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2016: My Year in Summary

OMG, I can't believe that 2016 is going to be over in a few hours!! This year has been a hell of a ride with a lots of ups and downs, and plenty of firsts. I've experienced so much changes in these past twelve months that I can truly feel like I'm growing more as an individual. Therefore, before I'm starting my new year, I think it's time to highlight some of the important events in this year so I could take a look back at it whenever I want in the future to remind myself how blessed am I at this point of life.

Unboxing Althea Year End Box: Time to Party!

2016 is almost over, and honestly, I am all excited for 2017 already. This year has been a hell of a ride; there were pleasant hellos and painful goodbyes, a lot of firsts and surprises. Taking all the ups and downs into consideration, I realised that it has been a pretty good year for me; amazing actually. It will be a bittersweet parting but I am also looking forward to a lot of exciting plans next year, and because of this I wish to say goodbye to this year with style.

Discover LifeStyle: Solo Weekend Escapade at Renaissance Hotel KL

The new year is coming and I am thinking of maybe going for a solo weekend gateway somewhere to just chill and relax. I don't know about you guys but I think spending some quality time with myself is a great way to reflect back on lots of things. Plus, I genuinely love to have some 'only me' time once in a while. In my previous 'solo weekend escapade' a few weeks back, I got pampered by the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, experiencing a 5-star treatment in their newly revamped Deluxe Room. The short gateway was truly an effective healing time for me, despite being located less than 20 minutes away from my home.

Japan's Famous Pablo Cheese Tart is Here!

Keeping up with food trends in Malaysia is hard. Every month, we can see new craze popping up one by one but keeping the craze alive is not an easy feat. Baked cheese tart is one of the most noticeable 'food rave' these days and being a true food lover, of course, I don't want to miss out on the excitement. I have been following the trend closely by trying different cheese tarts available in the market and guess how excited I was when I learned that Pablo is opening their first store in Malaysia?!

Italian Root Modern European Cuisine at Tanzini

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In house baked bread.

My (semi) fine dining experience continues after the first one and this time, I was invited to dine at Tanzini, one of the best Fine Dining & Italian restaurants according to Time Out KL 2013. Located on the 28th floor of G-Tower, the restaurant has been adding new dishes into their menus to cater to the crowds' evolving taste. My visit there was to try out their chefs newest creations that offer modern European cuisine inspired by their tagline 'from farm to table'. With 7 different menus, I was spoiled that night dining with fellow blogger friends trying delicious foods that managed to excite our taste buds in every bite.

Eastern Crab: Affordable and Halal Chinese Style Seafood Restaurant

Food adventure is never boring, especially when it's done with your best friend. Me and my bestie adore foods, we love trying new foods and we know how to enjoy them too. Gosh, I can't imagine if my bestie is not a food-person. I guess if she is not, we would never been best friend in the first place. HAHA! Friends that eats together, stays together. That is why when I was invited to review the foods at Eastern Crab at Plaza Ampang City, the first person I want to go with that came into my mind is her. We both love seafood and plus, I needed a driver hahahahahah *evil friend*

Box Green's Guide on How to Snack Healthy.

Let's be honest, new year resolutions can be pretty useless if you don't decide to stick on it. Take me for example, a majority of my new year resolutions for the past ten years had either been totally forgotten or been given up on. I know. My determination is probably the size of a peanut. BUT! Yes, there is a but. This year, surprisingly (even to me), I realised that I managed to fulfil about six out of ten aims that I set for myself last January! OMG! Right? *pats me on the back* That's a lot okay, especially when you consider my past records. Unfortunately, my dream of losing a lot of weight is still, well a dream. I might not be able to complete it by the end of 2016, but I am pretty sure that I am on the right path these days.

My New Korean Style Glasses Shopping at Malaya Optical

If I can choose one Harry Potter spell to use anytime I want forever, it'll be Oculus Reparo. Cause oh my, I am the clumsiest person ever when it comes to taking care of my glasses. The scene where Hermione fixes Harry's broken glasses with just a quick chant and a flick of a wand left a deep impression on me; since I can relate to it. I mean how cool is that right?! The only downside of that is probably the fact that I will be using the same frame over and over again. I guess that is why Harry 's glasses style never really change over the course of the 8 movies and 6 books. LOL. Hmm, then not having the same gift is actually a blessing right? I can find a good excuse to shop for new glasses when I broke one. Anyway, yeah the long intro is to announce something;

Sweet Treats from Althea Korea

Hello, guys!

