the practice? Are they as hygienic as they claimed it to be?

Makan Makan Food Hunt with 1Utama!

Hello guys!

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If you noticed the sudden influx on my Instagram posts last week you might have a rough idea on what I'm sharing about in this blog post. It's another 'foodventure' post with me and this time featuring one of the largest mall in the world and a place where I've been frequent these days, which is 1Utama Shopping Centre. I used to feel very unfamiliar with the mall since it's quite far from where I stay but thankfully I've mastered the art of public transport these days so going to 1Utama is not really a problem to me anymore! LRT, Uber and GrabCar are definitely my favourite way of commuting there. One another note, you can sign up for a free uber credit worth RM20 if you use my code UBERXANIS .

Pedicure Experience @ Apron Bay, Bangsar

Hey guys!

Thanks to The Butterfly Project,I went for a beauty day out with Beauty Guide an online beauty platform where beauty addicts like us can browse and look for the best beauty services nationwide. You can read about them HERE

My Top 5 Wishlist from Althea Korea!


If you've read my post on 5 Reasons Why I Love Althea Korea , you should know how much I like the new online shopping website. Even after finishing beta testing shopping haul, I always find myself to be checking out Althea almost on a daily basis (stalker alert! :P). My wishlist in my account keeps on growing and now already reaching to 20 products! I know, so much stuffs to buy and try!!

Movie Review: What If You Can Do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING?

Hello guys!

What if one day you wake up and suddenly you're granted with a power that let you do absolutely anything; what would you wish for? Personally my wishes would be along the line of infinite wealth, great health maybe an ability to stay in my ideal weight forever (oh yes please) and to make my cat Leo be able to talk (just like how the main lead wished the same for his dog, LOL). It's definitely a matter of 'what if', and I am pretty once in awhile this kind of thought would pop into most of our minds.

Esmeria Soothing Organics Shampoo and Conditioner: For Sensitive, Dandruff or Irritated Scalp

Hello Guys!

Several weeks ago I was sent a bunch of Esmeria Soothing Organics products for me to try and review. I was super ecstatic about it especially since Esmeria Soothing Organics, as true to it's name is an brand that focuses on organic product range. Some of you might have not heard a…

Cityscape For Her EDP by Mary Kay


Perfumes can empower people. When you're surrounded with pleasant scents your mood will indirectly be swayed towards the same direction. This is the age where people regardless of gender race towards their dreams and goals while meeting people and creating new connections. With that tho…

Althea: My First Haul and Shopping Guide Infographic


I've been obsessed with Althea Korea ( ) lately. If you follow my Instagram you might have seen a series of post on my experience as Althea Korea beta tester. I also mentioned that I will be sharing my first haul from Althea Korea as a part of the beta testing experience but I've been delaying the post for quite a while due to multiple reasons *90 degrees bows* So to make up on that, in this post I will not only share my haul but also a simple tutorial on how to shop from Althea ;D

Wondermama: For True Malaysian Foodie

Hello guys!

One of the upside of being a Malaysian is the food. It is the absolute truth that most of our people appreciate good foods and are willing to travel and spend money just for finding the best food spots all over the country; be it a street vendor, a coffee shop, a posh restaurant etc. N…

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