December 18, 2012

18 December 2012

this is me running away from reality
and even though i knew that it is wrong
i lack the will to bring myself to stop

nothing is impossible 
i know that
but there are also some things that aren't meant for you

i know it
my rationality told me that
but my heart
my stubborn heart

won't listen
won't budge

i can't step back nor move forward

dear heart
just let it go
or you'll bleed yourself to death.

November 07, 2012

dear you who commented, that is rude..totally~

i didn't come to you 
i never mention anything about my interest towards you
and you came
and start asking questions that to some people 
it could ignite anger and hatred

and you keep saying that
"i'm just saying...."
"i'm just asking...."
"don't be too sensitive...."

yet you didn't realize
what you wrote was a provocation
you didn't realize that what you wrote
you're looking at one point
looking at one fault that some people did
and stereotyping it 

and you said that you didn't mean any harm? didn't mean to be rude?
well, dear, that is what people call rude

and especially when you knock at someone's door
or in this case
commenting on my blog
giving your link
while i have no idea who you are
and saying that kind of stuffs?

you don't know me personally
you never actually meet me
you have no idea how i would react on the situation you stated

i'm not angry
but i'm concerned
i might not, but how about others?

i have tons of other friends who didn't share the same interest as me
my best friends especially
we have different interest
but we never, even once, questions each other interest
never once, insult what each other like
and we've known each other for years

just because i like things that you don't have interest in
just because you find some people that share interest with me have bad attitude
you're making me to be the same as they are
while i'm not

i don't know if you're an adult or not
but if you are
please, be an adult


i want to say that i'm not angry
but i do feel offended
and that made me feel very bad

so please
if you don't like my blog
don't like my interest
don't like the song in my blog
just don't come 

i'm not trying to act high and great
but compared to being famous on blog and gain more haters
i rather be normal
and like the things i like instead

that is my answer
thank you
have a nice day.

p/s: when you don't understand the language, you learn it.
and yes, i learned, and even though its not everything, i do understand some of it.
so please, stop using that as your reason.

November 03, 2012

rain rain go away~

cr: zaetti

waiting for the rainbow
as the rain calms down~

October 30, 2012


assalamualaikum and hey hey lovely people!

miss me?
lol, i know you don't 

i'm a little bit malas to update my blog these days
or to be precise

tiada perkara menarik yang boleh dikongsi
hidup penuh dengan assignments yang tertunggak and berlambak

final year project proposal dah start
semakin hari semakin tertekan

well, nothing i can say


dear self, goodluck!

October 10, 2012

want to be treated with respect? then act with one!

i'm so out of word right now
i hate it when i tried to have conversation, to say sorry, to discuss, people wave you off just like that.
do you think we're still in kindergarten? come on lah, be an adult

you know what makes me angry the most? 
it's not by the fact you're ignoring me? it's the fact that you twist the truth!
i told you already, i might not be able to settle that!
i don't have the means, i told you to give me any other
but you told me, you'll help
and now you're giving your BS ??

seriously, out of any people i know all around
you're just so mean okay?

tonight was my fault
for sleeping in and not going
but please
stop advertising every relationship problem you have
and pretending nothing have happened the next day
you're such a jerk

September 10, 2012

first day of final year ~

tomorrow (?) as in today is the first day of my final year in degree
so note to myself~


September 07, 2012

August 30, 2012

accio luck!

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :)
new semester gonna start soon..
i hope it'll be much better than last semester..
i'm quite sure that it'll be a lot more hectic too..
with all the extra curricular activities, and preparation for final project..
and right now i'm still deciding on my elective subject..
which one would be better..
either a hard but no final paper subject..
or a more easier one but with a final paper..
i'm not sure which one i'm going to choose..
but i hope i'll make a right one..

one more thing..
i hope luck will be on my side more..
i want that the next semester result will be much much much better than before..
since there's not much time left before my graduation..
kyahhh!! it's nerve wrecking!

by the way
i planned to bring my dad's old car to shah alam
but unfortunately
i really have a hard time understanding that car
sounds weird but it's true!
maybe because it's quite an old car
so it need a special method to maintain
and a clueless person like me
will going to have a hard time for sure

that's even more the reason why i desperately need luck to be beside me
i hope the next semester will be less difficult and tiring
and the most important thing is
i need to manage my stress well
and not avoid my problem

you guys will wish me luck right?