Korean beauty products are so appealing to me. The fact that I can get high-quality products that work well on my Asian skin at a very affordable price would be the main reason, but I also love how quirky, cute and different their packaging can be. Heck, I know that I don't need 101 different cushion products to put on my face at the same time but I still buy them. Why? Cause their packaging is cute! Of course I would consider the quality too but usually, I am more inclined to buy if I love how it look like. Very typical of me. It's actually very impressive for the Korean brands to be able to come out with so many different concepts when it comes to packaging. For example, look at the products I got from Althea Sweet Treat Box! In one quick glance, it's possible for someone to mistake them as real foods instead. Don't believe me? Let me show you:

Experience Fine Dining at Sampling on the 14th, Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

When I think of the words 'fine dining', my brain will automatically think of it as something fit for a royalty; which means I have never expected myself to be inside the equation. Considering my usual clumsiness, I always think that 'fine dining plus me' will result in something like this:

*The Princess Diaries, such a classic, I heard the 3rd movie is in the making!*

Fitness: How Impulse Asia Help Me Feel Good About Myself

*Trying out obligatory post-workout pose, please ignore my octopus face*

Wow, I can't believe that it's been three months since my first gym session at Impulse Asia. Up until now, I still can't really grasp the fact that I have successfully been through 10 hellish trainings there; which also means enduring the never-ending muscle pain afterwards. The number might seem minuscule to some of you but for someone as unfit as I am, that is actually a really huge accomplishment. *pat myself on the back*

Beauty Clinic Mediheal ADE Masks Range Review

Lately, I have been trying a lot of masks in office. We started with Tuesday and Thursday as a 'mask day' just for fun and because of that, my skin condition is now getting much better than it has ever been for awhile. The twice a week masks session is now becoming more frequent and we kind of influenced our other colleagues to join in the fun too. Seriously, working with a face mask on feels really nice as it's cooling and makes you feel fresh all the time. Thanks to that, my masks stash have been diminishing faster than usual. I'm not complaining though since I got an excuse to shop for more. *giggles*

Good Morning! Got Milk?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it helps the body to regulate itself after an overnight fast and personally, I am a big breakfast person. It's the driving force for me to start my day better and I consider breakfast as my favourite meal of the day. I usually find myself feeling grumpy, sleepy and demotivated when I skip my breakfast so I always make sure to get my stomach filled before I start the day.

Affordable Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, ECurve Damansara Review

Foods are definitely one of the biggest joy of my life. I am always searching for awesome new places to try. One of my favourite 'makan' session is when I can just chill with friends or family for a longer duration, catching up on life and of course filling our stomach to the brim. Hotel buffets are nice but there is something I prefer much more over that, which is steamboat & grill dining.

Quivo Pavilion Media Appreciation Night

Woah, the weekend is here and I am finally back to check up on my really dusty blog. I know that I haven't been diligent in posting, mainly because I am too busy settling on other life stuff. Yeah, same explanation but what can I do? 24 hours a day is just too short for me, I have a bunch of stories to share but less free time to spend. It has been giving me a headache but I decided to tackle it one by one. 

What Can You Do in Herbaline Puchong?

A few years back, if you come to me asking what do I think about a spa treatment, I will definitely say that it is not within my financial capabilities. I used to have this sad mentality that a beauty treatment in any spa is something only possible for the elites and commoners like me shouldn't even dream to experience those kinds of thing in my lifetime. I guess those images planted by soap operas and dramas did cloud my judgement. #dramaqueen

Althea's Birthday: What's Happening??!

*My cat is dope*

Weeee~!! Today is a super amazing day for me and Althea team. Althea is officially one-year-old and we are celebrating it big! Daebak right? It seemed like just yesterday when I was doing the beta testing for the launching of Althea Malaysia site and of course joining Althea team! Working in Althea so far has been the bomb. The expansion has been happening really fast too! Coincidentally, we are also launching Althea Thailand today so if you are living there, do check out the Thai website for a separate grand launch promotion!

