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18 December 2012

this is me running away from reality and even though i knew that it is wrong i lack the will to bring myself to stop
nothing is impossible  i know that but there are also some things that aren't meant for you
i know it my rationality told me that but my heart my stubborn heart
won't listen …

dear you who commented, that is rude..totally~

cr: shuoniaiwo
i didn't come to you  i never mention anything about my interest towards you and you came and start asking questions that to some people  it could ignite anger and hatred
and you keep saying that "i'm just saying...." "i'm just asking...." "don&#…

rain rain go away~

cr: zaetti
waiting for the rainbow as the rain calms down~


assalamualaikum and hey hey lovely people!
miss me? lol, i know you don't 
i'm a little bit malas to update my blog these days or to be precise
tiada perkara menarik yang boleh dikongsi hidup penuh dengan assignments yang tertunggak and berlambak
hooyeahh final year project proposal dah st…

want to be treated with respect? then act with one!

i'm so out of word right now i hate it when i tried to have conversation, to say sorry, to discuss, people wave you off just like that. do you think we're still in kindergarten? come on lah, be an adult
you know what makes me angry the most?  it's not by the fact you're ignoring me…

first day of final year ~

tomorrow (?) as in today is the first day of my final year in degree so note to myself~

The Life of An International Fangirl..

"is hard..."  ~(-_-'')~

accio luck!

cr: dreams-scape
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :) new semester gonna start soon.. i hope it'll be much better than last semester.. i'm quite sure that it'll be a lot more hectic too.. with all the extra curricular activities, and preparation for final project.. and right now i'…


cr: tetsukuuun
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!
it's been ages right? unbelievable for blogging maniac like me..hahaha i don't know why but i kinda feel like i'm losing my blogging muse hahaha or to be precise, nothing much happened in my life these days
but wait..ohh maybe some improvement …

yay! alhamdulillah :)

final result is out and thankfully i did better than last semester i hope this will continue

걱정 마세요~ Don't Worry

cr: aokisama
don't worry i won't fall if i do the next time i'll learn to fall properly and stand up again by myself

내 가슴이 너무 아파~

cr: ookami2

trapped in time?

cr: inthenameoftragedy
i want to run away, but it would make me a child i want to stay and fight, but sometimes i feel like a coward i want to say it out loud, but keeping it to myself seems a bit easier
it's like i'm trapped in a glass watch and the time stops there  i can't go back nor can …

Close your eyes

cr: slasher-film
There will always be days Where you feel hopeless Alone and in misery
Sometimes you feel like  No one understands you
Just close your eyes And remember Him
He is the best companion Believe in His love

6th Jib Teaser!!

hey hey peeps^^

it's out guys!!  the teaser for sexy, free and single!
i love the choreo and the best stuck in my mind already!! and kangin is back!!! *cries*

kahwin and baby in tummy :)

cr: charcoalcolour
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!
hari ni topic yang selalu disebut manusia2 berumur 20 tahun ke atas.. kahwin and baby!
i got 2 exciting news today!! my friend in tgb nak kahwin!! also with my tgb schoolmate too! uuihhh riuh rendah group tgb ari ni yelahh kann, first tgb couple yang na…

Final Examination Semester 4

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
first time nak blog guna android memang takde makna lah nak taip panjang2 kan... just wanna say that my paper starts wish me luck ^^ and ampun maaf dipinta. halalkan every ilmu and makanan you gave me..
okayy tu sahaja..mau sambung baca notes ni -_…

6th Jib

cr: welovehaehyuk
they starts to release teaser again but i'm too busy to keep myself updated can't wait for the mv teaser and kyuhyun's teaser this time, the concept is a little less funkier(?) than 5th jib looking forward to it
p/s: start saving money again.  p/p/s: t-ara is coming, …


cr: lovequotesrus
sometimes i wonder if i should set this blog as private ahhh~ don't know lahhh my mood is unstable right now
goodnyte peeps

trust issue

cr: leilockheart
i think, i have a problem.  no, actually i've known this all along. i have a major trust issue. i don't know where does it start and i end up this messed up, but i really don't trust people. i might have someone close to me, yet in my heart i can't trust them complete…

good news are meant to be shared?