August 28, 2012


assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!

it's been ages right?
unbelievable for blogging maniac like me..hahaha
i don't know why but i kinda feel like i'm losing my blogging muse
or to be precise, nothing much happened in my life these days

but wait..ohh maybe some improvement does happened

the most praise worthy(?) is
*clap clap to myself*

ohh gosh, i cannot even say explain how happy i was that day
i thought i need to retake again
thankfully, i passed! 
the blessing of ramadhan maybe?

what else?

the main purpose of this 'terabur' entry is to wish everyone

and to ask forgiveness to all the people
i know/ or not know
i ever hurt your feelings
in my writings or real life

that's all..
till next entry

annyeong! byeong~!

p/s: and ohh #KPOPrelated alert!!

Leeteuk going to enlist soon~ wuarghhhh sobsss

August 03, 2012

yay! alhamdulillah :)

final result is out
and thankfully
i did better than last semester
i hope this will continue

August 01, 2012

걱정 마세요~ Don't Worry

don't worry i won't fall
if i do
the next time
i'll learn to fall properly
and stand up again
by myself

내 가슴이 너무 아파~

cr: ookami2

trapped in time?

i want to run away, but it would make me a child
i want to stay and fight, but sometimes i feel like a coward
i want to say it out loud, but keeping it to myself seems a bit easier

it's like i'm trapped in a glass watch
and the time stops there 
i can't go back nor can i move forward
feeling hollow and empty at times

i need to break the glass
so i can escape
but the more my head think like that
my heart wants me to be locked in there forever
because the world inside the glass watch
seems better

but deep down
i know that
nothing last forever

July 27, 2012

Close your eyes

There will always be days
Where you feel hopeless
Alone and in misery

Sometimes you feel like 
No one understands you

Just close your eyes
And remember Him

He is the best companion
Believe in His love

June 29, 2012

6th Jib Teaser!!

hey hey peeps^^

it's out guys!! 
the teaser for sexy, free and single!

i love the choreo and the best stuck in my mind already!!
and kangin is back!!! *cries*

June 28, 2012

kahwin and baby in tummy :)

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps!

hari ni topic yang selalu disebut manusia2 berumur 20 tahun ke atas..
kahwin and baby!

i got 2 exciting news today!!
my friend in tgb nak kahwin!!
also with my tgb schoolmate too!
uuihhh riuh rendah group tgb ari ni
yelahh kann, first tgb couple yang nak kawin dalam batch kitorang!

and one more thing
my beloved aunt ada baby dalam tummy dia :)
happiness overload!!

tulah orang cakap, happiness are meant to be shared together ^^

p/s: kay,,sapa lagi nak kahwin ni??

June 27, 2012

Final Examination Semester 4

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

first time nak blog guna android
memang takde makna lah nak taip panjang2 kan...
just wanna say that my paper starts wish me luck ^^
and ampun maaf dipinta.
halalkan every ilmu and makanan you gave me..

okayy tu sahaja..mau sambung baca notes ni -_-"
yang tengah exam like me tu pun goodluck!  화이팅!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~

June 24, 2012

6th Jib

they starts to release teaser again
but i'm too busy to keep myself updated
can't wait for the mv teaser and kyuhyun's teaser
this time, the concept is a little less funkier(?) than 5th jib
looking forward to it

p/s: start saving money again. 
p/p/s: t-ara is coming, i wanna go TT

June 17, 2012


i wonder if i should set this blog as private
ahhh~ don't know lahhh
my mood is unstable right now

goodnyte peeps 

June 05, 2012

trust issue

i think, i have a problem. 
no, actually i've known this all along. i have a major trust issue. i don't know where does it start and i end up this messed up, but i really don't trust people. i might have someone close to me, yet in my heart i can't trust them completely, even my family members.

does it because i lack confidence? is it because i've been betrayed before?

i've tried so much. these past few years, i started to believe a little. but now, it starts again. the back stabbing.
i need to do something about this or i won't be able to recover.

i can't trust people, i can't give my heart wholly and just believe. 
because every time i start to give in and trust someone
it would turn out badly

but i know, i have to face people sincerely 
and this trust issue, need a major make over.