Travel Your Way with Canon EOS M10 and Rilakkuma!

You can call me a total newbie when it comes to travelling. As much as I want to escape from my mundane daily routine and just go breathe in the air of other countries, other 'worldly' commitments (read: job and student loan) made me put a temporary pause on my dream to just hop on a plane and travel. I am not the abrupt type so whenever I want to go somewhere I have to make sure my fund in my bank account is enough to support me post holiday. But recently I made a totally spontaneous decision and finally booked a ticket to fly to South Korea! *giggles* It was mainly because my boss is going to have his wedding ceremony there soon, but an excuse is a great start for someone who thinks too much like me. Yayy! So lately, realizing how clueless I am on travelling, I have been reading a lot on travelling looking for tips, do's and dont's, travel hacks, travel trends etc.

DocLab Korea Face Ampoule Review

Let me be honest with you; I've heard about ampoules for the longest time but I was never really curious about them. I mean they can be crazy expensive for such a little amount of product. I just couldn't fathom the reasoning behind spending such big bucks if I can opt for a cheaper and more affordable alternatives. That was basically my main opinion on ampoules before I discovered DocLab. Now, my thought on ampoules had been greatly changed. They are currently my Felix Felicis, my liquid luck. And yes, that's a Harry Potter reference.

Buka Puasa 2016 at Menara Kuala Lumpur!

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Menara Kuala Lumpur invited me for their Buka Puasa Ramadan Buffet for two consecutive years and once again, they do not disappoint. I remember how good was the foods last year so I was totally ecstatic for being able to come and experience iftar in the sky 288 meters above ground at the Megaview Banquet Hall all over again. The Kuala Lumpur view from there is so breathtaking regardless of how many time I've seen them!

K-Beauty Addicts, Mamonde is Coming to Malaysia!!

Beauty products are my guilty pleasure. If it's Korean, it's better. I love their products because they work for my skin and are usually worth every penny. Not just that, I dare say that in these past few years, the spotlight in latest beauty culture and trends has now shifted more towards Korean brands and technology.

Buka Puasa with Celebrity Chef Norman Musa at Pullman Hotel KLCC

buka puasa 2016; buka puasa pullman klcc price; pullman klcc; chef norman musa

Here is a quick update for 2016 iftar from me as I am trying to not go to too much iftar buffet in order to control my diet but some are just too tempting for me to resist. *giggles* A lot of my friends mentioned Pullman Hotel as one of the best hotels to go for 'buka puasa' or iftar because they have such wide range of food selection so when I got invited, I just couldn't say no to this one.

New Mentholatum Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash Review for Oily Skin

Hello guys!

I received another surprise from Mentholatum just a few weeks after they sent me their brand new Sugar Lips Coloured Lip Balm which I have also reviewed. It was a pretty good timing because my brother had  ran out of his cleanser and the Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash is just perfect for his oily skin type. On the contrary, my skin is on the drier side on the cheeks but my T-Zone can be either normal or a tad oily depending on the weather. I did use it on my T-Zone to at least have a better idea on how this cleanser work on my skin but thankfully I have an extra person to experiment on for this review! 

US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Kawaii is for Mini Mini Cafe

Hello guys!

My potato-filled journey with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta in this whole month brought me to another participating outlet called Mini Mini Cafe, which is located on Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall. Both visits I had prior to Mini Mini Cafe was really splendid so I was hoping to keep it that way until the end. KGB Bangsar showed me that even a burger can taste like million dollars (gourmet) while Tryst Cafe let me experience a very laid back tasting session. The two of them have a totally different dining concept with each other so it made my review became even more interesting. That's why I couldn't seem to contain my excitement before going this last one.

100 Years of Eye Care with Rohto Eyedrops.

Hello guys!

What causes dry eyes? It's a very simple question but sometimes we are too neglectful to care. The hecticness of daily schedules without giving a rest to the eyes and over-reliance on technology devices like computers, laptops, TVs and mobile phones are the reason why we frequently the feel the dryness and strain. Not just that, environmental irritants like smoke, dust, hazy weather and usage of the air conditioner are also a contributor to this issue. A quick and refreshing solution to the weary eyes would be by giving them some eye drop treatment.