cr: ihazsupahpowah
wow, nomnomnomnom assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
it's been awhile since i last post a 'real' entry actually i don't really have the urge to be blogging these days hahah, but don't worry it'll come back to me one day :)
ohhh the tittle above? nothing…

Poster: Trapped In Time

Trapped In Time
Just started writing this. For the first time, I don't use own created character as the female lead. It's Sulli time! :)

First Romantic/Angst Poster Design : Fateful Encounter

Fateful Encounter it's been while since i start to write fanfic again this time i'm trying to make a romantic/angst style poster
rate my skill?  i don't think i'm good enough yet

do i know you

cr: little-brii
do i know you? i feel like i do but somehow i feel like i don't
do i know you? your smile is different your laugh sounds different your words are even more different
do i know you? i thought i know you well i never knew there will be a time where i feel like you're a complete stranger

in health and in sickness

remember Him  in health or in sickness He will be there


cr: otakulei
close you eyes and forget it all even if its just for a moment at least you'll be able to bear it you're not running away you're just..
taking a rest


cr: cutetale
like a child, i tried to run from reality. i tried to convince myself that a talking unicorn exists and my fairy godmother will come and save me from this hell like everyday. but again, unlike a child i convinced myself that there is no such thing as happy ending and love is just over…


cr: cutetale
hopelessness | unwantedmiserydepression | agonyhatredanguishrevenge | failure

that black kitten

cr: otakulei
hate me...because i lied hate me.. because i have given up hate me.. because i think it's too tiring
every day, i wake up dragging my feet gathering my strength for this
i know i should give my all since it's already written for me but i can't find it that little courage that i have los…

alice in sadland

tears are meant to be shed laugh are meant to be shared smile are meant to be spread
i know everything i keep saying it chanting it every time
don't cry laugh smile
i try to hide lock it  put it away
one night one lonely day it struggles to be let out
and it end up stuck in the middle of every hea…

Eyeliner Styles

cr: leilockheart
my fav most probably are indico, tortter, grego and luistico :) which are yours?? :P

Announcement: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps
well, about this contest, i have decided to cancel it due to a few reasons but the most important one is that, even though many people said they will submit the fanfic so far i only receive 3 participation
thus, i'm going to cancel the contest once and for all…

sunny hill: pray [how can i not notice this song??]

hey peeps ^^
as you guys know, sunny hill always makes music videos that are a little different but my favourite one is this
i cannot believe that i've been missing this!! this came out last year!! btw, it has depth in the story
and it's so sad!!
i thought they were going to help her change,…

the avengers and some other little things~

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps
cr: carlalooh
semalam pergi tengok the avengers 3D dekat times square kalau nak summary kan tak lebih dari 15 patah perkataan "the avenger is awesome, brilliant, hilarious, funny, and worth waiting for!" hhaaa. kan tak lebih 15 patah tu,,hewhewhew
i went…

totally..not google translate

cr: mizuzu3
너 때문에...내 마음이 너무 아파
*learning korean totally worth it when i can troll like this, well, not trolling exactly :P*

Super Junior Opera Japanese Version [Short MV]

kyaaa!! finally, i have something to get obsessed over jyaaaa~~~aishiteruyo!! (bajet cakap jepun sebab ni japanese version lol)


cr: itseverythingnice
i might be someone who easily gets consumed by her emotions even though i'm not that good, not that perfect no matter how i look at it this is not the solution for the problem this is the worst decision ever
i might sounds harsh, my words might sting but i learned it from all of…

and all hell's has broken loose

cr: lu-ella

we've arrived at the turning point of our life i don't think it will ever be the same anymore it'll get worse and we'll become further apart
at this point, i almost want to say that there is no such thing as selflessness i know it sounds stupid and irrational but not everyone …

tips to be happy :D

Sticky Post: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [How To Join]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
(this is a sticky post, scroll down for latest entry)
yesterday i did post an introduction entry about this contest so now is the time for contest guidelines
Contest Information
1) There are four categories and each participant can only send one fanfic for each …

When Incredibox Makes My Life Incredible :D

stress study? go to incredibox :P

cooking in style: chicken mandu/ dumpling

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^ chef anis in da house !!
our recipe today is chicken mandu/chicken dumpling!