May 29, 2012

good news are meant to be shared?

wow, nomnomnomnom
assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

it's been awhile since i last post a 'real' entry
actually i don't really have the urge to be blogging these days
hahah, but don't worry it'll come back to me
one day :)

ohhh the tittle above?
nothing much
i just heard about one good news about my brother
even though we ALWAYS argue
i am still very happy for him
very happy actually!
congrats bro! i wish the best for you.

my routine these days?
hmmm, i start to write again
i even abandon my korean drama for awhile
since the inspiration are coming easily
i should write as much as i can before the writer's block syndrome coming back again

i heard about the hari belia issue
my stance?
i rather shut up
so don't ask me

and ohhh, i'm into graphics editing once again
so my days
it felt like i actually leap through time
once i start writing/ editing i really don't care about anything else
and when i look at the clock again?
day and night had switched again :P

and ohh
my friend got married
congrats too her :)
awkward for us..hahahahah
(i feel old already, oh god i'm just 21)

May 24, 2012

Poster: Trapped In Time

Just started writing this. For the first time, I don't use own created character as the female lead.
It's Sulli time! :)

May 22, 2012

First Romantic/Angst Poster Design : Fateful Encounter

it's been while since i start to write fanfic again
this time i'm trying to make a romantic/angst style poster

rate my skill? 
i don't think i'm good enough yet

May 20, 2012

do i know you

do i know you?
i feel like i do
but somehow i feel like i don't

do i know you?
your smile is different
your laugh sounds different
your words are even more different

do i know you?
i thought i know you well
i never knew
there will be a time
where i feel like you're a complete stranger

do i know you?
it seems like you've become different
is it because of the time?

do i know you?
you seems like you're hiding something
your stare, it's different
the look in your eyes
it's not the same

do i know you?
or are you still there?
i hope i don't lose you yet
come back
be the person you used to be

do i know you?
where does the cheerful spirit go?
did you lose it on your way?

do i know you?
i look into the mirror
and i say

do i know you?

May 10, 2012

in health and in sickness

remember Him 
in health or in sickness
He will be there

May 09, 2012


cr: otakulei
close you eyes and forget it all
even if its just for a moment
at least you'll be able to bear it
you're not running away
you're just..

taking a rest

May 06, 2012


like a child, i tried to run from reality. i tried to convince myself that a talking unicorn exists and my fairy godmother will come and save me from this hell like everyday. but again, unlike a child i convinced myself that there is no such thing as happy ending and love is just overrated. i'm disguising myself with a pair of fake smile and with an ounce of faith believing that i'll be happy once again, i start my journey finding my so called prince charming. just like cinderella, i try to find my companion and be friends with a bunch of animals. little that i know,   people and animals, we fit in best with our own kind. so, with little strength left, i drag my foot, slowly, one step at a time, praying that i will find that happy ending. on my way, i meet so many wonderful people that treat me kindly, but i forgot that a stranger kindness, even though they will be remembered, they're just like a passerby, unreachable. i keep dragging my foot , my heart, it's almost broken now. it felt sore, it needs love. so i tried to remember, when was the last time i hugged a person. pathetically, i realized, i can't remember. growing up, doesn't feel like a dream anymore, it's a nightmare now. before, i wish that i can grow up and meet my prince and be happy. i never realize, to be happy, they're thousands of challenges that awaits us. some are strong enough to deal with it. some are not. i'm stranded now, the thirst, it's almost killing me, but that childlike side of me, it keeps on convincing myself, you'll find it someday. but i'm worried, will it be too late to save me? i need my fairy godmother now...i need my please, when you meet me, look straight at my eyes, instead of listening to my words, i'm just too good at lying, i need someone to stop it...


that black kitten

hate me...because i lied
hate me.. because i have given up
hate me.. because i think it's too tiring

every day, i wake up
dragging my feet
gathering my strength
for this

i know
i should give my all
since it's already written for me
but i can't find it
that little courage
that i have lost somewhere on my way here

there is no such thing
as meaningless thing
even that
i find hard to compromise

i want to run
like a useless coward 
to turn away from this nightmare
that i have created myself

what should it do?
return it to me
i don't want to keep losing my way

it's tiring....