US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Go Gourmet with KGB

Hello guys!

My food-venture with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta continued at Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) branch in Bangsar. The outlet is very easy to find, just a few shop away from Devi's Corner and was really crowded that Sunday evening. It was my first time eating at KGB so I was really curious about the food they serve. Like, why gourmet? Especially with their name being eerily similar to that Soviet Union security agency. LOL. I was crossing my fingers hoping to get a taste of a killer burger from the get go especially when I have been hearing about this burger joint from my peers a lot of time. Since I was there to specifically try their US Fries & Burgers Fiesta menu, I was served with two different dishes. They are:

US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Get Fries and Chill at Tryst Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya

Hey guys!

Sunday date with bestie!

Remember my post on the launching of US Fries & Burgers Fiesta 2016 in Kuala Lumpur? It's been going on from 1st-31st May, and 19 different cafes and burger joints in Klang Valley areas has started showcasing their special U.S fries and burgers menu for public to try out. Not wanting to miss out on all the gastronomic fun, I went to check out two of the participating outlets over the past weekends with my foodie buddies (read: food bloggers). Our mission? To try both of the featured menus in each outlet.

Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment at Premier Clinic, Bangsar.

Hello guys!

I struggle a lot with weight management since as long as I can remember. Born a chubby baby, the fact that I enjoy different types of foods while growing up on top of my craving tendency when it's 'the time of the month' doesn't really help with my weight issue. I realized crash diet is not effective at all. Starving myself will give the opposite result which normally includes a bad case of gastritis attack. The best way to lose weight is to control my meal portion (challenge number one) and exercise regularly (challenge number two). Yeah, I know what should I do. I'm just bad at realizing it. So, I need help. A motivational push.

Affordable Luxury with Haftarent: House Hunting Made Easy!

Hello guys!

Edit: TrupCotel is now known as Haftarent.

House hunting is hassle full but thanks for the advancement of science and technology (specifically, the internet), even this long and arduous task of finding the perfect place to call home can be simplified. Introducing TrupCotel, a one-stop property to tenant matching service to ease the rental process for your executives! Yes, old style house hunting is time-consuming. With TrupCotel, you will be able to skip all the tedious processes and let the professional do it for you. Just a click away! 

Hello to US Fries & Burger Fiesta 2016!

Hey guys!

Do you know what else that goes as well as bread and butter? It's fries and burgers! Everyone who agree with me on this, let your tummy rejoice as the US Potato Board has kicked off its first U.S Fries & Burger Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur! Starting from 1st-31st May 2016, a variety of unique creations of U.S fries with burgers which have never seen before will be available at 19 popular burger joints and cafes in Klang Valley.

Tiki's Parent's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki Federal Hotel International

Hello guys!

Mother's day is coming up tomorrow! Are you done planning a special surprise for your mom or still thinking about it? Because if you are looking for somewhere nice to spend time with your mom tonight *calling last minutes procrastinator like me hehe*, how about a nice BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki, Federal Hotel International? Located at one of the crowds' favourite part of Kuala Lumpur, the venue is easily accessible by public transports like Bukit Bintang monorail station or you can just Uber your way there! Use my code UBERXANIS for a free first ride *wink* If you need a landmark guide, look for Low Yat Plaza lobby and you will see the hotel nearby.

Lip Care 101 ft Sugar Lip by Mentholatum Water Colour

Hello, guys!

Cracked lips are no fun. It hurts and it makes your lipstick looks ugly on you, especially when you're wearing a matte type lippies. There are a few methods on how to get rid of chapped lips, and they can be done through:

Keep In Touch White Blending Base Cushion Review

Hello guys!

Lately, I have been obsessing over cushion products more than I should be. I kept getting new ones on top of the bunch I already have but thankfully the cute packaging is more than enough to keep me content. Like seriously, have you seen them? Korean cushion pact design is too cute to resist! It's not weird if I ended up buying more just because I want the lovely casing. I'm such a hoarder, that's a fact that I have learnt to accept in these past few years. I'm also the attached type so even when my cute products are finished I usually have a hard time to throw them away.