Chicken Mandu/Dumpling

- minced chicken or you can use beef, prawn etc ( i used ramly brand) - soft tofu - cabbage - onion -garlic - black pepper  - salt - sesame oil - soy …

tak ada feel

cr: sheerluxury
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
dah lebih seminggu tak meng-update sebab vitamin M "malas" dah makin banyak nak cakap tak ada kisah nak dicerita, ada je
hmmm, tak apalah bila dah datang balik ilham tu mulalah berlambak-lambak post everyday and please do expect entry …

Fanfic Contest Update

I'm so busy now I haven't decide either to extend the date or to cancel the contest I will update soon The latest would be this weekend Thanks and sorry 

Since there are a few people who ask me to extend the date, I decided to make it last until the end of April
if on 25th of April, the to…

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [Announcement and Prize Update]

cr: leilockheart
I have an announcement to make regarding the contest. Previously I get many respond when I said I want to make this contest. But so far only 2 people send their entry and the final submission date will be on the 25th of March. I hope there will be more than 5 contestant for every …

Johny Depp is a Vampire..

after the hunger game is out next week, i'm totally counting the days for this!
may 11th 2012 :D

today's random

cr: bonjourrparis
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D
okay tonight i nak babble pasal random stuffs je. actually mata dah layu je ni, mengantuk betul tapi sebab baru sudah makan so tak boleh tidur lagi. so collection of random topics for today.
random #1
sekarang tengah tengok vanilla coklat, hous…

2AM- I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

simply awesome, i love their ballad sing much! and as always~~magnae line hwaiting!! kekekke~

Big Bang- Blue

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps 

well, i can't believe that i've become addicted to this song yet haven't share it with you big bang new song "blue" it's so awesome and refreshing!
no thing more to say. just listen and enjoy!

and ohh, the performance is so cool!

Whisper of The Heart

Watch Whisper of the Heart in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at
i've always love ghibli studio's work but so far, this is the most inspiring :') i know this is not a sad story but i keep having tears 
in all you should watch this!

tinggalkan ibu lumpuh..

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :')
today was supposed to be a smiling day but it was spoiled when i saw my friend share this on facebook
cr: mforum
so sad right? it's devastating :( sedih and sayu sangat rasa, walaupun nenek ni bukan mak kita, tapi tengok muka dia pun dah boleh buat air…

kisah orang gila

cr: sp4rklee
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
ahaaa, semalam kan i ada cakap yang i dah pindah rumah sewa baru (elehh, itu pun nak bsing kan :P) nak diceritakan , even rumah yang baru dipilih itu sangatlah random dengan niat nak buat ala-ala solo in action and buat hal sendiri, tetapi dengan a…

new room :D

cr: donghai

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D just like the tittle i am currently in my new rented room i am sharing with one other tenant she is older than me and not a student
mostly, she's not sleeping here so i feel like i own the room, muahahah
but the downside is that i feel like i have no one…

fangirl mode ^^

cr: h90

kyaaa!!!! erza scarlet and gerard fernandes!! my favourite pairing in fairy tail!!! (urghhh~ stressed out waiting for the next episode subbed)
p/s: sometimes i wonder if i really am

Miss A- Touch MV

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

enjoy!! i love both the song and the dance!! they're just awesome the lyrics is good too!! the mv setting is just romantic+dark+sweet+lovely~~~ and a little gothic? lol but overall i love it i keep playing the song over and over again!!
p/s: this is weird, i keep post…

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest Prize [Teaser]

cr: otakulei
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps
hahaha, bajet betul kan, siap nak buat teaser lagi actually hadiah sudah dibeli but sambutan contest kurang menggalakkan lah TT
so kena tambah rules baru paling kurang participation 20 orang paling sikit 5 submission for each category kalau tak cukup …

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