(1:40 am, little kitten)

May 04, 2012

alice in sadland

tears are meant to be shed
laugh are meant to be shared
smile are meant to be spread

i know everything
i keep saying it
chanting it every time

don't cry

i try to hide
lock it 
put it away

one night
one lonely day
it struggles to be let out

and it end up
stuck in the middle of every heartbeat
i tried to breath
that lump in my heart
keep getting heavier

will i ever get out of this?

-3:46am, anis-

"save me from..broken time"
(quoted:sunny hill)

Eyeliner Styles

my fav most probably are indico, tortter, grego and luistico :)
which are yours?? :P

April 30, 2012

Announcement: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

well, about this contest, i have decided to cancel it due to a few reasons
but the most important one is that, even though many people said they will submit the fanfic
so far i only receive 3 participation

thus, i'm going to cancel the contest once and for all.

so for this 3 people who had submitted their fanfic
i'm sorry and as a token of my appreciation
i will make one blog banner/ facebook cover photo for them
please pm my facebook on the details for the banner/cover

i'm sorry again :)

April 29, 2012

sunny hill: pray [how can i not notice this song??]

hey peeps ^^

as you guys know, sunny hill always makes music videos that are a little different
but my favourite one is this


i cannot believe that i've been missing this!!
this came out last year!!
btw, it has depth in the story
and it's so sad!!
i thought they were going to help her change, you know plastic surgery or something like that
but the twist! it's so painful!
totally love the song 

and btw, i found an english cover of this song
totally awesome, blows my mind, love it!

April 28, 2012

the avengers and some other little things~

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

semalam pergi tengok the avengers 3D dekat times square
kalau nak summary kan tak lebih dari 15 patah perkataan
"the avenger is awesome, brilliant, hilarious, funny, and worth waiting for!"
hhaaa. kan tak lebih 15 patah tu,,hewhewhew

i went with my fellow elfs friends, qila and ieka
sambil dok sedih-sedih menunggu berita ss4 yang akhirnya takkan muncul

by the way, cerita tu memang best gilalah
berbaloi bayar rm20, berbaloi tunggu!
sebab diorang dah gabung semua heroes dalam satu movie
jadi rambang mata, semua suka, semua handsome, haha...tamak..
well, nak kata muda2 heroes dia takk lahh jugak
robert downey jr. tu best example tapi charisma plus sarcasm dia, aigoooo tak tahan!!
and the best look goes to captain amarica, chris evans (my fav after iron man)
haha, of course iron man no one even as fiction character, dah lah kaya, smart gila pulak
and the best dark hero goes to gila uihhh si jeremy renner!!
apesal panggil dia dark hero? ntahh le, sebab dia nampak very the mysterious kott
mintak maaf lah thor, awak dah kena reject sekarang..muahahah

ohhh not only that, finally i managed to get rid the last rm50 book voucher tu..hhahha
beli books~ unlike a virgin, one day and baby be mine
i especially tak sabar nak baca one day tu because dia high rated gak lah, top 10 books kat border
the one yang i dapat tu pun last copy..nasib baik betul
and then we went to the etude house, to get a lip tint and lip plumper
well, i also pergi my star usha kpop stuffs..and get this tiny paprikyu(paprika+kyu) keychain
and an earphone (tu pun sebab my headphone patah sebab i ganas sangat)
habiss duit edennn

tapi yang tak bestnya semalam, sebab jalan nak kena tutup due to perhimpunan bersih harini
kena balik awal, kitorang baru ingat nak gi karaoke kejapp
so keluar from kl, went to eat late dinner
balik rumah terus pengsann, sebab penat sangat..kuikuikui

sebab the avenger tu best, rasa macam nak pergi tengok 2nd round lahh :P

p/s: next movie on the list "dark shadow" ^^

p/p/s: i'm addicted to jyp and gain new duet "someone else"..dah lah lagu pasal orang curang..kuikuikui