Pretz n' Beanz Solaris Mont Kiara Review

Hello guys!

pretz n beanz review; pretz n beanz location; pretz n beanz mont kiara; pretz n beanz bangsar

I think I am undeniably good at finding a way to torture myself. It's ten at night and I suddenly have the mood to write about the food tasting session I had a few weeks back in Pretz n' Beanz at Solaris Mont Kiara. Well, it's better to write when the inspiration is here so I guess I'd be scouring for some foods in the kitchen after finishing this review. LOL. I highly respect full-time food bloggers, I wonder how they cope with all the cravings while writing!

Date with Mom: Mother's Day Premier Screening Movie Tickets Giveaway!

Hello guys!

Planning a date with your mom on this upcoming Mother's Day? Want to do something nice but you just don't know what to do? No worries, you are not alone. Personally, it's very hard for me too! So, how about going on a movie date with your mom? The movie Mother's Day is coming up on 5th May 2016 and thanks to 1 Utama and TGV Cinemas, I'm going to be giving away a few pairs of movie premier tickets for my readers!

Esmeria Soothing Organics: Soothing Hand/Body Cream for Sensitive Skin or Dry Damaged Skin

Hello guys!

Since I started my working life in a fully air conditioned space, I gradually became quite obsessed with lotions; especially hand creams . Nowadays, my bag will definitely carry a tube of hand cream every time I go out. So, I always find new excuses to stock up on my hand creams and lotions every time I found a new one that I like. Even when I have more at home to finish up. LOL #girlproblems 

Indeed Lab Fillume Serum Review

Hello guys!

This is again, a super delayed entry. I feel so bad for putting off a lot of reviews but I've been truly busy and I just don't like to post out half-hearted writing here. For me, it's better late than doing it 'cincai' and carelessly.  On the brighter side, all those delays actually enable me to truly try the product and for the first time ever, I managed to finished it  up before putting my thoughts out in the open. In this review, I'm going to share about a serum from Indeed Lab called the Fillume. 

Mentholatum Botanics: Affordable Skincare with Great Quality Ingredients

Hello, guys!

What is your biggest worry these days? As cliche as it might sound, I have been having a real headache over money management in these last few months. Although I don't think I suck at it, but I wish I can do it better. So at the end of almost every month, I will face a rather common question. Where did all my money go? *laugh at myself* Undeniably, the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur has increased tremendously. Really, it's insane. I have to cut cost on a lot of things, especially on beauty products. No more crazy shopping and haul. There were some inevitable accidents though (excuses haha). At least now it's done minimally (can't help myself sometimes, I'm an addict lol) because I know that I still need skincare products to take care of my already bad skin. So in order to save more, these days I'm turning back to all the trusted and affordable drugstore products. 

Sephora Shopping Addict? ShopBack to the Rescue!

Hey guys!

I know I am a bit late to enter the bandwagon but I'm so happy that Sephora launched their online store! I mean, shopping in the physical store is fun but sometimes for a hermit like me, I like my shopping done from the comfort of my own room. I've been doing some virtual window shopping on their website (yes, it's a thing!) for the past few days and I already have a long list of things that I want. For example, those gorgeous looking Rose Golden brushes from Zoeva! Gosh, they are so pretty I probably can't even bear to use them but I still want them. LOL #weirdfemaleproblem

Back to Basic with KOSÉ Sekkisei

Hello guys!

About two weeks ago I posted my unboxing and first impression video on the Kose Sekkisei Trial Kit surprise that I received. I've been using them for a good three to four weeks now and is all ready to talk about my experience with this little bag of magic. When I started, I realized that I actually have very little experience with Japanese skincare products but after using Kose, I think I might venture out more into trying the beauty brands from the land of the rising sun.

The Butterfly Project ft Caffe Bene Malaysia: Christmas Bene Box!

Wonderful people of the Butterfly Project!

Great news, I'm well and alive. *giggles* I know that this is a long overdue post but you see, I have been trying to write about last year for so many times but I just can't seem to get the right 'feel' to start. So yeah, my writing muse is back and I hope that he is not just dropping by but staying for good this time.

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