April 26, 2012

totally..not google translate

너 때문에...내 마음이 너무 아파


*learning korean totally worth it when i can troll like this, well, not trolling exactly :P*

April 25, 2012

Super Junior Opera Japanese Version [Short MV]

kyaaa!! finally, i have something to get obsessed over
jyaaaa~~~aishiteruyo!! (bajet cakap jepun sebab ni japanese version lol)

April 23, 2012


i might be someone who easily gets consumed by her emotions
even though i'm not that good, not that perfect
no matter how i look at it
this is not the solution for the problem
this is the worst decision ever

i might sounds harsh, my words might sting
but i learned it from all of you
that feeling of insecurities, slowly engulfed me and i became who i am today

and now, after all those unpleasant memories
blaming me for being this kind of person
you had no idea, how hard i tried to not be just like you

is it so wrong to love?
i'm not a child anymore
the one who are being consumed by emotions more than me
it's you guys

i'm done , it's over
i have no regrets
i've tried to stop you from making this decision
maybe at some point, i did it the wrong way
but don't blame me
don't blame us

i never said i hate you
it's just, my way of loving is different
just like yours
we love each other
using our own way
but we never realized
our way, it sometimes hurts

i don't know if it will ever be the same again
we never had it normal like others from the beginning
i just hope
no matter how broken we are now
i wish, time would heal it
and we'll become happy again
truly happy
not just for others to look

and in order for it to happen
i will have to change too
i just wonder, will we ever be able to change?
what i know is, this is not something easily forgotten
the wounds might heal, but the scar will remains
just like before..

April 22, 2012

and all hell's has broken loose

cr: lu-ella

we've arrived at the turning point of our life
i don't think it will ever be the same anymore
it'll get worse and we'll become further apart

at this point, i almost want to say that there is no such thing as selflessness
i know it sounds stupid and irrational
but not everyone is blessed with such happiness

i'm just glad, and thankful
that even in the midst of these brutal emotions
i still get to feel the warmth of love
even just for a moment

April 15, 2012

Sticky Post: Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [How To Join]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
(this is a sticky post, scroll down for latest entry)

yesterday i did post an introduction entry about this contest
so now is the time for contest guidelines

Contest Information

1) There are four categories and each participant can only send one fanfic for each category.
(that means you can participate in every category but only one fanfic for each)
category A: One-Shot [Malay]
category B: Drama [Malay] (max 20 chapters)
category C: One-Shot [English]
category D: Drama [English] (max 20 chapters)
2) There will be one winner for each category
3) For each category, participant can send a teaser (poster/picture/videos) for extra marks and there will be one special prize for best teaser. 
4) The contest will start running starting today, 13th February 2012 till 25th April 2012. 
5) Fanfic genre must be maintained PG13 only
6) Once you're done with the fanfic, email the attachment of fanfic to "" with subject "fanfic contest" for easier judging process
(attachment must be either in .doc , .txt , .odt or .pdf format)
  Contest Regulations

1) Participant must be a blogger [blogspot/wordpress/tumblr] and reside in malaysia
2) Competing fanfic MUST be of participant's own work
 (if i caught you cheating , will automatically disqualified)
3) Follow this blog and like this blog (if you use blogspot) OR  follow twitter and like my blogger (if you use wordpress) OR follow my tumblr and like my blogger (if you use tumblr)
4) Write an entry entitled "Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest" to join 
5) Put contest banner and link back to this entry
6) Tag 3 friends or more and make sure they know about it
7) Once you're done with the entry send the link of entry to here
(do not comment with link in this entry, you can only ask questions related to the contest in this entry)
Entry Guidelines
Apart from the regulations above, the informations that is needed in the entry are:
1) Fanfic Category 
2) Fanfic Tittle 
3) Fanfic Teaser (poster/pictures/videos) 
( display teaser picture or embed the video [use youtube only to upload video])
(if you decide to send a teaser for extra mark you will automatically competing in "Best Teaser" category)
4) Fanfic Information [Genre| Character|Link to Fanfic] 
5) Fanfic Status [ Done | Not Done]
(change status to done when you're already email the attachment)

Prizes and Judging
1) The prizes for each category will be updated at a later time. So wait!
2) Interested to be a sponsor? Just comment!
3) I will choose best 5 for one-shot categories and you guys will vote for the best fanfic
4) For drama fanfic, I will choose the winner myself
5) Don't forget, those who submitted a teaser will be given extra marks based on creativity and how relevant the teaser with the fanfic
6) For "Best Teaser" category, I will choose best 5 and you guys will get to vote your favourite

So, join this contest and spread the word! At the end of this contest, I will publish all participants fanfic submissions and you guys can read it too!!

P/S: If you're joining more than one category, repeat the steps under "Entry Guidelines"
P/P/S: You can use your already completed fanfic. As long as it's yours, it's eligible to enter this contest :D
P/P/P/S: This is the example on how you should make the entry.

footnote: there is a little change on the rules, you still need to email the attachment for me to judge, but please  put the link to your fanfic also under the fanfic information. sorry for too many changes, i do this to make it more organized. view the entry example to make it easier to understand :D

April 07, 2012

cooking in style: chicken mandu/ dumpling

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^
chef anis in da house !!

our recipe today is chicken mandu/chicken dumpling!

Chicken Mandu/Dumpling


- minced chicken or you can use beef, prawn etc ( i used ramly brand)
- soft tofu
- cabbage
- onion
- black pepper 
- salt
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- dumpling pastry ( dumpling wrappers can be bought at supermarket


1) minced the soft tofu, cabbage, onion and garlic
2) mixed with minced chicken
3) put about 1 tbs of sesame oil and 2 tbs of soy sauce
4) sprinkle appropriate amount of salt and black pepper
5) scoop about 1 tbs of the mixed stuffs and wrap it in the mandu/dumpling wrapper


- you can boil the water in steamer while preparing the ingredients
- steam about 10 min 
- you can store the access steamed dumpling in freezer after cooling it down to be eaten later
- you can fry the dumpling or put in soup, but you should half-steam it
-try dipping it in soy sauce , or chilli sauce

so happy trying, cooking and eating
so that all from me!
stay tuned for more recipe :P

till then~ annyeong! byeong~byeong ^^

April 05, 2012

tak ada feel

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

dah lebih seminggu tak meng-update
sebab vitamin M "malas" dah makin banyak
nak cakap tak ada kisah nak dicerita, ada je

hmmm, tak apalah bila dah datang balik ilham tu
mulalah berlambak-lambak post everyday
and please do expect entry basi
i have a few you know

itu sahaja for now
saja nak cakap hi 
nak bagitau i ni masih hidup lagi..hahahah
(perasan ada orang concern..hihihi)

till then.. byeong!~

March 27, 2012

Fanfic Contest Update

I'm so busy now
I haven't decide either to extend the date or to cancel the contest
I will update soon
The latest would be this weekend
Thanks and sorry 

Since there are a few people who ask me to extend the date, I decided to make it last until the end of April
if on 25th of April, the total number of contestant is less than 20
this contest will become void

so hurry!! :D

March 19, 2012

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest [Announcement and Prize Update]

I have an announcement to make regarding the contest. Previously I get many respond when I said I want to make this contest. But so far only 2 people send their entry and the final submission date will be on the 25th of March. I hope there will be more than 5 contestant for every category or else this contest will sadly become void. So please share this to everyone. I can consider extending the contest date if many one to submit but need more time.

The prizes will be something like this (for each category)

- Face Mask
- Phone Strap
- One 16 episodes Korean Drama (not original)
(there will be a list given to choose from) 
- Cute notebook 
- 2 pieces of shawl brooch
(other prizes will be added if i have something else to give)  
and a handmade congratulations card from me :D


March 17, 2012

Johny Depp is a Vampire..

after the hunger game is out next week, i'm totally counting the days for this!
may 11th 2012 :D

March 13, 2012

today's random

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D

okay tonight i nak babble pasal random stuffs je. actually mata dah layu je ni, mengantuk betul tapi sebab baru sudah makan so tak boleh tidur lagi. so collection of random topics for today.

random #1

sekarang tengah tengok vanilla coklat, housemate i cakap hari ni final episode. so i yang tak tengok ni pun gatal nak tengok..muahhahah. tapikan, cute jugak zara dengan amir tu..hahah lambat betul.

random #2

assignment dah bertimbun, tapi tak tahu nak start kat mana (lol, sebenarnya malas sikit..kihkihkih).
kalau nak buat assignment pun, mesti kena paham kan. kalau nak pikir, subject microprocessor tu memang killer betullah. baru chapter 2 dah macam nak menangis rasa.

random #3

tadi pergi bookshop uitm dekat menara saas, mentang-mentang ada discount 60-80% punyalah ramai orang sampai que panjang sangat. i dahlah tak guna lagi baucer rm200 tu. so esok kena pergi balik. nak tak nak kena lah beratur jugak.

random #4

ohhh, my classmate farah punya atuk passed away earlier today. i hope she and her family will be strong in facing this sad news. takziah to her family and let recite al-fatihah for her atuk.

that's all for tonight. i'll end my entry abruptly here :D

p/s: puhahahha, rupa-rupanya zara bukannya pregnant tapi extreme gastritis je. hahah zara kita geng lah, high five

p/p/s: random macaroons picture for everyone to salivate over..yummy

March 12, 2012

2AM- I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

simply awesome, i love their ballad sing much!
and as always~~magnae line hwaiting!! kekekke~

March 11, 2012

Big Bang- Blue

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps 

well, i can't believe that i've become addicted to this song yet haven't share it with you
big bang new song "blue"
it's so awesome and refreshing!

no thing more to say. just listen and enjoy!

and ohh, the performance is so cool!

March 10, 2012

Whisper of The Heart

i've always love ghibli studio's work
but so far, this is the most inspiring :')
i know this is not a sad story but i keep having tears 

in all you should watch this!

March 09, 2012

tinggalkan ibu lumpuh..

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :')

today was supposed to be a smiling day
but it was spoiled when i saw my friend share this on facebook

cr: mforum

so sad right? it's devastating :(
sedih and sayu sangat rasa, walaupun nenek ni bukan mak kita, tapi tengok muka dia pun dah boleh buat air mata ni mengalir je. i tak tahu cerita sebenar, tapi , macam mana susah pun hidup, takkan lah sampai hati nak tinggal mak kita yang lumpuh sorang-sorang.kalau betul niat anak nenek ni memang nak tinggalkan mak dia,  semoga anak nenek ni sedar dan mendapat petunjuk Allah. tapi kalau ada cerita lain yang disebaliknya, semoga salah paham ni akan diselesaikan. sebab kalau baca dekat link tu, dia cakap nenek ni tinggal sorang-sorang kat johor and anak dia amik bawak pergi hotel tu, kalau ikut logik baik dia tinggal je mak dia dekat kampung terus. mana tahukan anak dia accident ke apa, kita pun tak tahu. wallahualam :(

p/s: semoga kita semua dijauhi dari melakukan dosa besar sebegini. 
p/p/s: tak mau jadi anak derhaka, i miss my mama and ayah 
p/p/p/s: cerita si tanggang tu dah kalah dah, sekarang lagi hebat derhaka anak pada ibubapa mereka :(

March 06, 2012

kisah orang gila

cr: sp4rklee

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps ^^

ahaaa, semalam kan i ada cakap yang i dah pindah rumah sewa baru (elehh, itu pun nak bsing kan :P)
nak diceritakan , even rumah yang baru dipilih itu sangatlah random dengan niat nak buat ala-ala solo in action and buat hal sendiri, tetapi dengan ajaibnya, rupa-rupanya classmate time skola rendah dulu pun kebetulan baru menyewa kat tak jadilah mission nak jadi wallflower kat rumah tu. ahahah, kelakar betul bila dipikir.

tapi entri ni bukan nak cakap pasal rumah sewa baru. harini i nak cerita pasal orang gila.

time i kecik-kecik dulu, around 6-8 years old lah, dekat kawasan rumah i ni ada sorang orang gila ni tau. i pun tak tahulah apa nama dia, tapi budak-budak sini panggil dia "minah pak licin"
yes, i know. weird name. but i pun tak tahu macam mana dia dapat nama gelaran tu.

time kecik-kecik dulu, i cukup takut dengan kak minah ni. kalau lah dia lalu jalan kaki depan rumah time kitorang tengah main kat luar, mau lintang pukang semua lari masuk rumah. 
takoottt wowwhhhh
and tak silap lah, time zaman kegemilangan kak minah ni, before dia kena hantar pergi tanjung rambutan punya mental hospital, adalah beberapa siri insiden lapan belas tahun ke atas yang jadi. kalau di ingatkanlah rasanya i dikira lucky jugak sebab tak saksikannya live in action. yelah, tapikan dia orang gila, nak cakap apa kan kalau dia nak buat strip show pun. takda akal, takleh nak jatuh dosa pun.

tapi memang tak dinafikan lah kak minah ni kira extreme jugak kegilaan dia. i dengar lah, dia jadi macam tu sebab kena bomohkan dek sorang mamat ni sebab kak minah ni reject mamat tu. wallahualam, tak tahu lah betul ke tak.

sekarang ni i pun tak tahu hidup lagi ke kak minah tu. hopefully dia punya mental condition dah semakin okay lah. 

ohh, itu jelah kisah orang gila yang i nak cerita. memang random pun, tetiba teringat kat zaman kanak-kanak balik bila dah jumpa dengan kawan sekolah rendah. ohh rindu!

new room :D

cr: donghai

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps :D
just like the tittle
i am currently in my new rented room
i am sharing with one other tenant
she is older than me and not a student

mostly, she's not sleeping here
so i feel like i own the room, muahahah

but the downside is that
i feel like i have no one to talk to
this is pretty lonely for someone who talk as much like me

it's 2 am already
actually i've sleep a few hours before and now i can't sleep
got a full 8.30 AM-6.00 PM class tomorrow
i hope i can sleep soon :P

p/s: so hungry, moving to a new house. it feels different.
p/p/s: a red shirt henry to accompany me on lonely day like tonight :D

March 03, 2012

fangirl mode ^^

cr: h90

kyaaa!!!! erza scarlet and gerard fernandes!!
my favourite pairing in fairy tail!!!
(urghhh~ stressed out waiting for the next episode subbed)

p/s: sometimes i wonder if i really am

February 20, 2012

Miss A- Touch MV

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

enjoy!! i love both the song and the dance!!
they're just awesome
the lyrics is good too!!
the mv setting is just romantic+dark+sweet+lovely~~~ and a little gothic? lol
but overall i love it
i keep playing the song over and over again!!

p/s: this is weird, i keep posting kpop girls group mv
(but suju opkos no one maaa..)

Blogger KPOP/JPOP Fanfic Contest Prize [Teaser]

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

hahaha, bajet betul kan, siap nak buat teaser lagi
actually hadiah sudah dibeli
but sambutan contest kurang menggalakkan lah TT

so kena tambah rules baru
paling kurang participation 20 orang
paling sikit 5 submission for each category
kalau tak cukup akan batalkan
(tapi akan try untuk tidak batalkan)

but bagi sapa yang dah submit and still tak ramai orang join contest ni
jangan sedih, i akan bagi saguhati guna untuk 3lucky people

but, tak best lah kalau macam tuh!
so cepat2 lah submit ehh
i tau, lambat lagi tarikh tutup
mesti korang tengah buat lagi kan fanfic tu

so hwaiting!! nanti i update hadiah betul2 soon :DD